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Biggest C&R Loser 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Welcome to the 7th week of Biggest C&R Loser 2013! This year we’ll be keeping all of the results and placings secret until the end of the contest. We’ll also be pooling our cash to award the 2013 winner the largest prize we’ve ever awarded … a whopping $40!  This week’s theme is always a Biggest C&R Loser favorite!  It’s time for: “What’s Inside Your Fridge?” Let’s see what our contestants are hiding behind the refrigerator door!  This week each of our contestants will show you a photo of their fridge and describe the contents. Here we go!



My fridge at home looks a lot like the one in this photo. Now that I’m leeching off my parents for practice teaching, they only have healthy things in the fridge. It should be good for me as long as I don’t splurge on my own! Which I won’t, because I’m broke.


photo (13)

Ah yes, this week is the fridge picture. And here we go! Top shelf: OJ, milk, butter, Ginger ale; next shelf: eggs, carrots, celery, salsa; next shelf: Salad stuff, and meat (to make chili tonight); next shelf: Diet Coke, baking soda, two bottles of wine, one bottle of beer; In the lower drawer is an onion, for the chili; The door shelves contain condiments, then yogurt, the applesauce. Healthy, I know! But now I’m really looking forward to the chili tonight!



So. Our fridges. I tried to have it neater this time so Adam wouldn’t freak out. I only got groceries on Sunday so I’m surprised it’s not fuller (more full?). My freezer is stocked up and yes, that is two containers of Hagen Daas. But come one, it was $3 off, and it’s next to the box of Weight Watchers egg mcmuffins so I think that has a moderating effect on the ice-cream calories. I tend to fill up the freezer, then don’t buy anything until it empties out. Just restocked. Our top shelf is usually lunch stuff, pudding, juice, etc. There are some leftovers in there this time, I usually have an average number of fruits and veggies in the bottom and we have lots of juice and soda in the door along with various bottles of sauce, relish, whipped cream in a can, marinade, salad dressing, etc. Oh and that little drawer inside is chock full of cheese. (Sorry Michelle) So an average fridge? We take our lunch to work/school every day and we cook dinner at home 13 out of 14 days, so we usually have a lot of staples on hand to make it fast and easy.



Atop the fridge are several boxes of cereal, bottles of dishwasher detergent, and vitamins. Freezer is packed, mostly with frozen fruit, ice cube trays, and coffee. The main section of the fridge has waaaay too much stuff in it, with the bottom shelf dominated by a pot of broccoli-bean-and-lemon pasta, and various other containers of leftovers. Good luck finding what you’re looking for in there!


photo (1)

In the freezer I have some frozen veggies and pitas. On the fridge door I have some condiments, seltzer, rice milk, canned fruit and water. In the fridge I have some Fresca, veggies, fake cheese, leftover taco “meat”, apples, hummus, peanut butter, tofu and tempeh. YUM! Now I want to go eat it all.

Michelle M.


We always have the following in the fridge: juice, salad dressings, condiments, fruits, veggies, Harry’s beer and my zinfandel (Beringer’s!), dill pickles (Adam’s favorite) and salsa. There are usually ingredients for a meal or leftovers from my cooking, but I didn’t cook this week (lazy!), so the fridge is a little bare. There are some leftover fajitas from the Mexican restaurant where we had dinner the other night. And the yogurt (yuck!) is Harry’s, he’s been making smoothies.


In the freezer: 1st drawer: frozen veggies. 2nd drawer: popsicles (Harry had a cold/sore throat), ice cream and vodka. I find when I freeze Thin Mints, the box will last longer than a day. That hummus is soooo garlicky – when Harry eats it, the house reeks of garlic. That’s why it was banished to the freezer (until I’m out of town or die). 3rd drawer: Lots of leftovers (in the back), some Lonely Man dinners and a big old bag of strawberries for Harry’s smoothies.



What’s in my fridge? Not a lot at all as you can see. There are a lot of condiments though…I’m on the all condiment diet you see. Lots of flavor…very little health.

Mr. Sombrero


Now that I look at this picture I realize how crammed, small, messy and badly-lit this fridge is. Maybe I should be on Food Hoarders, if there is a show like that. It does have good things in it. Lots of veggies and fruits, some protein and leftovers. Yummmmm!



This past week I have been sick, sick, sick. I haven’t been this sick since I taught preschool (where I got sick on a weekly basis). The sickness started with chills, fatigue and nausea and a fever. Then the coughing started. So I went to the store, got some cold medicine, came home and conked out. Being sick stinks. Sure, you get to stay home and laze around, but you can’t really enjoy it if you’re coughing up a lung. There are some things that make it bearable, though. Here are a few of mine:

Canada Dry Ginger ale with ice (or 7up in a pinch, but not Schweppes, that stuff is nasty)

Clean sheets

Orange Popsicles (the ones made with real juice)

Granny Smith apple slices

my hot water bottle

Saltine Crackers

Homemade chicken noodle soup

A stack of library books


Honey Lemon cough drops (cherry is disgusting)

I don’t have one of these, but it would certainly come in handy…

And a little TLC

Those are some of the things that make me feel better when I’m under the weather. What makes you feel better when you’re sick? Would you rather have someone take care of you, or do you like to be left alone? Let me know in comments!

It’s Taste Test Time!

There are certain brands that I always buy or order because I think that they are superior. But am I just being blindly loyal or do I really think they are the best? The only way to know is to compare them with their competitors in a blind taste test. So Harry and I decided to do just that.

We started with citrus sodas.

We tested them blindfolded to get the full soda experience.

Here is what we thought:


Michelle– it was okay – it was more limey/citrusy than the others
Harry – very sweet with a lemon/limey taste

Michelle– did not like at all – it had a chemical, artificial taste
Harry – had more of an upfront sugary taste

Mello Yello:
Michelle – supersweet and articial
Harry – too sugary – not happy with that one

Sierra Mist:

Michelle – has a weird aftertaste – not very citrusy
Harry – good – lemon-limey

Michelle – okay, I guess
Harry – sugary – not very good

So the winner was:

Michelle – Sprite

Harry – Sierra Mist

And the loser was:
Mello Yello. We both hated it.

Next up was soup – chicken noodle.

Except for the Organic brand, they all kinda looked the same.
Some definitely had bigger chunks of chicken and carrots.

Here is what we thought:

Wolfgang Puck:
Michelle – had a weird herby taste? Maybe fennel. I hate fennel.
Harry – some saltiness, decent flavors, good


Michelle – had a canned taste and a sweetness – like caramelized onions
Harry – had a bright taste

Healthy Choice:

Michelle – watery, no flavor, tasteless, needs LOTS of salt
Harry – a sharp, burnt taste, tastes like catfood, canned tuna, weird, blech


Michelle – had a weird taste – like dirt. It’s the worst!!
Harry – had a sharp, herb taste, pungent. It’s better than catfood.

Michelle – alright. The chicken was dry
Harry – the chicken was big, not as salty. The flavors come through.

And the winner was:

Soup in a box! We both chose the Organic brand

*Of course, the best chicken soup is my own not in the running homemade
(even when I forget to add in the celery).

The loser was:

Michelle – Campbell’s. The next day we got this coupon in the mail.
Maybe I should ask for a a refund…

Harry – Healthy Choice.

Which cracked me up because he bought a case of it at Costco.

We didn’t want to confuse out palates, so we saved salsa for last.
As you can see, Chachies is the brand we usually buy.

So how did our favorite measure up?

Michelle – good heat, too vinegary. I would not buy this.
Harry – was the spiciest heatwise – had strange tastes

Michelle – had a strong cilantro flavor. Not much heat. Was mushy in texture (except for some crunchy onion bits)
Harry – not too much tomato taste. Had more of a vinegar pickle relish taste

Michelle – tomatoey, nice heat. I like it.
Harry – Lots of tomato flavor. Not as hot as some of the others.

Santa Barbara:

Michelle – Had an oregano or thyme? flavor
Harry – Had some heat, a vinegar taste, muddled flavors

Michelle – nice, had an herby taste, not much heat, tastes like something you’d get at a restaurant
Harry – okay. More herby than the others.

So which salsa came out ahead?

Just like Joanie, we love Chachies!

And we both rated Rojo’s last. Ay caramba.

So, do you have a favorite soda, soup or salsa? And are you sure?
Maybe you should have a taste test of your own…

Make sure to join us next time in the M. test kitchen as we taste the letter P!

Master Cleanse – Day 4

Well folks, Day four started out like the past three.  I got up feeling relatively refreshed and alert from a nice long night of deep sleep.  On my way to work, I picked up a hefty bag of lemons to replenish my stock.  At that point I only had two lemons left and that would only get me halfway through the day.  But they were not meant to be used.

By noon, after two of my doses of miracle elixir, my eyes felt sunken, my head was aching, and I had the attention span of a fruit fly.  I was finding it difficult to focus and accomplish some of the simplest of tasks.  Two of my coworkers who had been following my cleanse told me the bad news: my brain was suffering due to lack of nutrients and I wasn’t going to get more alert or active until I ate something real.

That was it.  I broke down and decided that I had to get some real food for a change.  But what exactly do you eat after not consuming any solid food for almost four days?  I decided on a small green salad with a bit of blue cheese and low fat balsamic vinaigrette.  No need to tempt fate with the large one at all or even the burrito I really wanted to get.  The picture above is one taken of that very salad.

I felt no guilt about not making my goal of 7 days.  I had set out to purify my body in preparation for a healthier more balanced diet.  I think I accomplished that.  I also realized after finishing that small salad that my stomach had shrunk a bit.  I felt completely full after that itty bitty salad, while a week before I would have had to run to the drug store for some more junk. I know that eating smaller portions will bring shame on my family of over-eaters, but it is a risk we all must take.

I also know that I have the will to control what I am eating.  The Master Cleanse is not a great lifestyle choice and I wouldn’t advocate it to anyone, but it did help me to accept the fact that I don’t have to have that afternoon carb fest to deal with the stress.  I’m not going to be going on a Master Cleanse again anytime soon.  If anything, I might go for the Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I’m sure if I do, Adam will request I blog about it.  Lets hope I don’t turn into a brain dead zombie on that one.

The Friday Five!

Welcome to the Friday Five, where I examine my five favorites of the week!

This week marked the return of all of our favorite show, Glee!  The episode opened us up to a new chapter of the show, which will presumably culminate in a showdown between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions.  The episode was decent, but what was really hot this week, was Sue Sylvester’s stunning Vogue performance in the a sneak preview of the April 20th “Madonna Episode” of Glee.  I can’t wait!

A day after Glee said “Hello,” another of my favorite shows, Ugly Betty, said “Goodbye.”  Since Enrico will murder if I spoil anything that happened, let’s just say that I was happy with the series finale.  It’s not often that a series finale episode leaves you happy, but I felt good about the way that Ugly Betty ended.  That said, I’ll forever miss my Ugly Betty family! *tears*

Something else I’ve been missing lately is diet soda!  I gave up drinking soda about a year and a half ago (the same time I swapped vegetarianism for veganism).  After two weeks of splitting caffeine-withdrawal headaches, I finally broke the habit.  But after 18 months, I’m off the wagon, and I’m loving it!  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been drinking diet soda by the gallon, and I just can’t get enough!  I know that I’ll give it up again sometime soon … but until then, pass me the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.  Now!

And while diet soda is awesome, it doesn’t even place on the The Most Awesomest Thing Ever list.  The site is a new, time-sucking website which pits random “awesome” things against each other.  Where else can Al Gore face off against The Cold War, Lance Bass go head-to-head with a Casserole, and Arm Pit Hair go up against Clam Chowder?  It’s silly, it’s fun, and it’s addictive!  Topping their list of awesome (as of post time) are: The Internet, A Nap, Technology, Life, and a Real Lightsaber.

Our last awesome thing for the week is EATING.  This favorite is mainly a poke at Mikey, who has completed his third food-less day of cleansing.  I personally love eating, mainly because … food tastes good!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats are all great!  So as you enjoy stuffing your food-hole with delicious morsels, just think of poor Mikey pooping out the green Twizzler that he ate a few days ago, as he flushes his body out with lemon, water, salt, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  That boy’s gotta be shitting rainbows at this point.  Eww, gross!

So that’s it!  Sue, Betty, Soda, Awesome and Food are my five favorites of the week … what are yours?

Master Cleanse – Day 2

I felt pretty good on my second day of the regimen.  My hunger was less than it was the day before and I got more adept at mixing the beverage that I’m becoming intimately involved with.  The only thing I noticed differently about myself was feeling a bit slower mentally than normal.  There were a few points in the day when a joke was made and it just whizzed right by me.

Despite my misgivings from the previous night’s Salt Water Flush, I decided to give it another go.  I had read on some sites that the first night usually didn’t work well for most people, but the second night was better.  So … I figured what the hell.  As I was mixing the salt with the water my door buzzer went off. And to my surprise all of the crap I ordered for my new apartment had arrived.  I lugged all eight boxes back to my room to organize and move on.  I grabbed my mixture and set to work on the four boxes that contained my bed frame. When the websites said that the second night was a better night, I bet they did not spend it bending, crouching, lifting, screwing, and hammering a bed together.  I would not recommend this as an activity to anyone doing this particular part of the regimen.  I probably wouldn’t recommend the Salt Water Flush to anyone doing the cleanse either.  I get the idea behind it (it cleans out all the crap that is stuck in your insides…and after seeing the piece of licorice I ate last Friday come out…I think they have a point), but I honestly think there are less nausea-inducing ways of doing this.  Also, intentionally giving yourself the squirts is not my idea of detoxification.

After five hours of hard work and chasing errant screws all over my floor, I finally had my bed together and my bowels in shape.  I picked up my mattress and put it onto the frame.  What do you think happened next?  Well, I almost had a nervous breakdown when I realized that they had sent me a frame for a full-size bed and my queen mattress looked so screwy on top of it.  Maybe if I had consumed more than lemon juice, maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper for the past two days, I might have realized sooner, but who knows.  I now have my mattress safely on the floor and the full size frame standing on its end waiting for me to dismantle it and return it.

Master Cleanse – Day 1

As promised,  here is a report on my first day of the Master Cleanse which I introduced you all to yesterday.

I’m hungry. But not as hungry as I was expecting.  When I get a hunger pang, I just juice a lemon, add the syrup, cayenne and water and my hunger just goes away for about three hours.  It is actually quite disturbing.  What I can say about the main drink concoction itself is that it doesn’t taste bad.  Not at all.  It mainly tastes like slightly less sweetened lemonade with a bit of heat.  Except when you get a big chunk of cayenne and your lips burst into flames.

I did start to space out and get a bit loopy in the late afternoon, but I was at work soooo that’s about normal.

The part of the regimen that is really unpleasant is the salt water flush.  As a gay man, I’ve tasted my share of salty things, but nothing compares to a liter of salt water that you chug.  The last gulp is the worst because you actually taste the salt.  Then when the water decides to makes its way out…its not pretty.  I may choose not to do this part again.  Some information I’ve read suggests that you can replace it with other more pleasant ways of cleaning out your digestive tract.

Check back tomorrow for more exciting news about my cleanse!  I know you are all waiting impatiently!