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It’s the 2011 Cocky Awards!

It’s the end of 2011, and than can only mean one thing: it’s time for the 2011 Cocky Awards! This year’s awards will be determined solely by your votes.  Each week, C&R will present you with a few categories.  Each week, you’ll place your vote before the polls close at approximately 12:00 Noon (EST) each Friday.  Then each weekend, we’ll revel the latest winners.

Earlier this week, you voted on the second group of categories in the 2011 Cocky Awards.  They were: Favorite 2011 C&R Comment, 2011 C&R Reader Most Deserving of Their Own Blog, and Favorite 2011 C&R Cartoon Character.

The award for Favorite 2011 C&R Comment goes to…
“Apparently I cheated on Michelle with Adam.” on My Last Meal

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The award for 2011 C&R Reader Most Deserving of Their Own Blog goes to…

The award for Favorite 2011 C&R Cartoon Character goes to…

Congratulations to these Cocky Award winners of 2011:
Harry, Craig & Tweeting Tam!

The 2011 Cocky Awards continue next week!


It’s the 2011 Cocky Awards!

It’s the end of 2011, and than can only mean one thing: it’s time for the 2011 Cocky Awards! This year’s awards will be determined solely by your votes.  Each week, C&R will present you with a few categories.  Each week, you’ll place your vote before the polls close at approximately 12:00 Noon (EST) each Friday.  Then each weekend, we’ll revel the latest winners.  One vote per IP address.


Favorite 2011 C&R Comment

2011 C&R Reader Most Deserving of Their Own Blog

Favorite 2011 C&R Cartoon Character

Links to posts: STEPHEN HAWKING vs. TY CONE!, My Last Meal, 10 Reasons Why Penises Are Gross, BC&RL2 First Elimination Post, C&R Fight Club: OPRAH vs. MICHELLE M.

C&R Fight Club: ERIC CARTMAN vs. ADAM!

Welcome to THE FINAL FIGHT OF THE FIRST ROUND OF Cocky & Rude Fight Club!  The rules to the game are simple.  Each week we’ll introduce our fighters.  We’ll do the leg work and help you analyze their strengths and weaknesses.  Then we’ll put the results to vote.  You’ll pick which combatant will decimate their opponent in the knock-down, drag-out brawl of Cocky & Rude Fight Club! Let’s meet this week’s fighters…


AKA / Alias / Nicknames:  Mr. Cartmanez, The Coon
First Appearance: December 1992 in the short, Jesus vs. Frosty
Place of Birth: South Park, Colorado
Nationality: American
Hair Color:  brown
Current Residence: South Park, Colorado
Relationship Status:  single
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupations (current and/or past):  Student, occasional politcian, occasional musician, occasional vigilante
Height & Weight: a lot (he’s big boned and has used Weight Gain 3000),
Favorite song: possibly Styx, Come Sail Away 
Favorite Food: Pot Pies, Cheesy Poofs
Common Attire: Red shirt, brown pants, black shoes, blue and yellow winter hat
Most Hated: Jews, Hippies, Gingers
Known for: Cartman once murdered the parents of his nemisis (Scott Tenorman, a ginger), ground them up into chili, and fed them to him.
Catch Phrases: “Shut up you stupid Jew,” “Respect my authority,” “No kitty that’s a bad kitty!” and “Screw you guys. I’m going home”
Claim to Fame: Many have tried to kill Eric Cartman, but although he is frequently caprtured or abducted, he continues to thrive on the stupidity of the masses.
Favorite curse word: Shit, Fuck

Voiced by Trey Parker, Cartman is an overweight, immature, spoiled, outspoken, lazy, foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, sociopathic, narcissistic, and ill-tempered third- then fourth-grader living with his mother in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, where he routinely has extraordinary experiences not typical of conventional small-town life. Cartman is one of the most popular characters on the show and has remained one of the most recognizable television characters ever since South Park became a hit during its first season. Parker and Stone describe the character as “a little Archie Bunker”, and state that he is their favorite character, and the one with whom they most identify. During its fifteen seasons, South Park has received both praise and criticism for Cartman’s tendency to be politically incorrect and shockingly profane. Prominent publications and television channels have included Cartman on their lists of the most iconic television and cartoon characters of all time.  Eric Cartman’s secret weapons include: the utter lack of a conscious, the drive to do and get anything he wants, and uncompromising hatred towards anything that crosses him.


AKA / Alias / Nicknames: Adam-Shmadam, Sully, Gingy
Date of Birth: July 5th, 1980
Place of Birth: Somerville, NJ
Nationality: American Mutt
Hair Color: reddish blondish brownish
Current Residence: Ringoes, NJ
Relationship Status: dating Mr. Sombrero
Religion: atheist
Occupations (current and/or past): graphic artist, retail, receptionist, mail room clerk, library page
Height & Weight: more and more every day, 6ft
Favorite song: The Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Favorite Food: anything vegan and delicious
Common Attire:  plaid, flip flops
Most Hated: Racists, The R-Word, Pickles, Mustard
Known for: thinking vaginas and penises are gross
Catch Phrases: “Craig has a small penis”
Claim to Fame: Prolific blogger, has never made a mistake in his life
Favorite curse word: “Goddamn Mother Fucker!”

Everyone’s favorite blogger (no, not Craig) is finally ready to fight.  After 17 Cocky & Rude Fight Club bouts, the ringleader is stepping into his ring.  Here’s his story… Adam was born a little over 31 years ago to rich, famous and well-connected parents.  But his luck quickly ran out when he was accidentally swapped by an inattentive hospital worker.  Thus he was given to a family of more average fortunes.  In his new family, he became a middle child, starved for attention at all times.  A public school education left him feeling empty and unfulfilled, as did college.  He stumbled into a career of graphic arts, where he excels but is rarely appreciated.  Almost by accident, he created Cocky & Rude, where his true potential has been so perfectly realized.  Adam is a master of poop jokes, silliness,  grossness, games, quizzes and urine photography.  Adam’s secret weapons include the great powers of plaid, his loyal (and psychotic) Spring, an army of ceramic garden gnomes, a red Honda Fit, and a urine-soaked digital camera.

Who will win in the battle of  ERIC CARTMAN vs. ADAM?  Will Cartman defeat Adam with his hatred of gingers and hippies?  Or will Adam use his plaid shirts and cocky and rude attitude to conquer Cartman?  There’s only one rational way to decide which fighter will win this battle. We’re putting this no-holds-barred fight to a vote. The poll will be open for approximately 24 hours, and you may vote as many times as you want. That’s right — we’re not blocking repeat votes, so vote now and vote often for your favorite Cocky & Rude Fight Club opponent.

Check back on Sunday for the results!

Thanks to Michelle M. for your assistance with this post!

10 Reasons Why Penises Are Gross!

Let’s face it.  Vaginas aren’t the only sex organs that are gross.  Penises are also pretty dang disgusting!  And after such a fantastic response from my 10 Reasons Why Vaginas Are Gross post last month, it’s only fair to turn the tables.  Here’s 10 reasons why penises are also gross:

1. They dangle between your legs and look like the bastard cousin of an elephant trunk!

2. They often hang a bit to one side.

3. They shrink when it’s cold!

4. They get bigger and rigid when they’re happy … what’s the deal with that?

5. When they get really happy, they squirt!

6. Pee comes out of them!

7. Some of them are wearing turtlenecks, and some of them
look like funny-looking mushrooms.

8. If they’re not properly washed, they can be smelly and covered with smegma!
And don’t get me started on sweaty balls!  Eww!

9. WTF is the deal with balls?  They’re hairy and weird looking!

10. They dangle in the toilet when take take a poo!

Oh who am I kidding?  This list was hard to come up with because penises are great!  I take it all back!

Silver Surfing the Internet: 10 Suggestions for Seniors with Computers

I realized a few weeks ago that from a certain spot in my parking lot, I can see my landlord’s computer screen.  I was so excited!  I couldn’t wait to see what kind of porn (girls? boys? horses? fatties? fisting?) that he was into.  But after a few weeks of spying, I’ve come to the realization that all he ever does is play solitaire.  He’s exactly like my father, and most of the other old people (40+) that I know.  The computer is simply a new way to play card games.

Old people, I’m here to help you. There are better things to do with your computer!  The Internet is a wide and wondrous place.  Here are some suggestions to get you started…

E-mail Your Friends & Family
Why?  Because it’s cheaper than a toll call! (Old people usually don’t believe that free in-network mobile phone calls are actually free.)  You’ll especially enjoy forwarding bad jokes, religious stories, hoaxes that you are convinced are real, and sharing photos with your family.  Please note that old people usually don’t attach photos to an email correctly, so receivers will never see them.

Chat With Your Family
Instead of emailing, why not just IM them?  There are a variety of options: Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.  Each one of them is easy to use and won’t time out when you only type about one word a minute.  Where is the ‘s’ again?  I’m sure your family is patient and won’t mind that you type so slow.  Oh, and Skype is out of the question, because old people will never understand how to set up a microphone and web cam.

Catch Up On The News
You’re old, so you’re probably a Republican.  The best news site for you is FoxNews.com!  They offer a  fair and balanced version of the news that’s usually not exactly true, but true enough to get you all riled up against those damn liberals!  Your favorite person, Sarah Palin is even on the payroll!  Check daily for the latest on how heath care reform will cause you to be instantly euthanized and up-to-the-minute information about how Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Stay On Top Of The Weather
Old people love the weather.  A chance of rain or snow is enough of a reason to stay home for days.  And when you don’t have much left to live for, it’s important to know the temperature highs and lows for the day.  Make sure to send daily emails to your kids and grandkids, reminding them to wear a coat today!

Porn, Porn & More Porn!
Old people’s penises and vajayjays are saggy and old.  They wrinkle up like prunes (which on a side-note, are great for avoiding constipation!) and drag on the ground.   Don’t get me started on wispy gray pubic hair.  It’s just disgusting.  Porn is a great way to remember how your body used to look.  And what better place to find porn than on the Internet?

It’s Hookup Time!
And why stop at porn?  The Internet is a great place for old people to find romance or just hook up with other old folks.  And with the advent of Viagra and Cialis, old guys never have to worry about under-preforming and stage fright.  eHarmony.com is great if you’re looking for romance (and they don’t let the queers in either!), but sites like AshleyMadison.com are great if you’re just looking to bang some old married people, and still make it home in time for Wheel of Fortune.

Print Out Some Coupons
The only thing better than sex is saving money.  And with websites like Coupons.com, you don’t even have to worry about hobbling with your walker to end of the driveway to pick up the newspaper anymore.  You can sit on your Duro-Med Rubber Inflatable Seat Cushion Ring and print coupons straight from the computer!  As long as you can figure out how to use that damn printer!

Google Your Favorite Subjects
You’re old, so you’re probably all about history (because you were there when it happened).  Why not Google your favorite topics?  I suggest searching for topics like “World War I” or “Back when I had a pet dinosaur.”  Or why not just use Google as an address bar?  Wanna go to FacebookSearch for “Facebook.com” or why not try searching Google for “Google.com”?  Old people LOVE to do that.

Map Your Family Tree
Old people love reconnecting and remembering their long lost relatives.  Why not use a site like Ancestry.com to map a family tree?  Or how about Classmates.com to find a few of your still-living classmates?  Both sites cost money, and for some reason, old people are surprising willing to pay for these services.  Just don’t be there a month later when the credit card bill shows up.  They’ll have that foamy pad on the telephone speaker pressed hard against their hearing aid as they scream at the credit card company representative to take the charge of their bill.

Stalk Your Family On Facebook
Facebook, you say?  That’s where I disapprovingly look at photos of my grandson Adam jamming vegetables down his pants.  He thinks it’s funny.  I think it’s disgusting!  Old people love stalking their family on Facebook.  They’d stalk their friends too, but they’re all dead.

Old people are great, and they love computers.  With this helpful list, hopefully they can make the most out of their final few years on the planet.  Do you have any suggestions of your own?  Add to my list in the comments!