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C&R Fight Club: After 664 Votes…

It was another intense week of Cocky & Rude Fight Club this week as we quickly approach the final round.  Thursday’s match of Mr. Sombrero vs. Ty vs. Ryan brought out 664 impassioned voters as the three gentlemen battled their way into the final match.  Earning FIRST PLACE impressive 269 votes was none other than RYAN with 41% of the popular vote.  Coming in second place was Mr. Sombrero with 206 votes, or 31% of the popular vote.  And in a not-so-distant last place was Ty, with 189 votes, or 28% of the popular vote.  We bid farewell to Mr. Sombrero and Ty, and welcome Ryan into the ring for the FINAL MATCH with Michelle M.!

Congratulations, Ryan!