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Biggest C&R Loser 2013


Welcome to the 5th week of Biggest C&R Loser 2013! This year we’ll be keeping all of the results and placings secret until the end of the contest. We’ll also be pooling our cash to award the 2013 winner the largest prize we’ve ever awarded … a whopping $40!  This week’s theme is “WHAT DO YOU MISS THE MOST?” —  Our contestants have  accomplished nearly an entire month of dieting.  What do they miss the most?  Foods?  Laziness?  Here’s what they had to say:



I miss the sense of abandon I had before this all started. When I felt like getting dessert, I got dessert. Now…when I eat anything at all I have a philosophical argument with myself that would make Kant proud. The upside could be the successful publication of my treatise called the Metaphysics of Eating.

Mr. Sombrero


I wish I was able to stick to the healthy stuff. All the stress eating, which sometimes I’m not aware it’s even taking place until I’m done, is not helping. What I miss is having time to exercise… and being lazy.



This month, I’ve done an excellent job of not eating any fast food. I might not have been perfect so far, but that’s something!



So, after a month of dieting, I have to list what I miss the most. hmm, how about losing weight? I do miss doing that, since I’m not losing any. Course, if I actually tried to diet and exercise more, that may not be an issue. Nah, let me think…what do I miss most? How about my $5. God knows, the way I’m going, I’m never gonna see that money again.



I miss mindlessly stuffing my trap without thinking about, just rating what I want because I want it. More or less. However of um going to win this damn contest I need to step up my game.



I found one last candy cane this morning, stashed in a coat pocket. I saved it… and devoured it on the drive home from work. Now that they’re gone I miss them, even if they were spearmint instead of peppermint. And more generally, I miss the holidays, the weeks of planning for festive meals filled with family, fun, and comfort foods. But hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and our tradition is no gifts but a really nice dinner cooked at home. So that’s something to look forward to!



I miss NOT feeling guilty before I eat cookies. And I also miss the cookie that I just ate. I want another one!

Michelle M.


What do I miss the most? Well, since I haven’t started dieting or exercising, I would have to say, nothing :(.


Biggest C&R Loser 2013


Welcome to the 4th week of Biggest C&R Loser 2013! This year we’ll be keeping all of the results and placings secret until the end of the contest. We’ll also be pooling our cash to award the 2013 winner the largest prize we’ve ever awarded … a whopping $40!  This week’s theme is “EXERCISE” — How have our contestants changed their exercise habits?  What are they doing to stay in shape? Are any of them even trying? Here’s what they had to say:

Michelle M.


Well, so far I haven’t been exercising at all. I have been thinking about getting Zumba. Someone was selling it fairly cheap on Craigslist, but it was snapped up before I could buy it. I’m still on the look-out for it. In the meantime I’ve been thinking about walking around the neighborhood lake…



Have I exercised any differently since this started? Well I’m writing these blurbs each week…so that is different. Other than that I have not really changed what I’m doing exercise wise. I know this has to change, but if there is something I hate more than exercise I haven’t found it.

Mr. Sombrero

photo 2

I haven’t had much success with athletic activities recently. But in two weeks fitness classes start at work again. So I’m looking forward to squeeze in some calisthenics and yoga time. In the meantime, I’ll exercise by eye rolling every time Amanda Bynes does something stupid.




I haven’t really been exercising at all. It’s ridiculously cold outside (below -40 tonight!) and I’ve mainly been changing my eating habits.


This week’s I’m to talk about my exercise…or lack thereof. I’m actually trying to get back to walking every 2-3 days instead of every 4-5 days like it has been. But really with as cold as it’s been, I don’t see myself walking much at all until it warms up. This will be me during the cold snap:


Now, if only I had a purple sofa to eat my popcorn on.



Yeah. That pic pretty much sums it up. Today I will blame it on the frigid -40 temps, but that doesn’t explain last week when it was above freezing. Bah. It was a crappy week for me contest-wise. So let’s just move on people, nothing to see here. *beached whale*



Exercise? It is on my to-do list. I’m currently working on physical therapy, then will start on the exercise bike, and once I’ve built up some stamina the plan is to hit the Y. But I haven’t been a total slug, I’ve been going to the YMCA regularly! Mostly just to watch my kid’s swim class, though.



It’s effing cold outside and I haven’t exercised at all. Scratch that … I’ve been chewing a lot. Nom nom nom!

A Holiday Glee-cap

I’m fairly certain that Michelle M., Craig and myself are the only ones that still watch Glee.  So instead of accepting that you’ve given up on the series, I’ve decided to cram the crap-fest down your unwelcoming throats!  Behold, the highlights of last week’s Holiday episode:


Here’s Why Cocky&Rude Will Never Make Me Rich [NSFW]

10 Reasons To Skip A Shower

My alarm is always set for 7:00am in the morning.  Most days of the week I don’t have to be to work until 9:00am (and I only live 15 minutes away), so this affords me a little of an hour to wake up and lounge around the house before I have to get ready.  And then there’s days that I wake up at 7:00am, realize that I’m still exhausted, and fall back asleep.  This happened to me once last week, and I ended up sleeping until 8:45am!  I awoke in a panic — should I take a shower and be late to work, or should I just throw some clothes on and run out the door?  I opted for the latter — and prayed to the FSM that no one would smell my stink or notice that I was unclean for the day.

I’m never one to skip a shower — It’s actually not uncommon for me to shower more than once a day.  The thought of smelling badly is repulsive to me (not to mention the nose that might smell me).  But I lasted that entire day last week … and it was actually pretty great.  I might actually do it again some day soon!  Think I’m crazy?  Here’s 10 reasons why you should skip a shower too:

1. You Have a Secret
It’s fun to have a secret that no one else knows. Even if you’re a big gossip (like me!), you will probably want to keep your filthy body a secret.  And it’s actually fun to not be a blabbermouth every once and a while2. Conserve Water, Save the World
Why not conserve some water and save the environment?  Every little thing helps … and conserving as many as 30 gallons of shower water might make this planet a little bit healthier.

3. It’ll Makes the Next One Better
You’ve probably spent the day longing for some a bar of soap and some warm water dribbling down your naked flesh.  Think of how great it’ll be when your finally take that shower!

4. You Can Save Some Cash
Even if you don’t have to pay a water bill, think of all the money that you’ll save on body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, shower cleaner, etc. just by skipping a single shower.

5. Your Hair Will Look Great
Skipping a shower means that your hair will hold on to a day’s worth of oils and hair grease.  Who needs hair gel when you can style your ‘do with your own scalp sludge!

6. It’s Good For Your Skin
That body goo isn’t only good for your hair — it’s also good for your skin.  Your body secretes all sorts of slimy oils that naturally moisturize and protect your skin.

7. You Can Scare People Away With Your Stink
Let’s face it — you might end up a bit smelly when you skip that shower.  Don’t hide it with extra deodorant and cologne, embrace it!  When that coworker or family member that you don’t like comes close, just make sure they get a waft of your repulsive body odor.  You won’t have to make up an excuse to get them moving away from you quickly.

8. You’ve Just had Sex with James Franco
Another great reason to skip a washing session — sometimes it’s kind of hot to smell the stink of sex on yourself.  And if I did the dirty dance with James Franco … I don’t think I’d ever shower again.

9. You Might Find a Snack in Your Beard
If you’re embracing an unclean existence, you probably don’t bother shaving either.  In which case, there’s always a chance you’ll find a tasty morsel of a previous meal.  And remember, the three-second rule only applies to food that has touched the floor.  Your beard snacks do not fall under the same jurisdiction.

10. You Can Celebrate the Lazy
After all, it’s good to be lazy sometimes.  It reduces stress, gives you a chance to rest, and feels great.  Showering isn’t really necessary every day … so just take some more time to Celebrate the Lazy.