McKayla and I are not impressed.

If you waste as much time on the internet as I do, you’ve probably seen the McKayla is not impressed meme. Perhaps you even submitted a post to the blog. I have submitted several (What can I say? This is the kind of stuff I obsess over). My Peanuts one even made it. Yay!

But what happened to all my other submissions? Some ideas I’ve had, I’ve seen posted by other people days after I submitted them (great minds think alike). Maybe there’s a backlog, or maybe they didn’t go through, or maybe they’re saving them up for a grand finale, or maybe they’re just lame… Anyway, I’m tired of waiting for them to show up (or not show up). So here they are:


22 thoughts on “McKayla and I are not impressed.”

  1. I have the same reaction to “It’s A Wonderful Life”. And I fear that McKayla looks perfect in the back seat with RB and her crew.

    1. The very first comment in each shows that it was posted by “michellemckee”, which takes you to M’s tumblr blog, which is empty.

      The vogue image has a click through to cooperscorner. Michelle didn’t submit a click through link with the Peanuts one because she thought they were ignoring her posts.

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