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C&R Fight Club: After 1,714 Votes…

Cocky & Rude Fight Club is on FIRE as we quickly approach the final round.  Thursday’s match of Michelle M. vs. “The Kid” vs. FDot brought about the most votes that ANY C&R poll has EVER received: an extraordinary 1,741 votes!  Earning an amazing 919 votes, or 53% of the popular vote was none other than Michelle M.!  Coming in second place was “The Kid” with a fantastic showing of 804 votes, or 46% of the popular vote.  And in last place with a pathetic 18 votes, or 1% of the popular vote was FDot.  It seems that his chocolate chip cookie bribes have gone completely stale.  This means that Michelle M. will compete in he FINAL ROUND of C&R Fight Club, with the chance to be crowned the Cocky & Rude Fight Club Ultimate Champion!  We mourn the loss of “The Kid” and FDot, who (up until now) both proved to be very strong competitors in the C&R Fight Club ring.  We’ll find out who will join Michelle M. in the final round in exactly one week.

Congratulations, Michelle M.!


C&R Fight Club: Ryan Defeats Adam & Chris D!

In what was a very distressing match for Adam… RYAN has won the latest round of Cocky & Rude Fight Club Round Two.  After a total of 272 votes, Ryan has defeated both Adam and Chris D. with a total of 134 votes — or 49% of the popular vote.  In second place was C&R lead blogger Adam, with only 94 votes, or 35% of the popular vote.  In last place was Chris D., with 44 votes, or 16% of the popular vote.  We mourn the loss of two more Fight Club combatants, but congratulate Ryan — who advances to the next round!


…so when do we get that fashion show, Ryan?

C&R Fight Club: Mr. Sombrero Defeats Mel & Mikey!

With a significantly lower-than-usual vote count (130, to be exact), the latest round of Cocky & Rude Fight Club Round Two goes to Mr. Sombrero, who has claimed victory over both Mel and Mikey.  Mr. Sombrero earned an impressive 45% of the popular vote (or 59 votes).  Coming in second was the yarn-loving Mel, earning 41 votes, or 32% of the popular vote.  And in a surprising last place was Mikey, earning just 30 votes, or 23% of the popular vote.  We mourn the loss of our favorite C&R Friday blogger and our friend from Maine, but congratulate Mr. Sombrero — who advances to the next round!



After an unprecedented number of votes over just 24 hours (692 to be exact), Michelle M. has claimed victory in the first match of Cocky & Rude Fight Club Round 2!  Michelle M. earned an amazing 454 votes to claim 66% of the popular vote.  Coming in at an impressive second was Captain Kirk with 207 votes, or 30% of the popular vote.  And trailing with a staggeringly pathetic 31 votes (or 4% of the popular vote) was Polt in far last place.  We at C&R can only attribute his epic failure to our readers’ distaste with his recent ass photo.


C&R Fight Club: MIKEY Defeats MIKE TYSON!

In an unexpected and startling upset, Mikey defeated former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson, in last Thursday’s Cocky & Rude Fight Club bout.  Most assumed that such an experienced boxer would defeat Mikey … but that was far from the case.  Mikey rocketed to the win with a staggering 90% of the popular vote, made up of an amazing 312 votes (far more votes than any other C&R Fight Club battle thus far).  The convicted rapist and pidgeon breeder, Mike Tyson earned only 36 votes, or 10% of the popular vote.  Don’t forget that all fights are determined by a poll that does not block repeat votes … so we at C&R are guessing that someone really wanted Mikey to win.