BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 4th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2!  This week wasn’t really a good week for anyone … except Mikey!  Mikey was the only contestant to post a significant loss this week.  In last place this week is Tam, with a 1% gain.  Fifth place this week is Polt, with .39%.  Jumping to forth place this week is Ryan with 0%.  The losers this week are Mikey (with  -.5%), Michelle M. (with -.85%) and Adam (with -2%).chart



4 thoughts on “BC&RL 2013: Part 2”

  1. Thanks, Tam, for ensuring I wasn’t in last place! To be fair, I have had a HELLISHLY bad week at work, and proper eating just has not be a high priority. Yeah, excuses, excuses, I know…


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