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NYC Pride Parade Photorgasm!

Like every other gay person on the planet (or so it seemed — ugh! crowds!), I attended the NYC Pride Parade on Sunday.  And guess what?  I brought my camera!  Here’s a whole bunch of photos…

(gay stormtrooper)

Old gay people on motorcycles!

Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, and Sandra Lee.

(In case you’ve forgotten … that Sandra Lee.)

Dan Savage & Terry Miller

Dan Savage

He thinks that he’s bringing back “raise the roof!”  What do you think?

Rickie Vasquez Wilson Cruz travels in a horse-drawn carriage!

A gay pride … of lions.  Get it?


NY Senator Chuck Schumer

Meh, Obama.

Yuck!  Topless girls!


And finally … it’s Zac Young from Top Chef: Just Desserts!

Too bad that I didn’t get a photo of the front of his head.

There’s one more photo that you’re going to love … but you can’t see it until Saturday.

Happy Pride Everybody!

Hey Look –> It's the Friday Five!

It’s been a long time since our last Friday Five.  Too long.  It’s unacceptable!  So Mikey and I are here to remedy that emptiness that you’re feeling.  Or maybe you’re just feeling gas?  Try burping … you might feel better.  Oh great, now you’ve puked a little in your mouth.  Is it better to swallow it back down or spit it out?  To spit or swallow, I never know…  And while you consider your options, check out our five!

It’s Premiere Week! (by Adam)
Just about every network show worth watching premiered their new seasons this week.  Forget about your personal life, your job, your friends and your family commitments… because TV is more important.  I’ve actually given up sleep, and it’s still just the first week!  So far I’ve watched Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Boardwalk Empire, How I Met Your Mother, Weeds, The C Word, The Event, Glee, Undercovers, Modern Family, Law & Order SVU, Cougar Town, Community, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Outsourced, Smallville, Flipping Out, Top Chef and Top Chef Just Desserts.  There might be more.  I think I have a problem.

Mel Gibson’s Fake Mustache (by Adam)
He may be a despicably homophobic, racist and abusive bible-thumping maniac … but have you seen his fake mustache?  It’s hilarious!  It’s glorious!  He actually may have stolen it from Wilford Brimley!  It’s so funny that it makes me want to forgive him for everything he’s ever done (featuring: panting and wheezing between maniacal screams).  I guess he was attempting to evade paparazzi when he dressed up with a fake mustache, nose, glasses, hat and what may or may not have been a pillow under his ugly flannel shirt.  I love it.  I’m suddenly drawn to any of his future projects!  All his mistakes are forgiven!  Oh, except for when he called that cop, “sugar tits.”  Cuz that is far too hilarious to ever forget.

Rachel Maddow: Lesbian Vampire (by Mikey)
Now that the third season of True Blood has come to a lackluster end, I needed to get my blood sucking accomplished through other sources. I was delightfully amused to find the clip below from the Rachel Maddow show in which Ms. Maddow confronts a youtuber who has some interesting theories about her true nature. As usual, Ms. Maddow responds with humor and intelligence.

Positive Moves (by Mikey)
Have you ever wondered how star of stage and screen Ms. Angela Lansbury has been able to keep her sex appeal into her 80s? Well the answer lies in Positive Moves! Positive Moves is her masterful and thorough workout video that shows us all how to maintain a healthy outlook on life and your body. If you have ever wanted to see a woman in her prime rubbing her hands all over her own body this is the video for you! And let’s not even talk about her clothes. They are to die for. And don’t give up too soon…it get’s really sexy around 6:30…

Fall (by Mikey)
We are burning through 2010 at an alarming rate. It seems like just yesterday Adam was pestering me to write my very first very lame blog post, but now I’m a seasoned blogger milking my readers for comments and frustrating Adam with my lack of commas. We are also entering my favorite season: Fall, or as my pretentious priss of a coblogger calls it Autumn. There is a mild chill in the air and the nights are getting progressively cooler. We are bundling up (and some of us even cuddling up) to watch way too much tv and the leaves are slowly changing into the golden ambers, port wine cheese pinks, and pumpkin-inflected oranges. It is quite simply the most beautiful time to be me.

So there you have them folks: Premiere Week, Mel Gibson’s Fake Mustache, Rachel Maddow: Lesbian Vampire, Positive Moves, and Fall. What do you think of our five? Did we miss anything great? Or just tell us what your five favo things are this week? Leave it in the comments peeps. Yes, I did just write peeps. Deal with it.