Oscar Contest Results!

Congratulations to everyone who answered this year’s
Cocky & Rude Oscar Contest! Here are the results:

8th Place (6 correct) – Michelle M, Polt & VUBOQ
7th Place (7 correct) – John Eliot & David S. II
6th Place (9 correct) – Tam
5th Place (10 correct) – Craig & Mr. Sombrero
4th Place (14 correct) – TwoPi
3rd Place (15 correct) – Patricia M.
2nd Place (16 correct) – Jimmy O. & Adam
1st Place (17 correct) – Mikey & FDot

Here’s the break down:


Congratulations Mikey & FDot!

Note: I know that I said I’d select a winner … but with no prize this year, I’ve decided to let Mikey & FDot share the honor of winning. Hope you guys don’t mind! Congratulations!


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