Polt at the Movies


62 thoughts on “Polt at the Movies”

  1. Who knew Jimmy Stewart was such a strong man he could lift that chick up like that? Huh.

    I have to agree with Polt’s ass on Forrest Gump and Lord of the Rings.

  2. That may be Pol’ts Ass’s take on the movies, but Polt’s take on them is as follows:

    Pulp Fiction: Overrated, but okay.
    12 Angry Men: Love it! And there really wasn’t anyone in that I wanted to see bang each other.
    Silence of The Lambs: Never saw it. or the comic book.
    Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Entertaining, but pretty cliched. And hairthings always make a movie better.
    Fight Club: Good the first time around, but doesn’t stand up to repeated viewings. And there’s clearly was NOT enough nudity.
    The Empire Strikes Back: The best of the series. And thank GOD there was no Jar Jar in it!
    Incpetion: Never saw it either…although with JGL in it, you’d think I would have!
    Forrest Gump: Never saw it. And with my diabetes, I don’t need any boxes of chocolates.
    Lord Of the Rings: Amwazing. The last one did drag on a bit too much, what with Frodo’s seven or eight deaths in it.

    Hmmm, perhaps me and my ass should have a reoccuring feature where we revies movies together. To get the WHOLE Polt experience.


          1. Negative, I just didn’t like it. I’m not all dazzled by special effects, I thought it was boring and it was actually something I had really wanted to see.

            1. I’m not dazzled by special effects either, I just thought it was a really cool story that also happened to have very cool effects and action. Just my humble (LOLZ) opinion.

          1. *SIGH* So my opinions are wrong and stupid…..and that’s it? I spent a whole…bunch of paragraphs explaining why the movies sucked (well Spider-Man sucked, Batman was just a big disappointment), and all I get in rebuttel is “wrong” and “stupid”?

            This is what’s wrong with America nowadays.


              1. Ya know, contrary to what Fox Noise will tell you, whoever screams the loudest does in fact NOT win the argument. 🙂


                1. No, but a popular vote does win the argument. Current votes on IMDB = “Ratings: 9.2/10 from 104,612 users” and Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a score of 87% (critics) and 93% (fans)

  3. 1. Meh
    2. Meh
    3. Great
    4. Great
    5. The book was better
    6. Not a big Star Wars fan
    7. Hated Inception, thought it was boring and stupid and was annoyed when people tried to go on and on about how it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    8. Good
    9. Never seen (I know, but I’m a jaded old man now and would probably tear it to shreds while watching it like I did Gone with the Wind, which I found hilarious to no end.)
    10. Meh

    1. Im rarely in agreement with the masses. I voted for Dukakis. I hate fireworks. I love the man on man buttsechs. I’ve only seen one season of American Idol and have no desire to see another. I prefer British alternative music to any of the drivel being put out in the USA. I can not understand the allure of baseball. I’ve never paid over 30 dollars for a pair of shoes.

      See? But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong or stupid….just unique. And not a sheeple, blindly following the herd all lemming-like. 🙂


        1. You DO watch Faux News a lot, dont you Adam, taking things out of context and shouting and all.

          And ya know, I still have yet to hear a single point as to why the movie didn’t suck (in the case of SPider-man, or wasn’t a disappointment in the case of Batman). You think I’m stupid? You think I’m wrong? Fine for you. But that still doesn’t change the fact the movie was a huge disappointment.

          And a lot of people liked it? Fine. But a lot of people liked moving all the Indians onto reservations and stealing their land. And a lot of people liked the idea of putting Japanese Americans into internment camps. And a lot of people liked Hitler so much the voted him in as their leader. So the argument that a lot of people like it, is in real good company, isn’t it? 🙂


          1. BTW, the only parts I read were you saying: “I’m stupid … I’m wrong” and then something about how you like Hitler and want to put Japanese Americans into internment camps. SHAME ON YOU!

            1. No Adam, dearest, there are some things I want to do with Japanese Americans, especially those with hairthings, that are unmentionable in mixed company,but through them into internment camps is not one of them.

              And really, just cause you’ve got the attention span of fruitfly on crack and can’t read what I’ve written STILL does not make you right. (althought I really can’t argue with that part about this being your blog). 🙂


  4. Today we learned:
    1. Polt has awful movie taste.
    2. DrPara is an idiot for not liking Inception.
    3. Everything Adam says is right.
    4. Craig is awesome.
    5. Polt likes Hitler.
    6. Polt wants to put all Japanese Americans (especially those with hairthings) into internment camps.
    7. Adam is awesome.
    8. Polt doesn’t know the difference between “through” and “throw”

    1. 6. Hmm, well if Polt could be in charge of that camp…and it only housed Japanese Americans twinkies with haithings…maybe.
      8. Adam doesn’t know the difference between a good movie and a bad one.


  5. I’m particularly enjoying the fact that a post about my ass has garnered over 50 comments. When’s the last time the comment count got so high? 🙂


    1. No kidding. All of my posts from now on are just going to be a picture of your bum with Willow Shield’s unibrow photoshopped on it.

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