Guest Post: Harry’s Favorite Things

1. Pizza Port – Monterey pizza is really good and the Swami’s IPA is excellent. Best place to go with a lot of people. The one in Solana Beach is my favorite but the new one in Ocean Beach is usually less crowded.

2. Canned beer/Avery IPA – I’m a recycling nut and all those bottles take up so much space. People say it doesn’t taste as good, but they’re wrong. Other favs are Caldera IPA, Oskar Blues Old Chub and Gubna. California brewers are finally doing this with Sierra Nevada putting Torpedo in a 16 oz can. Also goes great with…

3. Thai Curry – Red, green, yellow, chicken, tofu, shrimp, so yummy I could eat it twice a day.

4. Mission Proto VSI skates – Since I play inline hockey 2-3 times a week, I need a skate that fits well and is light. I have two pairs, plus an older, beat-up pair of Proto VS skates for going around the lake/bay with Michelle.

5. CCM Thornton Blades – The inline hockey surface is a slightly rough concrete and it acts like sandpaper to my stick blades. It’s much cheaper to replace the blade than buy a $100 stick every two months. I hope they keep making them when he retires.

6. Sansa Clip+ – Best. MP3 player. Ever. Clips to my t-shirt collar for a run around the lake plus it’s expandable with microSDHC cards. Also works great for taking data back and forth to work.

7. Ikea Jerker Desk – Great desk with a funny name. I started standing at my desk and this desk adjusts to the right height. Plus it’s got great storage areas for my computers. I’ll be adding some additional hidden mounts under the desk to hide my cables and router gear.

8. Vmware/Cygwin – Allows me to run Linux and use Gnu tools (bash, g++, Emacs, ssh, XWindows) while I’m using Windows. Need both for work and it’s a pain to have two computers.

9. Subaru Outback – So versatile. Use it to carry big stuff from Home Depot, hockey gear, camping gear plus it’s not as big as a SUV and gets better gas mileage.

10. AT&T Uverse – So sad we gave this up for Time-Warner cable. TW only has two pros: slow-motion and it’s cheaper. As soon as our contract is up, we’re going back to UVerse.

11. Hot sauce – Because my list goes all the way to 11 and everything is better with it (PB&J and Sriracha). As you can tell, I keep a variety on hand for every spicing need.


25 thoughts on “Guest Post: Harry’s Favorite Things”

  1. This post was inspired by my wonderful wife Michelle: she didn’t want to do a post for her birthday, so Happy Birthday!

    PS The Gringo Bandito hot sauce is made by Dexter Holland, bassist for The Offspring, who also happens to be my brother-in-law’s cousin.

  2. So athletic. I’m tired just reading all of that.

    Don’t you guys return beer bottles? Here you get .10 for every beer bottle you take back to the Beer Store (yes, that’s the official name). My understanding is companies clean the labels off, sterilize them and use them again. It’ a great fundraiser for groups Scouts or other charities. Sometimes they have drop off times or they’ll come to your house and pick up bottles.

    Happy Birthday Michelle!!

    1. Yes, but they take up too much space in an already cramped garage.

      Also, when I take in the load of plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans for recycling, I get about $9 for the cans, $3 for the plastic and $3 for the glass (CA pays $0.10 per pound for glass or $0.05 per bottle for under 50, must be cleaned). That’s too little money to justify the effort of cleaning and storing them for 5 months when I can put them in the weekly recycling bin.

      Third, it turns out they crush all the bottles at the recycling center! I always thought they reused them.

      Last, I’m going to start using my refillable growler at one of the many awesome local micro-breweries.

    2. Tam, “The Beer Store” is a Canadian invention, we don’t have them here. Which is not only a shame but also surprising as well, considering how many beer drinking rednecks live here.


      1. Oops. Ignore that.

        But you can’t buy any alcohol outside government controlled stores here. No beer or wine at the 7-11. LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) sell spirits, wine and some beer and Beer Stores sell every kind of beer pretty much,although LCBO will usually have the fancy imported beers.

      1. I figured that when I went to Facebook and there was no notification. If it’s not on FB, it’s not happening.

        Kristen’s day was wrong too. LOL

  3. I love drinking beer out of a can! There’s just something comforting about it.

    I have a jerker desk too but it looks nothing like that.

    1. I think they should clear out all the video games (and thus, the kids who are always running around). That would make more room. Or add an upstairs deck so we could see the ocean.

    1. You should try a blind taste test with two IPA’s or other equally good beers from a can and bottle. That’s a post I’m going to do for Michelle one of these days…

    1. I converted my dresser into a standing desk last week. Well, I cleared the stuff off of it and put my laptop on top. I’m liking it. I’m pretty sure that it is better for me, and the extra effort means that I go to bed sooner rather than staying up doing nothing on the internet.

  4. These are all my favorite things, too, except I like to eat them all in one sitting with a banana split to cleanse the palate.

  5. 1. Pizza near the shore…. Do they do seafood toppings?
    2. No way to reuse the cans for homebrewing — gotta be bottles all the way. But I do like that there are good quality options for those who need to use cans (sailors, say).
    3. MMMMMM, Yum!
    5. As a Kings fan, is Thornton fandom frowned upon? (I’d have thought the Kings’s playoff run would make the top five…)
    6. I’m still searching for an mp3 rig that is no-frills, easy to navigate, has many gb of memory and costs under $100, Is the Sansa a good candidate?
    10. The quality of your cable service will vastly improve if you stop watching Fox News.

    1. 1. Anchovies, clams and shrimp. But they’re probably from a can.
      2. I occasionally buy bottles, usually 22 oz, which are also my preferred bottle for brewing. And they still count as “one” beer.
      5. Not a Thornton fan, but I don’t have a choice for gear. PS I played inline hockey against his brother in Colorado, wasn’t a fan of him, either.
      6. I’m a big fan of both the Sansa Clip+ and Fuze, which can show video, but was discontinued and replaced with the Fuze+, which I’ve never used. You can get a 4GB Clip+ for $40 and it supports 16GB memory cards (maybe 32GB, too). I think it’s worth it. I’ve posted video here:

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