Biggest C&R Loser 2013


Welcome to the final week of Biggest C&R Loser 2013! This year we’ve kept all of the results and placings secret until the end of the contest. We all pooled our  cash to award the 2013 winner the largest prize we’ve ever awarded … a whopping $40!  In this final week, we asked the contestants how they felt about the contest as a whole?  Are they happy with their progress?  Or didn’t they really try at all?  Let’s find out what they had to say and let’s find out who won this damn contest!!  For the last time in 2013, here are the contestants in placement order, from last to first place:

Mr. Sombrero


I can’t believe it’s over. Whew, finally. Congrats fellow participants. It’s been a tough and excruciating journey. I started confidently with some minor weight loss, but that went downhill after few weeks. I am fully ashamed to admit that I have ended this competition with few extra, extra pounds. And yes, I’d do it over and over and over again. Soooo, have I won anything?


Mr. Sombrero gained 2.26% body weight.

Michelle M.


I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to lose, but then again, I never committed to the eating right or the exercising. Sigh. I do intend to get down to my goal weight by summer. I suppose the fact that summer is still a ways off is why I’ve been lazing around and stuffing my face. But I still have hope. In the meantime, I’m going to finish this cookie and give my congratulations to the winning contestant (if there was one).


Michelle M. gained .87% body weight.


fat man

UGH! It’s finally over. I didn’t lose any weight over the course of the contest – but at least I didn’t gain anything. I wish that I had tried a little. Maybe now I’ll start dieting?


Adam lost no weight. (Tied with Tam)


dr phil youre fat

So how do I feel now that this excruciating exercise is over for another few months? Eh. I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t get my act together and lose, but given my last few weeks of stress and traveling, I can’t complain that at least I’m not up. Would I do it again? Sure, what the hell. 🙂 If I’m going to be pathetic, I like doing it in a group.


Tam lost no weight. (Tied with Adam)



And sooooo, the contest is over. How do I feel about the contest? It’s fine, I suppose. I’m rather disappointed in my performance during the contest. Not at all surprised, but disappointed. I don’t yet know HOW well I did (didn’t do?) in the contest, but I hope I didn’t come in last. That’s actually my only goal now, to not finish dead last. But if I did…well SOMEONE had to be last right? And really, who needs an extra $40 anyway?


Polt lost 1.18% of his body weight.



I barely lost any weight, but I didn’t get fatter, so that’s something. I have some free time coming up this month before I move to Japan so hopefully I can get something together before then, but I wouldn’t really say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished this competition (almost nada)


Nathan lost 1.54% of his body weight.



How do I feel about the contest? What contest?!? I feel like I’ve been oblivious to the contest. There’s been no tension, and very little motivation to lose weight. I know it must be a pain to do each week, but I really miss the weekly progress updates, the chart showing where we all stand. I think those helped me last time in providing some peer pressure to lose, and some positive feedback when I did manage to make progress.


TwoPi lost 3.56% of his body weight.



Am I proud of myself? Yes! Would I do it again? I would probably do the contest again, but I think I’m definitely going to continue to lose weight. I have been successful even if my weight lose regime has been boring. Oh god…I miss junk food so much.


Mikey lost 4.5% of his body weight …




8 thoughts on “Biggest C&R Loser 2013”

  1. Woohoo. Way to go Mikey!!! Enjoy your winnings but don’t use it to buy junk food.

    Also congrats to Polt and TwoPi who actually ended up below where they started. Well done.

  2. Congrats Mikey! Good job. And I didn’t come in last, so that’s good news. 🙂 And instead of a blue progress line, I got a purple progress line, so that’s even better! In fact, I think that may be the best thing about this contest for me…a purple progress line! 🙂


  3. I really wish I could say that I’m going to use my winnings to go to Disney World….like really, really wish. But in reality I am going to to use them to fund my Weight Watchers membership. Lame!

  4. Congratulations Mikey! That’s a nice steady trend. It looks like you’ve found a pattern that works.

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