Have you ever….Adam?

If you haven’t heard, Adam is old today. Older than old. So old that we can’t really know how old he is. He is like some sort of prehistoric, higgs boson like thing that we can’t really know until we know it. So…in honor of his defenestration of meat flaps day I give you a “Have you ever quiz” worthy of his royal redness.

The “formatting” of the photos in this post are indicative of why Mikey needs Adam. I mean, come one, this is crazy, but Mikey can not get this shit right. He sucks.

The rules are simple: For each question that you answer β€˜yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

1. Have you ever known an Adam?
2. Have you ever known a ginger Adam?
3. Have you ever blogged about Adam?
4. Have you ever commented on a post by Adam?
5. Have you ever annoyed Adam?
6. Have you ever been annoyed by Adam?
7. Have you ever tried to annoy Adam?
8. Have you ever wanted to be like Adam?
9. Have you ever sung “born on the 5th of July” in honor of Adam?
10. Have you ever tried to steal Adam’s boyfriend?
11. Have you ever dated Adam?
12. Have you ever hated Adam?
13. Have you ever told Adam to relax?
14. Have you ever realized Adam needed to relax?
15. Have you ever chatted with Adam online?
16. Have you ever talked to Adam on the phone?
17. Have you ever asked Adam for advice
18. Have you ever given Adam advice?
19. Have you ever ignored advice that Adam gave you?
20. Have you ever met Adam in person?
21. Have you ever been to Adam’s house?
22. Have you ever met Adam’s cat Spring?
23. Have you ever “known” (in the biblical sense) Adam?
24. Have you ever liked Adam?
25. Have you ever loved Adam?

Now tally up your numbers and admit how much you love Adam. I know I do. Happy Birthday, young man!


29 thoughts on “Have you ever….Adam?”

  1. 11, maybe 12 or 13. Have I annoyed you honey? Probably, everyone annoys you. But that’s okay, it’s better than indifference.

    Hope you have a most wonderful day of the year, those fireworks were all for you. Mwwwwaahhhh.

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