24 thoughts on “It Should Be An OLYMPIC SPORT! [NSFW]”

  1. This reminds me that I should figure out how to make the empty offices into a nap room.

    1. Listen, I’m pretty sure if anyone is going to win at competitive drinking … it’s this lush right here … /points in the mirror.

  2. Just as I use Polt’s ass as inspiration in the masturbating event, I suspect Michael Phelps envisions it waiting for him at the other side of the pool to motivate him.

  3. Cool, Polt’s Ass has TWO photos today! Get ready for record comments! 🙂

    BUt I think Adam’s Olympic sport would be incorrect assessment of movies, and in a dual category, incorrectly verbal assaulting of those who disagree!


    1. And see how I did NOT try to unnecessarily bost the comment count by splitting those two sentences into seperate comments?


        1. No I believed I guaranteed 20 comments for a post that showed Polt’s Ass, not per showing. And thusly, since this will be the 20th comment, my guarantee is fulfilled!


        2. By that logic, your most popular post ever will be a photo collage of Polt’s ass made out of smaller pictures of Polt’s ass.

  4. Although the above comment may, or may not, have been an attend to artifically increase the comment count.

    And this one too, for that matter. 🙂


    1. Its a team event and I’m doing MY part…well the HELL are the rest of you???

      But I doubt we’ll ever surpass the gold medal winner of comment posting….over 600 on a Puntabulous post about fisting, if I recall correctly, from seveal years ago.


      1. But everyone over at Puntabulous was super pervy so that doesn’t really count.

        Pass me the comment, pass me the comment, I’m open!

  5. I think I’m completely desensitized to seeing Polt’s ass now, much like gore and other fucked up things on the net, so that counts for something right?

    Anyway, where the fuck is competitive drinking and while we’re at it, competitive swearing, I’m pretty fucking sure my drunk whore mouth could easily take the gold in both those events easily!

  6. I think my only competition in marathon tv watching would be Craig. If we did a pairs competition we would dominate.

    I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE Twitter Tam. I think she should commentate on all the events (when she’s not napping, that is)!

  7. In my RSS reader there was no space between the images, so it looked like the title above Polt’s Posterior said, “Competitive Eating”, and the title below it said, “Polt’s Ass”. I’ll leave that thought to your imaginations.

    Melliots, I love Twitter Tam too!

    If John seems this comment then he’ll know I’m not dead!

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