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10 Reasons Why Polt’s Toilet Seat Keeps Breaking

Yesterday on Twitter, Polt gave us a quick peek into the Palace‘s bathroom:

A weird tradition?  Not so much.
There are perfectly good reasons that Polt keeps breaking his toilet seats.
10 perfectly good reasons, in fact…

1. He didn’t win Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 1 or 2.

2. He needs to start using a ladder when he pees on Asian twinks while they are
pooping into a toilet, instead of standing on the rim.

3. That purple glittery toilet seat that he bought was just for show —
not designed for actual use.

4. Toilet seats are not designed to be hung from the ceiling, over a bed.

5. The bad economy is even effecting the Palace, where they’ve had to
switch to generic brand toilet seats.

6. Being a power bottom can really mess up your shitter.

7. They don’t make outhouses like they used to.

8. It was Taco Bell night at the Palace … explosions ensued.

9. Superman Sundays got a little out of control.

And Finally…

10.Polt got a little too excited while giving a [toilet] rim job.

Thank you Craig, for your help with this post.