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Oscar Contest Results!

Congratulations to everyone who answered this year’s
Cocky & Rude Oscar Contest! Here are the results:

8th Place (6 correct) – Michelle M, Polt & VUBOQ
7th Place (7 correct) – John Eliot & David S. II
6th Place (9 correct) – Tam
5th Place (10 correct) – Craig & Mr. Sombrero
4th Place (14 correct) – TwoPi
3rd Place (15 correct) – Patricia M.
2nd Place (16 correct) – Jimmy O. & Adam
1st Place (17 correct) – Mikey & FDot

Here’s the break down:


Congratulations Mikey & FDot!

Note: I know that I said I’d select a winner … but with no prize this year, I’ve decided to let Mikey & FDot share the honor of winning. Hope you guys don’t mind! Congratulations!


RESULTS! – 5th Annual C&R Oscar Contest

Congratulations Mikey! You won the 5th Annual C&R Oscar Contest! Wahoo! Your glorious prize has been emailed!


Here’s everyone, listed from Biggest, Stinkiest Loser to Most Awesome Winner:

3 – John Eliot
7 – Michelle M. & Polt
10 – Kristen, Ryan, David P. & Tam
12 – Craig
13 – Drazen & John H.
14 – Matt D.
15 – Adam
17 – Ty & Paul J.
18 – Brian B. & FDot
19 – Alex K., Jimmy O. & TwoPi
20 – Mikey

This Year’s Best Dressed Predictions:
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.33.27 PM

This Year’s Worst Dressed Predictions:
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.34.26 PM

Thanks for playing!

5th Annual C&R Oscar Contest – CLOSED



The Oscars are right around the corner … and for the 5th year in a row, C&R brings you the Cocky & Rude Oscar Contest. Simply cast your ballot and you’ll be entered to win this year’s prize: A 2-Month Hulu Plus Gift Subscription (valued at $15.98!). Tune in to watch the 87th Annual Academy Awards on February 22nd, 2015!


*Prize will be delivered to this email address.

Rules: Contest entries must be submitted on or before Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 11:59:59PM EST. Limit one entry per person and per IP address. If multiple entries are submitted, only your first will be counted. Entries that are submitted without a valid email address will not be accepted or counted. No late entries will be accepted. The winner of this contest is the individual that correctly predicts the most categories. In the case of a tie, a single winner will be chosen at random by Adam. “Best Dressed” and “Worst Dressed” categories are subjective and do not count towards or against your final score. Contest winners and all rankings will be announced on at approximately 12:01AM EST on Tuesday, February 24th. If there are any conflicts, Adam has the final determining say. Prize will be delivered once via email on or around Tuesday, February 24th, 2015. It is your responsibility to receive, activate, and use the gift subscription. You are responsible for contacting Hulu with any issues. By submitting your contest entry, you agree to these rules.


Oscar Contest Results-O-Rama!

Did you watch the Oscar awards on Sunday?  The whole show?  And you managed to stay awake?!  AMAZING!!  You deserve an award.  But too bad!  There’s only one award that we’re handing out today… the award for the 3RD ANNUAL COCKY & RUDE OSCAR CONTEST!  This year’s winner correctly predicted 20 of the 24 Academy Award categories.  AND NOW … without further ado … the winner is: MR. SOMBRERO!  Yippee!  Hurray!  Woohoo!!!  Congratulations!  It’s so nice that a lurker didn’t win the big prize this year!  Ha!  Now before you claim that I cheated and let Mr. Sombrero win the contest, let’s take a look at the results.

Oscar Contest (1)

Here’s a chart of final scores:


And now, some fun observations!  An impressive 100% of the Oscar predictors correctly chose Daniel Day-Lewis as Best Actor.


95.5% of the Oscar predictors correctly chose Anne Hathaway as Best Supporting Actress.  The only contestant that incorrectly chose Sally Field as Best Supporting Actress was none other than Polt (who tied for the least correct Oscar predictions).  Lolz what a dummy!


Each year we invite the contest participants to predict the Best and Worst Dressed Academy Award celebrity attendee.  Since these categories are subjective, they do not count towards final scores.  Here are the results for the Best Dressed category:

bestdressedAnd the results for Worst Dressed:


That wraps up the results of this year’s Oscar Contest.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Congratulations again to Mr. Sombrero!  You’ll soon be in possession of a 8 packs of candy and a Blu-Ray copy of The Last Airbender.  Hopefully this will not impact his BC&RL results!

So what did you think of this year’s Oscar Awards?  Any surprises?  Who really was best & worst dressed of the night?  Comment quickly before the Jaws theme plays you off!

My Favorite Adams

AdamsDid I get it right?  Who is your favorite Adam?

A Holiday Glee-cap

I’m fairly certain that Michelle M., Craig and myself are the only ones that still watch Glee.  So instead of accepting that you’ve given up on the series, I’ve decided to cram the crap-fest down your unwelcoming throats!  Behold, the highlights of last week’s Holiday episode:


HAVE YOU EVER … Watched Too Much TV?

tv_graphicsI know that I watch too much TV … I’d watch it 24/7 if I could! Reality, drama, horror, gossip, comedy … I just can’t get enough! I even quit blogging so I could watch MORE TV! So let’s gauge how overboard we’re all going with the boob-tube. The rules are simple: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever…

1. Have you ever yelled at someone for spoiling a show?
2. Have you ever not gone out with friends/family because you were going to stay in and watch an anticipated TV episode.
3. Have you ever cried because a television character died?
4. Have you ever printed out the new fall TV schedule so you could highlight what you were going to watch?
5. Have you ever had a show you absolutely needed to fall asleep to?
6. Have you ever written fan fiction that was based on a TV show?
7. Have you ever written letters to a television network demanding that they un-cancel a show?
8. Have you ever felt guilty about giving up on shows, even though they stopped being good a long time ago?
9. Have you ever watched an entire season of TV in a single weekend?
10. Have you ever watched beyond the first season of Glee?
11. Have you ever watched beyond the first season of Heroes?
12. Have you ever purchased a season or series of TV, just to keep it on the back burner in case you ever ran out of current shows to watch?
13. Have you ever loaned TV series DVDs to someone and insist they watch it immediately cause OMG it’s so good?
14. Have you ever finally caved on watching a show that everyone talks about and then get blown away by how awesome it is?
15. Was that show Mad Men?
16. …or Breaking Bad?
17. Have you ever deprived yourself of sleep so you could watch one more show?
18. Have you ever recorded entire seasons of a TV show onto DVD or VHS (or similar media)?
19. Have you ever had DVR conflicts because you want to watch more than two shows at the same time?
20. Have you ever argued with someone about which TV theme song is best?
21. Have you ever sung the Charles in Charge theme song as an opera?
22. Have you ever dreamed that a studio would actually spend money to make a Veronica Mars movie?
23. Have you ever tried to figure out who the final Cylon was?
24. Have you ever wished you lived in Stars Hollow, the fictional town where Gilmore Girls took place?
25. Have you ever gotten mad that nothing on Lost really mattered?

Tell us your total in the comments!

Thanks to Craig, for basically writing this entire post!