Vacation to Provincetown!

Last week Mr. Sombrero and I took a short vacation to Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Check out some of the photos and videos from our trip!


21 thoughts on “Vacation to Provincetown!”

      1. Good, good. I usually don’t enjoy ptown — too many circuit queens / attitude ice-princesses. Even bear week is attitude city. But this year I’m taking a bf with me so I can ignore the nasty gays and he and I will just do what you and Mr Sombrero did — just have fun together doing the kind of stuff you guys did: some great ideas in your post!!!!! 🙂

  1. So how was the ice cream? We never did get around to having it out here (we couldn’t find any).
    Yay, for whale watching – looks like you had a lovely day for it. We watch the gray whales out here.
    My favorite pictures are you on the chair (?!).
    Cooper’s favorite is the birds on the rocks photo.

  2. That “WTF am I doing?” pic is going to give me nightmares. Thankfully I have more Mr. Somrero pics to keep me safe and warm at night.

    Looks like a fun weekend!

    1. I know you love Mr. Sombrero, but it’s rude to tape his picture on to your wife Natalie Portman’s face.

  3. OMG Whales!!!!! I that was the second best thing of our trip to that part of the US. (First best was pool party Chez McAnally’s.) You guys look adorable and the weather was perfect. Why were the beaches so emtpy? They are so nice. Although the water is cold as fuck there.

  4. Since there is no steering wheel in the Adam Can Drive pic, I suspected it might be flipped, but the traffic and the lettering says otherwise.

  5. WTF? Why is it such a slow comment day? There are pictures of Adam and Mr. Sombrero to oogle! Is everyone too busy masturbating? We can at least comment about how much we’re masturbating, right?!

      1. I know mine are! I’ll send Mr. Sombrero a video in the mail soon. Said video will be wrapped in a damp handkerchief. It is better not to ask questions.

    1. I was in training half the day (how to deal with aggressive/violent/mentally ill…clients. Whoopee) and I spent the other half catching up on paperwork. This is the first change I had to get on here.

      Nice pics, though. Looks like fun time!


  6. The 4th to the last pic of the two of you is really nice! The pic of you on the round chair/chaise is disturbing. I need some mental floss.

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