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And The Winner of BC&RL 2013: Part 2 Is…

THIS IS IT! The final results of Biggest Cocky & Rude Loser 2013: Part 2 are in! Your wait is over … the winner of BC&RL 2013: Part 2 is Michelle M.! Congratulations Michelle M., you are the Biggest C&R Loser!

It was a close race for the top three competitors, but in the end, Michelle M. grabbed the winning tiara with -2.56%!  In close second place was Adam, with -2.4%.  Third place goes to Polt, who rallied at the end of the game with an impressive -2.36%.  Mikey ended the contest in forth place with a .43% gain.  Take a big jump north to Tam in fifth place with a 4% gain.  And in last place, is former winner Ryan with a 4.3% gain.

Congratulations to all of the competitors!  You’ve made it to the end of BC&RL 2013: Part 2!  Now let’s all go eat a whole lot of ice cream!




BC&RL 2013: Part 2

With just one more week in the competition … who will win?! IT’S SO EXCITING!!! This week is the 13th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2! In far last place is Tam, with her 4th week of 3% gain. In fifth place is Ryan with his second week of 2.16% gain. Now take a big jump over the zero-line and we find the vacationing Mikey who did not report his numbers this week. To keep the chart flowing, his previous -.88% was repeated this week. Next week we’ll find out just how many cheese balls he ate on vacation. In third place is Adam, with -2%. Adam is actually trying to lose weight right now … so he’s optimistic for next week’s results. In second place is the always fabulous Michelle M. with -2.56% for the second week. And in a shocking turn of events, Polt rockets to first place with an impressive -2.76%. Will Polt manage to maintain his lead and win the contest?? We’ll find out next week!

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 5.03.21 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 5.02.45 PM

BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 12th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2!  With just 2 more weeks, the contest is almost over!  This week we find Tam in last place with 3%.  Next up is Ryan, losing a little from last week with 2.16%.  Now take a big jump to Polt with -79%, Mikey with -.88% and Adam with -1.2%.  And finally, we find Michelle leading the pack of losers with an impressive -2.56%.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 4.52.55 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 4.50.12 PM

BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 11th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2! All but two contestants dipped below the center line this week.  In last place are Ryan and Tam, with 3.03% and 3% respectively.  Just under the zero line are Polt with -.39 and Adam with -.4.  A little further down is Mikey in second place, with -.88%.  And leading the pack with -1.71% is Michelle M!  With just three weeks to go in BC&RL 2013: Part 2 and less than five percentage points between first and last place, it’s virtually impossible to call a winner … it’s still anyone’s game!

numbers graph

BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 10th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2! Results were mostly disappointing in this week of the competition. In last place are Ryan with 3.03%  and Tam with 3%.  Ryan and Tam have reached the highest gain percentages of the contest (so far). Tied in 3rd place are Adam and Mikey, both with an even 0%.  In second place is Polt with -.39%. In first place is the always wonderful Michelle M. with -1.71%.

graph figures

BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 9th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2! This week we find Tam flat-lining in last place, with +1.5% for the 5th week in a row.  Next is Mikey with 1%, who dropped .3% of his body weight since last week. Tied in third place are Polt and Adam, both with 0%.  Dipping below the mid-line is Ryan in 2nd place with -.87%. And in first place this week is the Miraculous Michelle, with a total loss of -2.56%!



BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 8th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2 … and we’re all doing awful!  Except for Michelle M. (-2.14%).  She’s amazing!  The rest of us are either riding the center line or have gained weight.  This week we find Polt at 0, Ryan at .43%, Mikey at 1.3%, Tam at 1.5% and Adam at 1.6% in last place (he spent the week on vacation eating everything in sight).  Better luck next time, everyone!  (Except Michelle M., she’s still awesome!)