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Have You Ever … Gone Camping?!

National Camping Month was first observed in June of 2009, and helps to inspire Americans of all ages to go camping.  June is also the Obama Administration’s Great Outdoors Month, and on the 23rd of this month, families all over the United States will celebrate the Great American Backyard Campout.  Have you ever gone camping?  What have you done while camping?  Let’s find out!

The rules are simple: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever gone camping?
2. Have you ever gone camping at a campground?
3. Have you ever gone camping in a backyard?
4. Have you ever gone camping in the wilderness?
5. Have you ever slept in a tent inside your home?
6. Have you ever slept outside under the stars?
7. Have you ever started a campfire?
8. Have you ever told scary stories around a campfire?
9. Have you ever sung camp songs around a campfire?
10. Have you ever cooked food over a campfire?
11. Have you ever made s’mores around a campfire?
12. Have you ever eaten beans right out of the can while camping?
13. Have you ever eaten fish you caught while camping?
14. Have you ever been awoken by wild animals outside your tent while camping?
15. Have you ever had to run away from wild animals while camping?
16. Have you ever pooped outside?
17. Have you ever had to use something other than toilet paper after pooping outside?
18. Have you ever camped outside during a thunderstorm?
19. Have you ever ended a camping trip early because you couldn’t handle it?
20. Have you ever been bitten by a snake while camping?
21. Have you ever drank alcohol while underage, while camping?
22. Have you ever smoked pot while camping?
23. Have you ever secretly masturbated while others were sleeping in your tent?
24. Have you ever participated in a circle jerk while camping?
25. Have you ever had sex in a tent?

Tell us your total in the comments!

Thanks to Craig for his help with this post!


My week.

Harry had hockey, so Cooper and I watched The Muppets. My favorite muppet is Floyd. He’s so cool and laid back – the opposite of me! Cooper’s favorite muppet was the little girl giving Walter the side-eye. Cooper is also a big Chris Cooper fan.

Did I have a soda, candy and popcorn while watching the movie? No. I had celery sticks, apple sauce and water.

I checked in on the roses. After finally getting rid of whatever was eating holes in the leaves, our five rose bushes came down with powdery mildew. And just when they were looking so healthy and lush and were starting to bloom. I had to cut them all back. Boo.

I did my ironing. I hate ironing. Here is a shirt that is supposed to be “no iron”. Grrrr.

Wednesday we got in the car and headed to Temecula‘s wine country (about an hour north of us). Last year Harry gave me a horseback ride and wine tasting lunch for my birthday. We finally got around to doing it. My horse’s name was Rusty and Harry’s was Quincy. It was super hot, and my horse kept fighting me to be in front of the guide, but it was fun!

After our ride we went to Wilson Creek Winery for our wine tasting. Woo hoo!

Then we had lunch. The restaurant was outdoors. They had misters which was lovely on such a hot day. The rolls had cheese on them (yuck), but the crackers were pretty good. I had a (steak) salad.

Thursday was the last day of my painting class. Some of the students brought in snacks. One of them brought chocolate cupcakes. I took one because it would have been rude of me to refuse.

Here is the painting I’ve been working on. It’s Franz Marc‘s Red Horses. It’s a little off because the dimensions of my canvas are different from the original. And I still have a lot yet to do. I’m the queen of unfinished projects, but hopefully I’ll keep working on it.

After dinner at a Mexican restaurant with friends (I had 2 daiquiris, peach and strawberry), Harry and I decided to go to the local dive bar to drink some more. He had beer and some kind of cinnamon shot thing. I had 2 rum and cokes. They have a neat jukebox with bajillions of songs.

We killed zombies, played air hockey (Harry won) and pool (Harry won – maybe it’s because I played this way…).

We went to our local farmer’s market. We got some fresh, organic California strawberries.

Then we took the car in to Pep Boys because the air conditioner broke. This would be their second go round trying to fix it (this isn’t our first experience having to bring the car back for a re-repair). After we got there they told us to bring it back another day (after just telling us on the phone to bring it in). After we get it fixed we shall never, ever return. Manny, Mo and Jack can suck it.

We decided to have lunch in Hillcrest. We went to Freebirds World Burrito. It’s kinda like Chipotle, but with more options. Check out my huge burrito:

We sat outside and guess what music was playing? “Black Betty”. I kid you not. Also, I totally didn’t have a brownie or cookie. Willpower!

On the way home we saw this bar. It reminded me of Adam.

I didn’t do much. I can’t find my brand of shampoo anywhere anymore, so I used this brand for the first time. It smells like flowers and fruit salad.

I also read, played on the computer and watched tv. Then I worked on Cooper’s exciting post for Monday.
Check out Cooper’s Corner for a very important announcement: http://cooperscorner.info/

So how was your weekend? And who is your favorite muppet? Let me know in comments!

A Ginger Secret EXPOSED!

All young gingers are given the “don’t mate with other gingers!” speech.

But ginger females,

and ginger males never listen.

They are drawn to each other.

Soon they lay together in sexual union.

And before long, the female ginger is impregnated.

From her loins will spring a Super Ginger.

The Super Ginger will grow rapidly.

The Super Ginger will mature.

But it shall never go outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.

For Super Gingers do not tan.

Super Gingers do not even experience sunburn (as non-Super Gingers are often do).

When a Super Ginger ventures into the sunlight, it will burst into flames.

And as the Super Ginger burns,

The normal children laugh,

and laugh,

and laugh.

When the flames die down, all that remains is a gingerbread cookie.

These gingerbread cookies are delicious.

And are quickly gobbled up.

Wiping from the Earth all evidence that such a foul beast had ever existed.

Have You Ever… In The Summertime?

Summer is a time of warm weather, happiness and fun in the sun. And what better way to start this new season than with a Have You Ever?! quiz?  Today’s quiz is a little different than what you’re used to.  Instead of asking you about all of the unsavory things that you’ve done during the summertime, we’re going to ask you about all the wonderful and whimsical summer activities that you’ve experienced over the years.  Let’s get started.

The rules are the same: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever flown a kite?
2. Have you ever ridden a swing as an adult?
3. Have you ever picked a bouquet of wildflowers?
4. Have you ever took a nap in a grassy field?
5. Have you ever sat under a tree and read a book?
6. Have you ever caught a jar full of lightning bugs?
7. Have you ever enjoyed a firework show?
8. Have you ever seen a drive-in movie?
9. Have you ever gotten up early and watched the sunrise?
10. Have you ever spent an evening under the stars naming constellations?
11. Have you ever slept under the stars?
12. Have you ever gone camping in a tent?
13. Have you ever gone to the bathroom outdoors?
14. Have you ever made ice cream from scratch?
15. Have you ever had a watermelon seed spitting contest?
16. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
17. Have you ever participated in a water fight?
18. Have you ever gone swimming in a river or lake?
19. Have you ever gone fishing and caught a fish?
20. Have you ever ran through a sprinkler?
21. Have you ever skipped stones across water?
22. Have you ever built a sand castle?
23. Have you ever been buried in the sand?
24. Have you ever walked barefoot through grass?
25. Have you ever biked more than 20 miles in one day?

Now tell us your total in the comments.  Are you afraid your score is a little too low?  You have all summer to add more points to your total.  Get started today!