It’s Your Friday Five!

Once again I tossed C&R’s Friday Five out to the C&Rmy, and here’s what threw back.
It’s your Friday Five!

Booze Cruise! The fourth annual family booze cruise is tonight! And since my family actually gets along really well it’s always a lot of fun! It combines all of lifes greatest pleasures. Food! Booze! Old people dancing to Lady Gaga! Here’s a picture from last year. It was raining and we were all soaked by the end of the night, but we still had a great time! Craig

Ummm my new blog post feat. Michelle M., Adam and Polt is great. Enrico

Christian Bale Is At Your Party Kristen

What made my week? Being mentioned TWICE in one C&R post: My name was uttered by a cute twinkie and my ass had a $100 bill sticking out of it. What could make ANY week better than that? Polt

Scary Smash: The first episode of Written by a Kid. A kid’s monster story is brought to life by some people you might recognize. Ryan

Watering my lawn. We came home from vacation and our front lawn is absolutely dead. We are in a drought situation here and the lawns are brown, brown, brown. Weirdly my fanatical neighbour (we share a tiny front lawn) has not been watering it. We have no water shortage so the city has actually started asking people to water their lawns so if there is fire there is less dry grass to go up. So last night I bought a new hose and today my landlord replaced my spigot in the garage and I watered my grass so if I keep it up every day I’ll have new green grass soon. I hope.

Honest to god, it looks like the grass on the left but with a smattering of green weeds. Tam

Now that I’m all caught up with Breaking Bad (sadness), I need something new to fill the empty hours of my existence. Harry and I just started watching Dexter. We’re almost done with Season 1. So far it’s been entertaining. Here’s a quiz to find out which Dexter character you are. My results were Vince (which I don’t agree with – but, whatever). -Michelle


14 thoughts on “It’s Your Friday Five!”

  1. The tag: “watering your lawn is a waste of water”

    Seriously Adam? Is there a normal everyday thing that everyone everywhere does that your socialist hippie ass doesn’t get on a soap box and judge?

    Other than that, Christian Bale is at Your Party is AMAZING.

    1. When our city is asking us to do it, who am I to resist. Better than the whole city burning in a raging grass fire.

  2. 1. I hope to god no one fell overboard and drowned
    2. I loved it
    3. My kid is weird
    4. Yay, bums
    5. That was very cute.
    6 I watered my grass for 2 hours. Why is it not lush and green yet. WTF mother nature?
    7. I have never seen Dexter, nor Breaking Bad so I have no opinion/comment (except this one)

  3. Breaking Bad is amazing! I have Dexter on DVD but haven’t started it yet. Been thinking about trying to get caught up on it all before the new season starts in September.

  4. Why is it so quiet here? Don’t you people care my grass is dying? It’s brown, brown I tell you. If lightning strikes we’ll all burn to death it’s so dry. These are important issues!

  5. 1. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail
    2. I love Craig’s post (but I hate pickles)
    3. Can’t wait to see Batman tonight!
    4. I’m glad I could make your week
    5. So cute!
    6. It sounds like a huge waste of water, but if the town is telling you to do it … I guess I’ll allow it.
    7. I keep thinking about starting that series … hmmm

  6. 1. I’m glad to hear that was rain – not that you have a sweaty family. Have fun tonight!
    2. LOVED it. Enrico, you should blog more!! Adam, maybe you would love green pickles. You should try them in a train or with a fox.
    3. Christian Bale is a party animal.
    4. Polt’s ass – the gift that keeps on giving.
    5. Squat team – ha! And when did Dave Foley get old?
    6. That’s what our backyard looks like.

  7. The Written By A kid is awesome, but frankly, I don’t think ANYthing can beat a naked Christian Bale directly above my ass!


  8. 1. I’ll be drunk all weekend … not like this is anything new but still.
    6. It’s weird to have barely any rain and all this heat, like it’s some kind of climate cha…. (dragged off by Republicans) What Dr. Para meant to say was that your grass just isn’t part of God’s mighty plan and therefore it died!
    7. I watched the first two seasons of Dexter but I haven’t gotten around to bothering with the rest. Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy and a few others among shows everyone falls all over themselves to talk about but I just can’t bring myself to watch. It would be nice if I could dump some of the other shit shows I’m embarrassed to watch and maybe make room for them but I also have a pile of movies sitting on my desk I have yet to watch so that really isn’t a valid reason.

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