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It’s Your Friday Five!

This week I turned to you for a Friday Five… and by FSM, you delivered!  By the power of Grayskull, I present YOUR Friday Five!

Hot problems! We can all relate, I’m sure. These girls are just… awful. They make yearn for the vocal styling of Rebecca Black. I’m pretty sure this video is the beginning of the End of Days. -Michelle M.

NYC is Effed.

And you know what End of Days means. That’s right. Zombies! Here’s a Zombie Survival Map. Just plug in your address and find all the resources you need to help you survive an undead outbreak. -Michelle M.

Since we’ve been rehearsing FAME like forever – the mastermind behind Tyrone Jackson decided to start filming us seeing as we are a kick ass cast! The vlogs have been posted for our viewing enjoyment and this is our most recent. I recommend skipping the useless stuff and going straight to 2:48 where we start dance warm up with our lovely choreographer Chloe! Then it’s our opening number, Pray/Hard Work. After is our wonderful Tyrone singing Dancing on the Sidewalk! Enjoy! Also this is still rehearsal we’re much better now I promise! Our opening night went fantastic and hopefully the rest do toooooo! -Kristen “The Kid”

I know that this Doritos commercial is from the Super Bowl but I still love it. Every time it’s on I have to stop what I’m doing and watch. When he slams into the window it kills me! -Tam

Polt's laptop was broken!

What made this week great for me? Friends that have enough intimate knowledge of computers to help me reformat my laptop. Thanks to StratCat, it’s now back up and running, albeit, a smidge differently than before, just minor changes, mind you, but changes nonetheless. Still, it’s better than what I had before she got it up and running. So yay to friends who can do that, in general, and to StratCat in particular! -Polt

Have you ever imagined what goes on inside the head of your favorite pet?  Well one enterprising Brit put those wonders onto my current favorite tumblr blog.  It even got me to use the term tumblr, which I hate.  I mean…why not tumbler?  It’s only one more letter.  I mean….seriously.  Anyway….check out the site for all the real life inspired texts between one person and their dog. -Mikey

Roscoe would look awesome with a monocle.

MY GOODNESS What a week! Hot Problems, Zombies, Fame, Doritos commercials, friends with computer knowledge, and a British dog that can text! It’s such a great Friday Five that there actually six! Wowzers!

And since I didn’t participate this week, here are MY runners up: open windows, my bicycle, Dick Clark died, Wawa Diet Green Tea, driving with the windows down, going to bed early, ant traps, Draw Something, mustaches, Kindle Fire and hardcore gay pornography.


My 2012 Resolutions

Now that 2011 is drawing to a close, it’s time to make resolutions for 2012! Now, I could make my usual resolutions – lose weight, exercise, finish that novel, go back to school… but why bother. Word is it’s the end of days! So I’m going to live large and make this year count. Here are my 2012 resolutions:

January – I’m going to Disney World!

February – I’m going to eat VATS of mashed potatoes and gravy.

March – I resolve to stay in bed, read books, watch DVDs and eat tons of junk food.

April – I’ve always wanted to drive across country, and this is the year I’m going to do it.
I’ll make sure to see all my bloggy friends in between trips to see the largest ball of twine,
carhenge and big holes in the ground.

May – I’m going to hang out in the sewers with Britney and keep on dancing til the world ends.

June – On second thought, who wants to hang out in a stinky sewer? Ever since watching
The Love Boat
, I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise. I plan to eat, drink, read,
lay out at the pool, and eat and drink some more.

July – I resolve to island hop, enjoy tropical drinks and work on my skin cancer.

August – La Tomatina! Buñol, Spain has a huge tomato fight every year. I am totally there.

September – I’m going to hang out in Santorini, Greece. Soaking up the sun and eating.

But now that I think about it, I have no idea how the world is going to end. Maybe it won’t
be complete devastation from a pandemic, solar flares, a black hole or asteroid collision.
Maybe it will be a robot uprising, the rapture, or even worse – Zombies!

Maybe I better rethink my resolutions in case I’m stuck on this miserable,
god forsaken, zombie-ridden planet.

October – I better get in fighting shape, so I resolve to lose weight and exercise. sigh.

November – Since I’ll be stockpiling weapons, I better learn how to use them.

December – Several trips to Costco will be in order so I can fill up my hidden
bunker by the lake in the mountains. Bring it on zombies.

So there you have it. My 2012 resolutions. What are your resolutions?
Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Let me know in the comments!

9 Years!

I love October for two reasons. One – Halloween! And two, it’s the month that I finally got Harry to marry me. On the 14th, we made it to nine years (9 married, 14 total) without killing each other. Yay!

People never often ask us, “How have you two managed to stay together so long?” The answer? No one else would have us. We do stuff. Here is just some of the stuff we’ve done over the years.



Having friends for dinner.

Hanging out with Cooper.

Watching TV.

Being tourists.




Celebrating the holidays.

And, of course, dressing up for Halloween.

But mostly we just watch tv.


Michelle M. mailed me poop

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Welcome, my friends, to the Friday Five.  The Friday Five is a fairly regular feature here at Cocky & Rude, where Mikey and I examine our five favorites of the week.  It’s been fourteen days since our last Friday Five, and we now hate everything that we’ve listed on all previous Friday Fives.  It’s true.  We’re finicky!  Don’t judge us because we change our minds … LOVE US because we change our minds!  Here’s what we love this week:

1. The Walking Dead on AMC by Adam
Wow!  Who knew that a tv show about zombies could be so good!  The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln as a County Sheriff who wakes up after being shot in the series premier and finds himself in a world overrun by zombies.  He struggles to survive while searching for his wife and child.  Along the way he meets other survivors in this amazing tale.  We’re only two episodes into the series … but I’m already counting it among my current favorite TV shows.

2. OFFICIAL Old Man Parody videos by Adam
I stumbled upon this dancing, diapered old man with rosy cheek makeup on YouTube this week and my life has been changed forever.  He’s horny in a Justin Bieber parody, his crotch is burning in an Eminem/Rihanna parody, and he’s melting your popsicle in a Katy Perry parody.  They’re truly terrifying.  Watch them if you dare!

3. Damn You Auto Correct by Mikey
We have all been there. We sent that message without proofing it only to find that it was not what we expected. Well there is finally a website to memorialize these erroneous and occasionally hilarious communications. On Damn You Auto Correct, you can see some of the humorous updates of your compatriots in the land of 140 characters.

4. Furious Hamster by Mikey
Adam loves animals. He loves them so much he won’t eat them or anything that he thinks uses their labor for his benefit. That is probably why he sent me this clip of a hamster taking out his revenge on man. It portrays how insane hamsters can be as well as how stupid some Russians are.

5. Hot Men Do Something by Mikey
Earlier this week some hot dudes posted a video of themselves lipsynching to some Kylie Minogue song that I have never heard. I don’t really care about the song. In fact, I muted it when I watched the video. The men are worth it.


Get Outta My Way (Boys) Tribute from Jeremy Lucido on Vimeo.

So there you have it folks: The Walking Dead, Old Man Parody, Auto Correct, Furious Hamsters, and Hot Dudes dancing. What are your five favorite things this week?