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Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3: Week 7

Our fifth week is complete! Today our contestants celebrate six weeks into the cockiest and rudest weight loss competition evahhhh! It’s Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3!

Last week we took a look at a single meal that each of our contestants submitted. This week we’re taking a look inside each of their refrigerators. Just what are they hiding inside? We’re about to find out!

In my fridge are a wild and crazy assortment of take out food products. With Ty away for work, I have indulged my inner bachelor with all the food ordering options Brooklyn has to offer. Please note the half eaten piece of carrot cake (gross) and the assorted condiments that I save from my meals and eventually throw out.

Apparently I’ve found a time machine, and managed to reverse what little progress I’d made so far in the competition. Time to reassess and regroup for next week. As for the fridge… From the top going down, reading left to right: We store cereal, dishwasher detergent, and pain medication on top of the fridge. I didn’t open up the freezer, but had I done so, you’d see ice cube trays and assorted frozen fruit, a few kinds of frozen pasta (ravioli mostly, for my kids mostly), and coffee grounds stored in the door. On the front of the freezer: a few photos of friends and their children, various coupons and papers, and fridge magnets, including our Puntabulous Memorial Magnet. Top shelf of the fridge: On the left, mostly jars, mostly condiments. On the right, beverages, primarily half-gallon glass bottles of milk, from a local dairy, and some fruit and veg juices. Next layer: cheeses (in the drawer), eggs (and dyed hard-boiled eggs in the cardboard container) Lowest shelf: Strawberries, apple sauce, juices, and some leftovers in the white bowl with blue lid. (Chicken and veg stir fry, if memory serves me correctly). Low bins: various shredded cheeses and tortillas on the left, various vegetables on the right. Door: The obligatory collection of salad dressings, steak sauce, and other random condiments, butter in the butter bin, random adult beverages on the lowest shelf.

So this week, we’re doing our fridge photo. Mine is now filled with stuff on my diet: meat (steak, sausages, ham) and salad stuff (lettuce, carrots, celery, cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc) and plenty of condiments (ketchup, A-1 Steak sauce, several different kinds of salad dressing). The yogurt’s been there a few weeks, too many carbs for me to eat too often. Diet Coke. Oh and that bottle of wine’s been there since before Christmas…have to find just the right time to drink that.

A lot of the food here is actually my roommate’s, especially in the freezer. My single serving ice creams are just off camera in the freezer door. The other items of note are the blue containers filled with the beans that I cooked last night ready to be taken with me to work.

My fridge is usually filled with pretty healthy stuff, lots of cheese products, meats, fruits, veggies and things for lunches like juice boxes, pudding, fruit cups, etc. Also lots of random stuff like pickles, salad dressing, condiments. And usually leftovers of some kind, we always seem to have leftovers.

Mr. Sombrero
Yeah, there’s mostly veggie and dairy action goin’ on in my refridge. Some soy and hummus goodies in between. And no, that’s not dried up poop, that’s a ginger root. Also, some cat food for Mr. Mini Sombrero.

Michelle M.

This is pretty much how the fridge always looks. Missing are containers of leftovers. I cook “real meals” about twice a week. Other nights we eat leftovers. The two nights a week Harry plays hockey, I usually have soup or rice. Weekends we go out for dinner or scrounge around in the cupboards. The container in the back is ground flax seed (which I always forget to sprinkle on stuff). The beer is Harry’s, I drink the zinfandel. Other stuff you see are condiments, salad dressing, salsa (is salsa a condiment?), applesauce, fruit, veggies, salad, assorted juices and water, butter (boo!) and soda (boo!). Pretty healthy for the most part. I’m glad Adam didn’t ask for a picture of the freezer. That’s where the thin mints, tater tots and ice cream live.

I admit it: My fridge usually isn’t this empty. I usually go grocery shopping on Sunday, but since last Sunday was some random Christian holiday, my grocery store was closed. So this week I’m just going to starve! Here’s what I have… Freezer door: frozen corn, peas, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Freezer: frozen pitas and English muffins, 2 leftover frozen black bean burgers, and ice cube tray storage. Fridge door: ketchup, jelly, a few miscellaneous condiments, iced tea, seltzer water, almond “milk”, garlic, and a giant bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale that I got for my birthday (last July). Fridge: basket containing 3 apples, water, mozzarella-style vegan cheese, leftover pizza sauce, hummus, 2 whole wheat pitas, tofu, tempeh, and a bottle of diet root beer (hiding behind the water) that I can’t drink because I stopped drinking soda. Woohoo!

And now the week’s results:

Stay tuned each Thursday for the stunning weight-loss success stories of our eight contestants. Who will win this year’s competition? Find out on May 31st … just in time for bikini season!


Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3: Week 6

Our fifth week is complete! Today our contestants celebrate five weeks into the cockiest and rudest weight loss competition evahhhh! It’s Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3!

Our dieters are doing great! Have you ever wondered what their average meal looks like? This week we invited each of our contestants to submit a photo and a description of a meal that they’re particularly proud of. Here’s what they’re eating:

The food pictured here is your typical diet food: tasteless and full of vegetables. Sometimes vegetables have flavor. These do not. These are the lengths I have gone to in order to lose weight…which appears to be stopping at the moment.

Weight loss did a bit of backtracking this week, which isn’t so surprising. Work is getting stressful (end of semester), and I’ve had some lapses of the between-meal snacking variety. I should have planned my photo better and gotten images from earlier nights cooking Mollie Katzen dishes, but instead it was “oh no I need to photograph what we’re eating TONIGHT” and so here is a pretty typical meal: homemade split pea soup and cornbread. Healthy in that there is fairly little fat (apart from what goes into the cornbread dough itself) and there are lots of veggies in the soup, which is thick enough so that one cup is quite filling.

This week, it’s our Meal Plan. Upon starting the competition, I had no meal plan, none at all. Since then, my new doctor has thrown me on low to no carb diet, so now, yes, I DO have a meal plan. Here is a typical meal: twice baked potato (37 grams of carbs) (I’m allowed 45 per meal), steak (although there’s also been a lot of ham, burger patties, and sausages), a small side salad (having one of those with EVERY meal), Diet Coke, and the current book I’m reading. I do not, however, eat the book, I just read it while eating. And yes, this is basically what my meals consist of nowadays (although asparagus or green beans take the place of the potato).

I’ve been continuing my culinary experiments. The photo shows off my latest trial before I cooked it. My goal was to increase the beans to non-beans ratio and therefore the protein to carbohydrate ratio, and that was a success. However, cooking that much stuff at once is pushing the limit of my Crock Pot, and the black beans made everything else a lot less colorful. I think next time I will cook the non-beans separately.

Okay, so I was a total loser and didn’t know about the picture thing, so here is a mock-up of a meal I had. Steak, rice and roasted orange cauliflower. My steak didn’t look quite like that, but close enough. That’s pretty typical. We do eat pretty healthy. Breakfast is usually cereal or toast and juice, lunch is either a salad or sandwich with fruit and dinner is a protein, carb and vegetable. I’m really frustrated though because I have been so good for nearly 2 weeks, recording everything I’ve eaten, am ALWAYS under the total allowed and this week, nothing. Arrgghh. I’m considering trying the Polt diet. Maybe I need to go low-carb and shock my system into realizing it’s not playing fair.

Mr. Sombrero
I am very proud of this meal because it looks like a pool of barf, and C&R readers can appreciate a good barf pic. Apart from the snacks (which are my downfall), my meals are pretty healthy. Granted, they are not always vegan, but I try. 😀

Michelle M.
This was my dinner Tuesday night. Half a turkey burger light (Harry had the other half) with bbq sauce and a side of steamed vegetables. I was going to submit a photo of a vegetable stir fry, a light pasta, or a soup or something, but I didn’t feel like cooking that night. In general, my meals (especially the ones I cook) are healthy – it’s the junk I snack on at night that is turning me into fat Betty.

This is a dinner that I make every week or so. What you’re looking at: grilled tempeh (grilled on my George Foreman Grill), avocado, broccoli, grape tomatoes, cubanelle peppers, baby carrots, baby portabella mushrooms and mixed greens. All that is topped with a mix of balsamic vinegar and a little bit of olive oil, some spices and a shake of ground flax seeds. I gave up all soda (diet and otherwise) a few weeks ago, so that’s unsweetened iced tea in the glass. My issue has always been snacking on junk food AFTER dinner … but I’ve been trying to give that up too. Maybe my straight line on the chart will actually move next week!

And now the week’s results:

Stay tuned each Thursday for the stunning weight-loss success stories of our eight contestants. Who will win this year’s competition? Find out on May 31st … just in time for bikini season!

MEATOUT: Have you ever… been a vegan?!

HAPPY MEATOUT!  Meatout is the world’s largest grassroots diet education campaign. Today, thousands of caring people in all 50 U.S. states and two dozen other countries encourage their friends, families, and communities to “kick the meat habit” and explore a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The purpose is to expose the public to the joys and benefits of a plant-based diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations. (source)

You know the rules: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever considered a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle?
2. Have you ever been a vegetarian?
3. Have you ever been a vegan?
4. Have you ever tried an alternative milk beverage (Soy, Rice, Hemp, Almond, etc.)?
5. Have you ever tried a non-meat burger (veggie burger, soy burger, etc.)?
6. Have you ever tried a vegan baked good?
7. Have you ever purchased “mock meat” (alternative burgers, hot dogs, cold cuts, etc.) from the supermarket? (on purpose)
8. Have you ever purchased a frozen vegetarian or vegan prepared meal from the supermarket? (on purpose)
9. Have you ever tried a vegan yogurt?
10. Have you ever tried vegan cheese?
11. Have you ever tried vegan ice cream?
12. Have you ever cooked a vegetarian or vegan meal? (on purpose)
13. Have you ever tried tempeh?
14. Have you ever cooked tempeh?
15. Have you ever tried tofu?
16. Have you ever cooked tofu?
17. Have you ever tried seitan?
18. Have you ever cooked seitan?
19. Have you ever tried TVP (textured vegetable protein)?
20. Have you ever cooked TVP (textured vegetable protein)?
21. Have you ever read literature that explains how a vegan lifestyle is better for the planet?
22. Have you ever read literature that explains how a vegan lifestyle is better for your health?
23. Have you ever watched a sad PETA-style video that illustrates how factory farmed animals are poorly treated?
24. Have you ever purposefully purchased vegan clothing (faux leather, non-leather shoes, etc.)
25. Have you ever made fun of a vegan or vegetarian?

Barf up your total in the comments!


So far we know that Mush has claimed Biggest Cock and FDot is your Fan Favorite of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2.  But who will claim the final prize: Rudest Loser?  This year we’re awarding Rudest Loser to the eliminated contestant that has lost the most weight.  What have our eliminated contestants been up to?  And who will win the prize?  Let’s find out…

Adam – Since being eliminated, I decided that I had no excuse but to eat everything in sight.  Thus I started making frequent trips to the grocery store just to restock my junk food snacks and candy stash.  But as of a week ago, I’ve gotten back on track.  I’ve been logging all of my food into FitDay and sticking to a strict <1300 calorie a day diet.  Let’s check back in a month (or 2) so I can win a prize too??

Craig – To be honest, I didn’t work too hard on trying to be the Rudest Loser. But I did my best to maintain the healthy habits I started using during the contests like not eating after 9, and no alcohol during the week, and in the end, I’m happy with the results.

FDot – At first, after being eliminated, I went on a Hershey Symphony Chocolate Bar binge.  Upon winning fan favorite, I’ve rededicated myself to losing some weight.  However, it has proven difficult to forgo many of the foods I’ve previously enjoyed on a whenever I wanted them basis.  I’ve found myself being reduced to skulking around and huffing fumes from used McDonald’s bags in vain attempts to trick my mind into believing my body has enjoyed a non-nutritious meal.  I believe this will end with either my willpower winning out as I learn to enjoy celery as a snack or being found behind a dumpster licking the insides of McChicken containers.  It’s 50-50 at this moment.

Harry – My final weight is down to 184 which was my target.  I did it by running/jogging 3-4 days a week and playing hockey twice a week. I also tried to make my diet healthier by reducing my beer intake, eating more veggies and cutting down on sugary snacks. The diet part was successful except for the beer which I figured was OK because some website said I should be eating 3500 calories a day. If it’s on the internet, it must be true, so I kept drinking beer to make up for those eliminated sugar calories. Michelle helped me to maintain this healthier routine because she kept the fridge stocked with good food and inspired me to go to the lake for a run. In conclusion, Team Oink wins! Suck it.

Jere – I blame the most recent weight loss on a clogged shower drain. For almost a week now our bathtub drain has been stopped up. Two bottles of Draino later (“don’t use Draino on old pipes” yells our management company) and a futile attempt to snake the drain through a small hole in the irremovable metal grate about 3 inches below the opening of the drain, our management company has called a plumber. When I go home tonight I may have a) a working drain, b) a whole new drain/bathtub, c) a big hole in the floor where a bathtub used to be, or d) 6 inches of standing water that has become the early spring breeding grounds for a colony of mosquitoes. The point of this story being that I’ve had to shower at the gym for the last few days. And because I don’t like feeling like a hobo, I insist on doing some kind of workout before taking my shower. Anyway, what was this week’s blurb supposed to be about? Oh, since being eliminated, I have restricted my diet to fast food and things covered in chocolate, but I also sang a danced to a lot of show tunes on stage, which is why I still look like gay Star Wars villain Ziro the Hutt.

John – I have to admit, after I was excused from the competition, my resolve really waned.  Without the discipline of Dr. Mel to guide me, I slipped back into some old habits.  I wouldn’t eat cookies if they weren’t so yummy.  While I haven’t put much weight on, I haven’t lost any.  I am hoping to gain some inspiration from Michelle, Ryan and Paul, but so far all I want to say to the cabana boy is shut up and bring me some cheesecake.

Mel – Mel ignored all of our requests for his participation.

Michelle – My goal was to lose 10 pounds. My weight has been yo-yoing like crazy. PMS makes a contest like this difficult. I’ve lost 5 as of now. I started out great – exercising almost every other day (rollerblading and walks around the lake [5 miles]), drinking tea (yuck) and eating super healthy foods. Lots of vegetables and no treats. But after being kicked off (thanks Mikey and Adam!) I lost my incentive and started exercising maybe 3 times a week (and mostly just walking 3 miles). I also started to sneak in a cookie here, and a chip(s) there. Cupcakes (I think Sprinkles cupcakes are overrated, but I had to have two to be certain), ice cream and onion rings may have also been consumed. In all, I have learned that I pretty much have no will power, metabolism or hope of fitting into my jeans unless I step it up and renew my commitment to celery.

Mikey – Ugh….I feel no differently about my weight and health than I did before this contest began.  Sure I want to lose weight, but honestly the losing is always so much harder when you do it by changing your diet and getting exercise.  I much prefer to a) starve myself b) master cleanse (which is another way of saying starve) c) eat.  So that is why I’m exactly the same size I was when this started ages ago in January.

Mr. Sombrero – After elimination, I was not at all inspired to continue loosing weight. I turned into overworked, big, fat… apple. There should be an award for losing the least weight. That way I could win something.

Nathan – Getting kicked off in the first round really hit Nathan hard emotionally. Having told his friends that there is simply nothing that is more embarrassing than being the first person eliminated in a reality show competition, he quickly hit rock bottom. After being discovered weeks later underneath a vast wasteland of empty pizza boxes and taco bell wrappers, his friends put him onto an episode of Intervention. After an emergency triple stomach stapling and life coaching from Richard Simmons, Nathan was able to get his pathetic shell of a life into a semblance of what it once was and his net weight back to where he started in the competition. He was still too lazy to send in a photo of himself though, but sent this picture of an overweight beaver as a rough approximation of his current proportions.

Polt – Since I’ve been eliminated, I almost got back to my starting weight. See, everything balances out in the end. Congrats to the winners and those who kept their weight off. For me, I’m just happy to not have gone back over my starting weight. The same in the end as the beginning…like a set of plump purple Poltastic bookends!

Tam – Well, public humiliation appears to be effective only as long as you are in the public eye. Once I got turfed and sent to the beach cabana with Nathan and the cabana boys Juan and Julio, I lasted about another 2.5 weeks of being good and then … eh. I didn’t gain any back though so I guess not that bad, but not great. Being called on the carpet for your habits definitely works. I’m no Mushy Cupcake though.  Picture… ummm. You’ve got your choice of a) Half-nekkid rent-boy in ripped jean on a pool table because …. umm, it’s hot? b) the cute c) penis cupcakes. Damn, I’m craving cake.

Ty – Through sheer force of will, I was able to continue my BC&RL2 regimen after my elimination and, indeed, to this day.  As you may recall, that regimen consisted of doing absolutely nothing different.  As a result, I am proud to report that the contest DID NOT MAKE ME ONE OUNCE FATTER!!!  I will be happy to provide a (compensated) testimonial if BC&RL2 finally gives in to the demands of a desperate nation and makes an infomercial.

And now, without further ado … the results!  Who will win the Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2
Rudest Loser prize?
The winner is…


Congratulations, Jere!  Even though you’ve turned to a life of fast food and show tunes, you still managed to lose more than the rest of us.  You’re the Rudest Loser, and the 4th place winner, overall.  Congratulations!

And how did everyone else do?  Let’s find out …

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 … but it’s finally over! And as one game show draws to a close, another begins. Stay tuned to Cocky & Rude because next Thursday, a brand new battle begins with … COCKY & RUDE FIGHT CLUB!

Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2, Week 3

The second week of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 has drawn to a close.  Last week we said goodbye to Canadian Bacon; who will we say goodbye to this week?  This week we asked each of our contestants to show us and describe the inside of their refrigerators.  Here’s what they had to say:


Mel: Since I have to work and won’t be home in time to send a pic of my fridge, I’m sending one of the freezer where we store deceased patients at work. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing this so long that it does nothing to kill my appetite. Fortunately, the week overall has been a good one. My rate of weight loss has slacked a bit, as was expected, but is in a healthy range. I’m in the process of breaking in new custom orthotics and hope to get back to my running training soon. A friend is trying to get me to register for a marathon in July – not sure I’ll be up for that, but I at least want to do another half marathon or two in 2011 (did two this past fall). I’ve been consistently meeting my nutritional goals, eating fewer calories, and not feeling at all deprived or hungry.

John: Food still abounds, but I’ve still managed to make good choices and got some time in to exercise.  Riding my bike and doing some push-ups.  I hate push-ups, but I hope to be “pec-tacular” when this is done or at the very least, to drop a cup size.  I’m down [censored]% this week. As for my (real) fridge, yogurt, bread, rolls, turkey, light mayo, skim milk, grape jam, Swiss cheese and Sprite Zero.  Michelle M. will hate at least half of what is in there.

ENCRAIGO Enrico & Craig

Enrico: This week was hard for me. I would find myself at Mexican restaurants, eating burritos with extra sour cream, completely forgetting about the weight loss challenge! But I did curb my eating habits somewhat… after all, I only ate 45 cookies one night, rather than the usual 60. Either way, this doesn’t really say anything about what’s in my fridge this week, since I hide all the good stuff from my roommates and keep it in my bedroom. But this is what my fridge looks like anyway. MMM.

Craig: Wow. My refrigerator looks ridiculously unhealthy. Look at that giant bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And donuts! And mayonnaise! And beer and wine and homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream (that’s that’s in the brown jug up top)! Oh but wait! Not all hope is lost! We drink skim milk! Yay! We’re so healthy!

GINGY & THE HAT Adam & Mr. Sombrero

Adam: Visitors to my apartment are usually surprised by how bare my fridge is.  I hate to waste food, so I usually only buy as much as I need for the next few days.  Since I cut out the junk food, a significant portion of my (vegan) diet is made up of fruits and vegetables, so I usually have a good stock of apples and oranges on hand.  I also have onions, tomatoes, baby carrots, lettuce, frozen veggies, etc.  A few condiments, juices, seltzer water, tofu, sandwich thins, and tempeh take up the rest of the space.  Boooooring!

Mr. Sombrero: As most of you know, Mr. Sombrero had la gripe for the past week. Veggie soups for breakfast, lunch and dinner – 4 days straight. So I’ve been able to lose the weight without doing any exercise. And I highly recommend it – the more contagious the disease, the more weight you’ll lose. So go ahead – get that flu, diarrhea, malaria (your choice) – and see that belly fat melt away! At least for one week.  And here’s a telegraph from Mr: Sombrero: BEEN SICK FOR QUATTRO DAYS STOP SOUP FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER STOP FRIDGE EMPTY STOP NADA TO EAT STOP SAD FACE STOP


Polt: This is the Poltfridge. It’s got all the essentials: Pepsi, wine, outdated milk, beer, a shelf full of condiments. Even a box of Arm & Hammer in the back. You may notice the healthy stuff: a shelf of yogurt, apples, and even celery…still wrapped in plastic. Please don’t notice that the healthy stuff is outnumbered by the unhealthy stuff. And by the way, it does look kinda lonely in there, and i DO take donations….

Jere: My fridge is full of many mysterious leftovers belonging to my roommates. For some reason, almost all my items are currently in the vegetable drawer. These include a loaf of bread, a banana, and two bags of shredded cheese. I also have half a dozen eggs on the top shelf. The absence of red delicious apples.  It’s time to go grocery shopping.


FDot: The inside of my refrigerator contains food and drink.  Most of it is in bottles and jars.  Some of it is in Tupperware.  Tupperware was developed in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper as a way to contain food in an airtight receptacle so it would last longer.  There is also a light in my refrigerator that allows me to see inside of it when I need something in the middle of the night.  Anything I can possibly need is inside my refrigerator except when I really want it.  Atop my refrigerator is a freezer, but I never open it anymore ever since that fateful day……….

Paul: Here are the contents of my fridge. Top Shelf: bottled water, filtered water and coffee. Meat Drawer: steak, cod fillet. Middle Shelves: yogurt, cottage cheese, sugar-free, fat-free pudding (chocolate and cheesecake), eggs. Bottom Shelf: chicken, tomatoes, fat free Cool Whip (for the pudding). Crisper: onions, potatoes, beefsteak tomato, golden delicious apples, oranges.  Not a very exciting selection, but it’s working. I do recycle the water bottles, having them like that helps me keep track of how much water I’m drinking. I like to make the cheesecake pudding into a pie, but right now I don’t want the extra calories of the graham cracker crust. I saw the doctor today and got my meds and the clearance to start working out, so now it’s time to really get started losing weight!


Mush: My weight loss this week is an astonishing [censored]. That’s [censored] pounds! I’ve never lost [censored] pounds in one week before, like, ever. I’m super excited! I also don’t expect it to last; I’ll probably go back to my usual plodding [censored] lbs-per-week loss after this. The vast majority of the stuff in the fridge I use doesn’t belong to me. What’s in there is leftover Indian food in containers and some veggies and diet ranch dressing. And 1% cottage cheese and no fat milk.  Being skinny better be fucking worth it.

Ryan: A mix of my and my roommate’s stuff. Highlights: rhubarb preserves, yogurt (fat-free so that can eat a pound to get protein without freaking Mush out), lard (which should go to the freezer since I don’t plan on baking anything with it any time soon); vinaigrette in need of mixing, turkey, cottage cheese (still not tried), eggs (which I learned you can poach inside cooking oatmeal); more yogurt; beer (not touched since this started).

TEAM OINK Harry & Michelle M.

Harry & Michelle: Because we live in the same house (and use the same refrigerator) we only have one blurb.  And because neither of us likes to be on the bottom (shut up), we took drastic measures.


Mikey: This is my fridge, well at least it is the fridge my apartment.  I share this fridge with a roommate and absolutely everything you see in there is hers.  I have no food at home, which is part of my plan and part of my problem.  When I do have food at home, I eat it all until it is gone.  When I don’t, I drink water and complain about my lack of food.  It takes all of my strength and sense of ethics to not steal my roommates food.   Wish me luck!

Ty: To look at my fridge, you might think I never eat.  This is even particularly well-stocked for me; usually it contains the water pitcher and condiments. Ah, but how deceptive!  Most of my calories never see the fridge except as leftovers.  Even when I cook, I tend to buy only what I need for immediate use. The simple reason is that I tend to be a little OCD about food:  Gotta clean my plate, finish off any leftovers ASAP, eat the entire box of Cheez-Its, etc.  Since I vowed not to make any profound discoveries about my eating habits in this competition, I’ll have to stop there. As for this week’s results, there was a lot of socializing, hence a lot of outdoor calories, hence only a nominal drop.  Boo!

How did our teams do in the second week?  It’s time to find out!
We’ve calculated the cumulative percentages for each team, and here are the results:

And now it’s time to eliminate a team!  Here’s how it works: just like American Idol, you vote for the team that you want to save.  The team with the least votes will be eliminated.  Polls close around Noon (EST) on Saturday.

Wait a minute!  Before you start your campaigning, please feel free to plead your case, write speeches, freak out, party down, or even flip your shit in the comments.  We’ll see which team is eliminated next on Sunday! 

Oh, and if this blog post wasn’t long enough for you, check out what our fridges looked like last time we played!