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Who Should Hook Up?

Here at C&R, we’re all about love and happiness.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re hoping to spread some love by pairing up some previously unattached couples.  Vote for your favorite new couple below … and maybe we’ll spark a love connection! *Contestants (except for Mr. Sombrero) are encouraged (but are under no obligation) to bang.



Congratulations to john for being the first to call C&R bingo!
Enjoy your as yet to be determined fabulous prize!

But why should all the fun (and fighting) stop here? It’s time for

Be the first to blackout out all the squares and win – squares that you have already X’d out still count!
Be the first to call out “Blackout bingo!” in comments and you, too,
can win an as yet to be determined fabulous prize.

Good luck!

Cocky & Rude BINGO!

How to play: Pay attention to upcoming posts and mark your card appropriately (past posts do not apply). The first person to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) and shout, “BINGO!” in comments wins a fabulous prize.

Good luck!

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The Taco Bell Challenge!

So over drinks on Saturday, I told Harry I think I can eat 10 Taco Bell tacos.
He doesn’t believe that this is possible.

So tomorrow I prove him wrong! What do you think? Just how many tacos* can I demolish? Let me know in the poll below and tune in on Wednesday to see Harry’s total utter and complete humiliation.

*crispy beef taco, beef only (no cheese, no lettuce) with one packet of hot sauce per taco.
That’s how I roll.

My biggest fan.