Adam is the lead blogger at Cocky & Rude.  Although many consider him to be a ginger, few know that he is actually albino.  His daily regime of makeup, hair dye, colored contacts, and plaid shirts are just a strategic and well-developed diversion from his pigmentless reality.  When he’s not blogging, he enjoys long walks on freeway medians, collecting toasters and listening to Gregorian chants.

Michelle M. is a weekly contributor to Cocky & Rude.  When she’s not blogging, Michelle is an accomplished competitive eater.  She is a world record holder (with the Major League Eating association) in the categories of Cabbage, Fruit Cake, Poutine and Cow Brains.  When she’s not blogging or eating, Michelle enjoys traveling through time, gnome tossing and free-form aerobics.


Mikey is a contributor to Cocky & Rude.  A little known fact about Mikey is that he is an expert in the art of Parkour, and often practices in New York City. Next time you find yourself in New York, take a look up; you just may see him leaping over you.  When he’s not blogging or leaping, Mikey enjoys delivering babies, abstract landscaping and eating exotic fruits.


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