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It’s Your Friday Five!

Here’s this week’s crowdsourced Friday Five!

Breaking Bad! How did I not know how great this show is?? AMC was having a marathon of Breaking Bad beginning with the first episode, so Harry and I decided to watch and see if we liked it. And it’s awesome! It’s been all Breaking Bad all the time around here. I’m going to be sad when we catch up and we only get one a week. So, if you’re not watching, you should start, yo. -Michelle M.

A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition. This is great. I love the condescension to himself. -Ryan

Frank Ocean‘s Bad Religion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I just discovered his music last week, and I’m excited to see him promote his new album with a performance of an unambiguously gay song. -Ryan

Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow embedded video from the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so please watch the video here: http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/frank-ocean-bad-religion/1408858

One of my favorite things this week was air conditioning! Especially in the bedroom where, coupled with a fan, I was pleasantly cool and comfortable during sleep while the world outside cooked in overnight temps in the high 80s! God bless the inventor of air conditioning! -Polt

The Rockie Mountains. They are as amazing in real life as in pictures. Granted, not as much wildlife as I’d hoped, but still an amazing sight everyone should see once in a lifetime. The 2000km round trip drive is worth it. -Tam

Earlier this week, I got something that brightened my entire week: A post card from Vancouver! I LOVE getting postcards from people when they’re on vacation and Tam is great at doing this. Just like this time. Although when she sent me one from San Francisco, it had a half-nekked guy on it. NOT that I’m complaining about this one being just a scenic landscape. nope, not at all. -Polt

And finally a video that has been making the rounds this week, it’s Paris-based electro new wave pop band The Aikiu, performing Pieces of Gold. I’ll let the (NSFW?) video speak for itself! -Adam

Craig’s Runners Up: Anticipation for the season premiere of Breaking Bad this Sunday, Tara’s sexy vamp outfit on True Blood, air conditioning, Lord of the Rings LEGOs, Amy Poehler, and Hardcore gay pornography.

What’s Your Friday Five?


Inside the C&R Studio

Have you ever daydreamed about being a famous star? Money, adulation, magazine covers, swag, critical acclaim, limos, red carpets, awards, casting couches, stalkers, plastic surgery, paparazzi, rehab – it all sounds so glamorous! But all this means nothing unless you’re invited to appear on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Well, just in case you hit it big and have to face James Lipton and his enormous stack of blue index cards, you should be prepared. So I asked you to answer the questions* that are always asked at the end of the show. Here are your answers:

*The questionnaire concept was originated by French personality Bernard Pivot, after the Proust questionnaire.

What is your favorite word?

Tam: Passel
Mark: Anthrax (love the syllables)
David G.: Door. I couldn’t possibly tell you why.
Polt: Eighteen…cause then, all the boys are legal  : ).
Craig: Nevertheless
Jere: Petunia
Mel: Most days it’s “fuck”.
Adam: Chuckle
Michelle M.: Silver
John: Cookie
VUBOQ: Martini
Mikey: Dinner
Nathan: Loquacious
FDot: Flibbertigibbet
Enrico: Arboretic
The Kid: Disrupting or fabulous
Paul: Hello
Ryan: Superfluous

What is your least favorite word?

Tam: The c-word. Can’t write it. HATE IT.
Mark: like (when not used as a verb)
David G.: Urinal. I can’t even type it without feeling icky.
Polt: I dont know sweetie…work? Boss? Gone? Yeah, Gone may be it, not for the word itself so much, but for what it can entail.
Craig: Macabre
Jere: Labia
Mel: Monetize
Adam: The r-word
Michelle M.: Ma’am
John: Familiarity
VUBOQ: Ironical
Mikey: Exercise
Nathan: lol
FDot: maybe
Enrico: The three-letter f word
The Kid: Moist
Paul: Discharge
Ryan: Marketable

What turns you on?

Tam: Humour
Mark: Intelligence
David G.: A really good kiss.
Polt: Younger guys. Asians. Hairthings. Younger Asian guys with hairthings! Oh, and Craiggers in a purple speedo. (did you really need to ask me this question?)  : )
Craig: Chest hair
Jere: Feeling sexy in someone else’s eyes.
Mel: Nice eyes
Adam: Laughter
Michelle M.: A sense of humor
John: Intelligence (and a hot ass).
VUBOQ: This may be weird, but the smell of some soaps on guys. Colognes, not so much.
Mikey: Honesty and a sense of humor
Nathan: Suits
FDot: Chocolate
Enrico: Intelligence
The Kid: A man in a suit
Paul: Bondage
Ryan: Short hair

What turns you off?

Tam: Bigotry
Mark: Loud brash voices
David G.: A really bad kiss.
Polt: Attitude. Someone who thinks they are more than they are or better than they are. Yeah, that’s a deal breaker right there.
Craig: Long fingernails
Jere: Lots of things, but I’ll start with the use of any body fluid used for sexytime other than semen.
Mel: Bad breath
Adam: when I’m taken for granted.
Michelle M.: Ignorance
John: Arrogance
Mikey: Liars and bad smells
Nathan: Facial hair!
FDot: Annoying people
Enrico: Close-mindedness
The Kid: Dreadlocks
Paul: Sweat dripping in my eyes
Ryan: Smart phone addiction

What sound or noise do you love?

Tam: Wind in the trees rustling the leaves (not the willows)
Mark: A sustained note on a slightly distorted electric guitar
David G: When Typo (one of my cats) meows and yawns at the same time.
Polt: Honestly, a kid laughing! Whether it’s a baby giggling or a 7 year old laughing as he chases his brother. Always makes me smile.
Craig: The woods
Jere: Wind and rain outside my window
Mel: The foghorn on our local lighthouse
Adam: Cat’s purr
Michelle M.: A beautiful piece of music
John: Baby sneezes
VUBOQ: The crunching sound made when I’m walking through fallen Autumn leaves
Mikey: Air conditioning…humming and white noisy
Nathan: Bassoon! If that’s cheating, than the noise that the wind makes when it rustles the trees.
FDot: Ocean waves at night
Enrico: Adele’s voice
The Kid: Food sizzling
Paul: Rain falling on the roof of the house
Ryan: Male vocals harmonizing well

What sound or noise do you hate?

Tam: The sound of a spoon stirring liquefied ice-cream – instant gag reflex
Mark: A child chorus, singing slightly off-key
David G.: Any (and I do mean ANY) repetitive sound. It just grates on my brain.
Polt: My alarm in the morning!
Craig: Screaming children
Jere: Saturday morning labor (lawnmowing, construction, etc., before noon)
Mel: Motorcycles drowning out the foghorn
Adam: My alarm clock
Michelle M.: My alarm clock
John: The alarm clock
VUBOQ: Cardboard being cut
Mikey: Nails on a chalkboard or fire alarms
Nathan: The bird outside my window when I’m trying to sleep.
FDot: Fingernails on a chalkboard
Enrico: The sound of a bird’s beak as it attacks my window (every morning at 5am!)
The Kid: Mosquitos buzzing
Paul: Fran Drescher
Ryan: Squishy sploochy sounds

What is your favorite curse word?

Tam: Fuck
Mark: “Oh MAN!” (Once we had our first child, Heather and I trained ourselves not to curse, and it mostly has worked.)
David G.: Fuck. It is the most versatile word in the English language, after all.
Polt: Fuck. Although if I’m around polite company, I generally just use shit. And if *I* did something stupid, then it’s a hearty “Oh fuck ME!”
Craig: God damn it!
Jere: Justin Bieber’s Hairless Scrote!
Mel: See #1
Adam: fuck
Michelle M.: f*ck!
John: Fuck
VUBOQ: fork
Mikey: tit-wank (thank you Catherine Tate)
Nathan: You Gosh Darn C***
FDot: Goddamnmotherfuckingsonofabitch
Enrico: Avada Kedavra
The Kid: Firetruck
Paul: Cunt
Ryan: Bollocks

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Tam: Ballerina
Mark: Pro hockey (but I can’t even skate)
David G: Realtor.
Polt: Custom condom fitter? No seriously, if I had my pick, it would be a comic book writer.
Craig: Teacher
Jere: Playwright
Mel: Writing
Adam: I’d work for Ikea, assembling furniture for displays
Michelle M.: Billionaire
John: Artist
VUBOQ: Professional Potter
Mikey: Filmmaker…I aspire to be Christopher Nolan
Nathan: Novelist
FDot: Screenwriting
Enrico: Personal assistant to a celebrity (maybe Kina or Jojo)
The Kid: Uhh. I’m not employed, but being an astronaut would be fun.
Paul: Professional sugar daddy
Ryan: Economist

What profession would you not like to do?

Tam: Sewer cleaning
Mark: Restauranteur
David G.: Anything from the show Dirty Jobs.
Polt: Anything that makes me to physical labor outside, especially in the summer. Oh and anything involving heights!
Craig: Call center
Jere: Surgeon
Mel: Auto sales
Adam: Sales
Michelle M.: Soldier
John: Lawyer
VUBOQ: Anything to do with sewers or plumbing.
Mikey: Cess Pool serviceperson (see above re: smells)
Nathan: Anything where you just stand around and don’t actually DO anything.
FDot: Farmer
Enrico: Dentist
The Kid: Eww. A fisherman or exterminator.
Paul: Boy of professional sugar daddy
Ryan:Academic post-doc

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Tam: “Juan and Felipe have your cocktails over there on the left by the pool. Have a nice stay.”
Mark: “Meow…prrrr.”
David G.: Girl, you just barely made it.
Polt: What I’d LIKE to hear him say is, “Welcome.” But what he’ll probably say is, “Huh? You? recheck the list!” : )
Craig: “You were a nice person, welcome.”
Jere: “Look, I’m as surprised as you are that I exist, and I know I’ve got a lot to apologize for…”
Mel: “I’m awfully me-damned happy to see you. These other angels are so! fucking! boring!”
Adam: You were right all along, I don’t exist!
Michelle M.: Relax. It’s all good – come on in!
John: We’ve been waiting for you.
VUBOQ: “This way to the Martini Lounge.”
Mikey: You sure tried to piss me off, didn’t you?
Nathan: Welcome?
FDot: Your family is over there.
Enrico: “Ke$ha is waiting inside for you.”
The Kid: “Follow the white rabbit”
Paul: “Your afterlifetime supply of Entenmann’s and young power bottoms are waiting for you.”
Ryan:You weren’t nearly as selfish as you worried you were.

Need to waste some time at work? Here is a Vanity Fair Proust questionnaire you can take to see which celebrity you have the most in common with. Mine were Barbara Walters and Kirk Douglas.

The Forbidden Five

Back when Adam asked me if I wanted to co-blog with him, I was young and shy.  I didn’t ask very many questions.  I just said “Sure!  I think that would be pretty great!”  I later learned the rules of blogging with Adam.  One of those rules is that the Friday Five was Adam’s territory and that I must never ever attempt to write a Friday Five.  So you must never tell anyone that you saw this post, especially Adam!  It is 100% super secret and must remain truly only between you, me and everyone else on the internet!

So what are some of Mikey’s Forbidden Favorites of the week??? Aren’t you just dying to read them here in the big lights not down in the comments?!? Well here they come…

Nothing says Friday Five like a man inspired by MacGyver that ends up pulling a MacGruber.  That’s why a Connecticutian made my list. He got his arm caught in his own furnace and attempted to cut it off to get free after trying to think like MacGyver!  After hacking away at his own flesh, Jonathan Metz failed to dislodge his arm from both the furnace AND his body.  He might have been more successful if Betty White rolled up and asked him if he still had the scars from his breast reduction.

Numero Dos on my verboten list is the US Men’s Soccer Team.  The boys made it to the round of 16 earlier this week when team captain  (and hunk) Landon Donovan chipped the ball into the net at the very very very very end of the game.  I was streaming the game on my computer at work behind some work document and when the ball hit the net I jumped and screeched like a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber Concert. It was truly epic.

Troisième in line this Friday is Doctor Who.  Adam has been telling me to watch Doctor Who for as long as I have known him.  Naturally I ignored his advice.  After some time had passed I made two coworkery friends who were into Doctor Who and when one of them had to go back to England via South Africa I was convinced that the fate of our office depended upon maintaining (or increasing) the number of fans in the office.  After two episodes, I was hooked.  Any show that can reference Britney Spears “Toxic” as a classic earth song deserves my attention and admiration.

Numero Quattro on the list of the lost is Air Conditioning.  It is hot, humid and gross outside, but I sleep like a big baby with my air conditioning.  We will not discuss the electric bill.  It does not exist.

第五の and final item on today’s list  are actual babies.  Ones that smoke and do drugs to be more precise.  It is about damn time that toddlers and infants learned what the rest of us already know: life needs mind-altering chemicals to be bearable.  That’s why this baby isn’t even out of diapers yet, but he knows how to hold his bong. And surely you have already seen the cutie from Indonesia.

Failed McGyver, US Men’s Soccer, Doctor Who, Air Conditioning, and the substance abuse babies are on my yay list!  What’s on  yours?  Share in the comments!

P.S. Contrary to the preamble of this post, Adam fully endorsed this post.  He does not vouch for its contents, but he did say I could do it.   I swear!

Just Another Manic Monday

I’m sick of Facebook.  I think I’d delete my account if it wasn’t my only means of communication with so many people.

I wish the Home Depot in Flemington, NJ was open later than 8pm on Sundays.

Woah, it’s 68 degrees outside!

I’m in the mood for Ritas.

Boca Spicy Chik’n Patties are delicious.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with seedless watermelon.

I’m so proud of myself for not forgetting to take any of my antibiotic pills for seven days straight.  Three more days to go!

I wish I could stop coughing.

After the move, my car was a disaster.  I spent nine dollars at the car wash to vacuum and clean every square inch, inside and out.  Then it rained.

I went to 6 stores yesterday looking for a cheap 8000 BTU window unit air conditioner.  I bought nothing in each of the stores, but managed to abandon a cart in each one of the store’s air conditioner rows.  Sorry 😦

I bought one today at BJ’s Wholesale Club.  $170 felt like the deal of a lifetime.

I moved almost a week ago and am ALMOST finished unpacking.  I’m so lazy for taking so long to unpack!

I need to start dating before I die of old age.

I watched Marley & Me today and balled my eyes out.  It’s a good thing that Spring is immortal.

I finally bought curtains for my living room at Target on Friday.  Now I can walk naked around the whole apartment and no one will ever see me.

Does anyone else feel guilty for using the dishwasher?

I’m tired.

I love my new Kindle.  I finished Sarah Silverman’s The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee and just started Kathy Griffin’s Official Book Club Selection.

My friend told me that Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe in Marley & Me was supposed to be great.  I didn’t notice at all … does that make me a bad gay?  Oh wait, my new green curtains match two of my throw pillows and a picture on the wall.  I’m good.

Both the Celebrity Apprentice Limited Edition Snapple teas are disgusting.  How hard could it have been?  I could have designed a better flavor than Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete.  I should be the Celebrity Apprentice!

My new apartment smells funny.

I can’t believe that I’m going to be 30 in less than a month.

Have you seen Rainbow Poo yet??

BreathSavers Spearmint 3-Hour Mints are delicious. If I crunch the whole package in 5 minutes, will my breath smell good for days?

Inception looks awesome.

Get Him to the Greek was pretty funny.

In 2 weeks, this ginger will be at the beach for a week.  Someone please ready the vegan sunscreen, SPF 1,000,000.

Fuck you, BP.

Yay, True Blood: season 3 starts next Sunday!

OMG so many thoughts!  It must be a Manic Monday!