The Adventures of 8-bit Adam


16 thoughts on “The Adventures of 8-bit Adam”

  1. Love it! Great job Michelle! The art is pretty amazing. I like the stars in Adam’s eyes, and Spring’s facial expression when Adams arm pops off.

  2. You were gonna make him some ginger cupcakes for dessert right?

    So the moral of the store is: Veban food really IS unhealthy for you cause carrying it will cause your arms to fall off,


    Further proof that cats ARE the spawn of Satan.


    One should always try to teach one’s pets basic first aid (although good luck doing that with the demon seed as a pet).


    When you get old, like over 30, don’t strain yourself and let someone carry your groceries for you.


    Takeout meals or delivery are perfectly acceptable alternatives for a romantic meal.


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS COMIC!! Now that I’m dead, Spring should get her own spin-off. Or will I die in every comic? I don’t think I’ve ever had mung beans, but they sound delicious. Mr. Sombrero knows that my fridge is usually empty … so we go to restaurants. 😀 It’s much less dangerous!

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