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Oscar Contest Results-O-Rama!

Did you watch the Oscar awards on Sunday?  The whole show?  And you managed to stay awake?!  AMAZING!!  You deserve an award.  But too bad!  There’s only one award that we’re handing out today… the award for the 3RD ANNUAL COCKY & RUDE OSCAR CONTEST!  This year’s winner correctly predicted 20 of the 24 Academy Award categories.  AND NOW … without further ado … the winner is: MR. SOMBRERO!  Yippee!  Hurray!  Woohoo!!!  Congratulations!  It’s so nice that a lurker didn’t win the big prize this year!  Ha!  Now before you claim that I cheated and let Mr. Sombrero win the contest, let’s take a look at the results.

Oscar Contest (1)

Here’s a chart of final scores:


And now, some fun observations!  An impressive 100% of the Oscar predictors correctly chose Daniel Day-Lewis as Best Actor.


95.5% of the Oscar predictors correctly chose Anne Hathaway as Best Supporting Actress.  The only contestant that incorrectly chose Sally Field as Best Supporting Actress was none other than Polt (who tied for the least correct Oscar predictions).  Lolz what a dummy!


Each year we invite the contest participants to predict the Best and Worst Dressed Academy Award celebrity attendee.  Since these categories are subjective, they do not count towards final scores.  Here are the results for the Best Dressed category:

bestdressedAnd the results for Worst Dressed:


That wraps up the results of this year’s Oscar Contest.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Congratulations again to Mr. Sombrero!  You’ll soon be in possession of a 8 packs of candy and a Blu-Ray copy of The Last Airbender.  Hopefully this will not impact his BC&RL results!

So what did you think of this year’s Oscar Awards?  Any surprises?  Who really was best & worst dressed of the night?  Comment quickly before the Jaws theme plays you off!


C&R Fight Club: After 664 Votes…

It was another intense week of Cocky & Rude Fight Club this week as we quickly approach the final round.  Thursday’s match of Mr. Sombrero vs. Ty vs. Ryan brought out 664 impassioned voters as the three gentlemen battled their way into the final match.  Earning FIRST PLACE impressive 269 votes was none other than RYAN with 41% of the popular vote.  Coming in second place was Mr. Sombrero with 206 votes, or 31% of the popular vote.  And in a not-so-distant last place was Ty, with 189 votes, or 28% of the popular vote.  We bid farewell to Mr. Sombrero and Ty, and welcome Ryan into the ring for the FINAL MATCH with Michelle M.!

Congratulations, Ryan!

C&R Fight Club: After 1,714 Votes…

Cocky & Rude Fight Club is on FIRE as we quickly approach the final round.  Thursday’s match of Michelle M. vs. “The Kid” vs. FDot brought about the most votes that ANY C&R poll has EVER received: an extraordinary 1,741 votes!  Earning an amazing 919 votes, or 53% of the popular vote was none other than Michelle M.!  Coming in second place was “The Kid” with a fantastic showing of 804 votes, or 46% of the popular vote.  And in last place with a pathetic 18 votes, or 1% of the popular vote was FDot.  It seems that his chocolate chip cookie bribes have gone completely stale.  This means that Michelle M. will compete in he FINAL ROUND of C&R Fight Club, with the chance to be crowned the Cocky & Rude Fight Club Ultimate Champion!  We mourn the loss of “The Kid” and FDot, who (up until now) both proved to be very strong competitors in the C&R Fight Club ring.  We’ll find out who will join Michelle M. in the final round in exactly one week.

Congratulations, Michelle M.!

C&R Fight Club: Ryan Defeats Adam & Chris D!

In what was a very distressing match for Adam… RYAN has won the latest round of Cocky & Rude Fight Club Round Two.  After a total of 272 votes, Ryan has defeated both Adam and Chris D. with a total of 134 votes — or 49% of the popular vote.  In second place was C&R lead blogger Adam, with only 94 votes, or 35% of the popular vote.  In last place was Chris D., with 44 votes, or 16% of the popular vote.  We mourn the loss of two more Fight Club combatants, but congratulate Ryan — who advances to the next round!


…so when do we get that fashion show, Ryan?

C&R Fight Club Round 2: Ryan vs. Chris D. vs. Adam!

Welcome to Cocky & Rude Fight Club: ROUND TWO!  The rules to the game are simple.  Each week we’ll re-introduce our fighters.  We’ll give them each a chance to speak their mind.  Then we’ll put the results to vote.  You’ll pick which combatant will decimate their opponent in the knock-down, drag-out brawl of Cocky & Rude Fight Club! Let’s meet this week’s fighters…

Each week of Round Two, we’ll drop three Round One winners into the ring and see who remains standing after a 24-hour Cocky & Rude Fight Club vote.  Today’s contestants are: Ryan, Chris D. & Adam!

On July 28th, Ryan With A Cupcake (a.k.a. Ryan Sans Cupcake, look at those abs!) faced off against his mortal enemy: The Muffin Man.  In the battle of cupcake vs. muffin, Ryan managed to defeat his opponent with a staggering 99% of the popular vote.

Adam and Chris are going down. I’ve already crushed Adam in the Biggest Cock and Rudest Loser contest by losing more than twice as much weight as he did. As soon as the bell rings, he will piss his pants and then be too distracted trying to figure out what the puddle looks like to defend himself. Meanwhile, Chris is just too nice to win. He only won last time because Mr. Rogers out-niced his ass. Of course, the real reason to vote for me is to get me to show of the clothes I bought last weekend. -Ryan

The following week, the eternally nice Chris D. went up against the deceased nice, Mister Rogers.  But everyone’s favorite cardigan sweater-wearing nice guy was no match for Chris D.’s power of … life.  Chris D. defeated Mister Rogers with an impressive 88% of the popular vote.

I am going to beat Adam because if Adam wins, he will be dogged by rumors that this whole thing was rigged for decades.  Would you seriously want to do that to poor sweet Adam?  Vote for me, for Adam’s sake! Ryan could be a bit of a challenge.  He is more popular than me, he is probably cooler than me, and lately he’s looking quite fit… BUT I’m the underdog! And if there is one thing that we believe in, it is the ability of the quirky underdog to triumph over insurmountable odds!  So vote for me, because I am less popular, and less cool than Ryan! -Chris D.

Our final C&R Fight Club Round One match pitted Adam against the overweight, immature, spoiled, outspoken, lazy, foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, sociopathic, and narcissistic Eric Cartman.  In the end, all of those adjectives were no match for Adam, who defeated Eric Cartman with 84% of the popular vote. -Adam

Seriously?  This is my blog.  Do you think that Chris D. and Ryan can beat me?  Those two are nothing compared to me!  Do you hear me?  NOTHING!  My time is better spent illustrating tweets, photographing piss puddles and coming up with creative ways to use the photo of Polt’s ass in new and exciting ways.  Now vote me for.  NOW!

Who will win in the battle of  Ryan vs. Chris D. vs. Adam?  There’s only one rational way to decide who will win this battle. We’re putting this no-holds-barred fight to a vote. The poll will be open for approximately 24 hours, and you may vote as many times as you want. That’s right — we’re not blocking repeat votes, so vote now and vote often for your favorite Cocky & Rude Fight Club opponent.

Check back on Sunday for the results!

Thanks to Michelle M., Ryan & Chris D. for your assistance with this post!

Montreal Vacation: Part 2

Were you bored to shit after reading my Montreal Vacation: Part 1 post yesterday?  Then you’re crap outa luck!
Cuz here’s part 2.  Bam!  In the face!

Between Part 1 and Part 2, my arm grew back.  BUT NOT FOR LONG!  Because this paper tiger bit it the fuck off again.  Montreal was not a lucky place for arms, lemme tell ya.

Wondering where I managed to find a big paper tiger?  It was at the Montreal Botanical Gardens Chinese Lantern exhibit. This is the 19th edition of The Magic of Lanterns at the Chinese Garden. This year’s theme pays tribute to China’s first Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi and his impressive cavalry.

The Chinese architecture is beeeeeeutiful!

This banzai tree (part of the banzai garden in the Japanese Garden) is 270 years old!
That’s almost twice as old as Polt!  Holy CRAP that’s old!

After the Botanical Gardens, Mr. Sombrero and I went to the Montreal Insectarium.
Here’s a photo of two beetles do’n it.

People eat that?  Eww! Gross!
… I was talking about the chocolate …
Cuz I’m an ultra vegetarian.  Right … I was talking about the chocolate.

The next day we took a day trip to Quebec City.  It’s a wonder we made it there, because I have no idea what the hell a white line next to a stop light means.

Old Quebec City is the only walled city in North America and is is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec.

The city’s most famous landmark is the Château Frontenac, a hotel which dominates the skyline.

Here I am, standing in front of it and looking like a dumbass.

And here I am pretending that I’m looking at something exciting.

Here’s the two of us pretending that we’re cute.*

Here’s a sign that discourages Michael Jackson from tossing his baby over a ledge.

The next day we explored more of Montreal’s parks, tourist traps and strip clubs. Here’s a friendly white squirrel that I found at a La Fontaine Park.

Montreal is a very clean city — thanks to these amazing Gonzo-nosed golf cart vacuums.

Mr. Sombrero sampled some of the local artisan ice cream in a homemade cone.
Is this NOT the cutest photo you’ve EVER seen??

And then we went home to the boring United States of America.  Within 3 days, we both came down with upper respiratory infections.  Woohoo!

*We don’t actually have to pretend — we know that we’re cute.

C&R Fight Club: Mr. Sombrero Defeats Mel & Mikey!

With a significantly lower-than-usual vote count (130, to be exact), the latest round of Cocky & Rude Fight Club Round Two goes to Mr. Sombrero, who has claimed victory over both Mel and Mikey.  Mr. Sombrero earned an impressive 45% of the popular vote (or 59 votes).  Coming in second was the yarn-loving Mel, earning 41 votes, or 32% of the popular vote.  And in a surprising last place was Mikey, earning just 30 votes, or 23% of the popular vote.  We mourn the loss of our favorite C&R Friday blogger and our friend from Maine, but congratulate Mr. Sombrero — who advances to the next round!