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Sports are Stupid! Here’s 50 Things To Do Instead of Watching the Super Bowl…

1. Clip your toenails.
2. Organize your grocery store coupons.
3. Admire Polt’s ass.
4. Twiddle your thumbs.
5. Stare at the wall.

6. Watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.
7. Read a book.
8. Watch The Notebook to balance out the world.
9. Organize a box of Fruit Loops by color.
10. Call all your butch friends who are watching the Super Bowl, just to chat.

11. Roll pennies.
12. Watch paint dry.
13. Clean out your closet.
14. Stuff everything that you took out of your closet into another closet.
15. Alphabetize your DVDs.

16. Comb your back hair.
17. Go shopping.
18. Clean out your refrigerator.
19. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.
20. Clean the dead bugs out of your ceiling lamps.

21. Make sure that everything hanging in your home is perfectly level.
22. Tweeze your eyebrows.
23. Catch up on Glee.
24. Look up naked women on the Internet and ponder why vaginas are just so damn disgusting.
25. Actually read one of those m/m short stories that Tam is always reviewing.

26. Masturbate.
27. Watch grass grow.
28. Play solitaire.
29. Add hundreds of pointless life events to your Facebook timeline.
30. Organize your porn.

31. Prune your pubes.
32. Microwave random things until they explode.
33. Perfect a foreign accent.
34. Plot world domination.
35. Perform an interpretive dance of LMFAO‘s I’m Sexy and I Know It.

36. Bake and decorate a cake.
37. Plan your future wedding.
38. Go grocery shopping (the store will be EMPTY).
39. Re-read every C&R post and comment on all of them.
40. Actually visit Our T.V. Night (because no one ever does).

41. Build a sex machine.
42. Nap.
43. Compose a C&R guest post and email it to Adam.
44. Learn the beautiful art of flower arraigning.
45. Drink alcohol until you pass out.

46. Lick the black mold that’s growing on your bathroom wall.
47. Clean your house.
48. Exercise.
49. Go see a movie.
50. Dream up 50 more things that you could do instead of watching the Super Bowl.

Special thanks to Mikey and Craig for their assistance with this post.


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Have You Ever … Been Annoying on Facebook?!

Let’s face it.  It’s 2011 and just about everyone and their mother (and their grandmother) has a Facebook page.  But are you annoying the crap out of all friends?  Do they consider unfriending you each and every time they see your name on their news feed?  There’s only one way to find out … a Have You Ever?! quiz!

You know the rules: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever not had a profile photo?
2. Have you ever poked someone?
3. Have you ever tagged friends in photos that they’re not in?
4. Have you ever tagged a friend in an embarrassing photo that you know would upset them?
5. Have you ever posted more than 5 photos a week of your child?
6. Have you ever deleted your birthday from your profile in attempt to weed out your ‘true’ friends?
7. Have you ever invited people to attend events that you know they could never attend, thus making them feel badly?
8. Have you ever posted or shared game updates on your profile page?
9. Have you ever sent multiple game invites for the same game to the same person?
10. Have you ever written a private message to someone on their wall, so everyone can see it?
11. Have you ever “liked” your own comments?
12. Have you ever complained about Facebook redesigns and/or updates?
13. Have you ever posted religious or political comments and/or links?
14. Have you ever clicked one of those “see who is looking at your profile” scams and unknowingly spammed a whole bunch of your friends with it?
15. Have you ever installed a Facebook app that requires inviting at least 5 additional friends, yet never actually works?
16. Have you ever tagged more than 5 people in a single status update?
17. Have you ever posted a ‘chain letter’ status message?  (i.e. “Post this as your status update if you believe/hope/want/love…”)
18. Have you ever felt that a comment is a good place to offer someone unnecessary and unwanted education or grammatical corrections?
19. Have you ever posted cutesy-tootsey love messages to your significant other for everyone to see?
20. Have you ever posted a complainy status messages, just to make everyone feel sorry for you?
21. Have you ever posted FourSquare updates to your Facebook page?
22. Have you ever left sexuality-revealing comments on the Facebook page of someone who has not publicly revealed their sexuality?
23. Have you ever sent a Facebook message to more than 10 people and caused them all to get an email every time someone responds?
24. Have you ever tagged your friends as family members, or listed yourself as being “in a relationship” with someone who is really just a friend?
25. Have you ever left your friend requests in limbo (avoid accepting or denying friend requests) for more than a week?

Now tell us your total in the comments … so we can unfriend you!