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High Five

It is finally Friday. I don’t know if it was the oppressive heat, the insanity at work, or the return from my mini-vacation, but this has been the longest week on record. It must have lasted at least twenty days. Thankfully this long, boring work week has been filled with amazing videos for me to discover online. Yes, all five of this week’s top five things are videos. Why? Cuz…I like videos and cuz I didn’t find anything else to be really jaunty about.

Have you ever wondered what happens when wholesome European’s interact with the US supermarket shopping phenomenon known as Walmart? I had not before this week. That was until I stumbled upon this video of two Brits enjoying their first excursion to the land Sam.

MTV has been a trendsetter for over 30 years now. Everyone dressed like Madonna in the 80s because of MTV and now everyone laughs at New Jersey because of MTV. Well that last bit sorta started before MTV. Any who, back in 1995, MTV was on top of the latest trend called the internet. They have crazy popular celebrities like Sandra Bullock and some musicians no one remembers talking about how awesome and attractive the web is. They even have Newt Gingrich talking about porn. What more could you want?

One of my all time youtube obsessions is back. Remember the faux Chloe Sevigny who makes being Chloe so glamorous but accessible to use lowly people? She’s back and this time she’s talking grilled meat.

I insanely miss Doctor Who. Just as we were settling into a most amazing and incredible season they lopped it in half and made us wait FOREVER for more. I am grateful for any and all Who that crosses my path. When I saw the teaser for the seasons return, I was jumping for joy. Literally.

And finally this week, we have a video that might possibly be my favorite net phenom of all time. I have watched this video of an English Bulldog named Gus trying to have it all no fewer than twice a day since I discovered it. It is adorable, entertaining and hilarious. I hope you enjoy it over and over.

So that’s all the videos I can force you to watch this week: Brits at Walmart, MTV on the Net, Chloe does Barbecue, Doctor Who teases a return, and Gus the super adorable dog! What made your list?

It’s Monday, Let’s Get Manic!

Ladies, gentlemen, and all of our readers that fall into a third category, it’s time to CELEBRATE!  In case you didn’t notice, Cocky & Rude just loaded REALLY quickly.  And it will from now on (let’s hope).  We’ve picked up and moved far, far away from the dreaded GoDaddy hosting servers.  No more failure notices, errors or timeouts.  Cocky & Rude is finally a  functional website!  Yay!

And while I’m glowing with happiness about the new server and site performance, I’m also overcome with so many random other thoughts that are just running willy-nilly around my mind!  Oh, that must be because it’s just another Manic Monday!

I’ve blabbed and blabbed about how much I hate weather in past blog posts, but I feel that I should mention it again.  I hate weather, experiencing it, talking about it, looking at it … it’s ALL. JUST. AWFUL.  And the kind of weather that I especially hate is SNOW.  Ugh!  Awful!  In the past few days, it has snowed twice in my area of NJ!  On Saturday I tried to drive and found myself slip sliding all over the road… and it wasn’t pleasant.  AT ALL.  Down with weather!

Are you ready for the Oscars?  The film nominations won’t even be announced until Tuesday, January 25th (and the Academy Awards aren’t airing until February 27th), but I’m already excited!  The Academy Awards is my favorite award show of the year, and this year it’s hosted by my Hollywood boyfriend: James Franco!  Oh, and Anne Hathaway too, she’s alright.  I’m already trying to see as many buzzy movies as possible.  So far I’ve seen Black Swan, The Social Network, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, The King’s Speech, True Grit, Inception, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, and Waiting For ‘Superman’.  I just added Winter’s Bone, Toy Story 3, How To Train Your Dragon, and Despicable Me to my Netflix queue.  I really wanna see The Fighter. Oh, and Netflix has Exit Through the Gift Shop available for instant streaming.  Score!

Speaking of The King’s Speech, I saw it on Sunday and it was fantastic!  ((stammer)) ((stammer)) ((stammer)) Go see it now!  (was that in bad taste?  Sorry!)

Who is going to watch the new season of American Idol?  I’m not sure if I even care about the show anymore now that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are going to be sitting at the judge’s table.  On the one hand, I love American Idol.  On the other hand, I miss Simon!

One TV show that I have been obsessed with lately is the UK’s Skins. Wow!  British teen drama goodness!  I love flawed teens that smoke, drink, do drugs, get naked and are constantly banging each other.  I watched the first 4 series over the course of two weeks, and now I’m hungry for more.  I only hope the new MTV version (premiering January 17th) is as good.  What’s that you said?  Oh.  Yea, I doubt it too.

So are you skinny yet?  Our new season of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser is underway.  The first weigh-in results will be announced on Wednesday.  Then it’ll be your job to eliminate the worst team!  We’ll say goodbye to the first eliminated team on Sunday.  It’s so exciting!

Do I use too many exclamation points when I write?  I feel like I’ve used about 400 so far in this post!!!!

Did you notice that I spelled “Bitches” wrong?  Ooops!  Even worse, I did it last time too.  Maybe I’ll fix it for the next time that we take a weekend off.  Or maybe I won’t!

Did you take down your Christmas decorations yet?  It’s January freak’n 10th.  People, it’s time.  Even if you’re too lazy to take down your stuff, please stop turning on your outside holiday lights.  I love Christmas lights just as much as the next person, but it’s time to let go.

Speaking of Christmas, did you check out everyone’s Trashy Gift Exchange presents?  There was so much great crap being mailed all over the continent, it made me wish that I was a dishonest mailman that could have intercepted all of the packages and kept all the loot for myself.  Too bad I never took that damn civil servant exam.

Alright, enough of all that crap — back to Cocky & Rude.  What do you think of the redesign?  There are also a bunch of new bells and whistles that you should check out.  If you use a mobile device, check out our new mobile site.  Have you moused over your Gravatar to see your Hovercard yet?  (You can add to or update your Hovercard at the Gravatar site.)  When you leave a comment, you can now opt to be notified of follow-up comments.  Our search works better now (at the top, right side of your screen).  And you can even subscribe to Cocky & Rude via email (at the bottom of our menu sidebar).

At Cocky & Rude, we’re 370 blog posts in and going strong.  @CockyAndRude on Twitter recently passed the 110 follower mark.  And we must be doing something right, because you’ve left over 3,000 comments on our site.  Thanks for reading today, and every day … and I hope that you enjoy your Manic Monday!