It’s a C&R Dance Party!

Forget the CD Exchange (if I don’t participate, it doesn’t exist) let’s have a music exchange right here at Cocky & Rude!  Each time we have a C&R Dance Party, I’ll name a theme for the day and you’ll post your responses in the form of a YouTube video in the comments.  And don’t forget to dance!

Today’s Theme Is: Your Favorite Music Video! 
Link us to a YouTube video in the comments and tell us why it’s your favorite.
Feel free to answer more than once!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a music video that was better than R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts.  The sadness, the subtitle thoughts, the suicidal traffic jam … what could be better?  Plus it’s a fantastic song!  Check it out:

Now it’s your turn!

(And by the way, if your video doesn’t post in the comments correctly, FEAR NOT! 
I’ll fix it as soon as I get a chance)


9 thoughts on “It’s a C&R Dance Party!”

  1. Because I couldn’t stop fucking up last time, here’s my three favorite for each mood type:

    For when I’m sad, feeling like shit, missing someone, this video is always the one that I find myself going back to. The song is amazing, the way they sort of blend together when they’re up against the glass…so great.

    For when I’m feeling dancey but also want to get a strange sensation, I break out this one. Something about the melody, it just gets to me, I’ve found myself sitting here on random occasions and I’ll hum it to myself and I’m dancing and yet, stung by it. I love this song so much I had a friend and his buddy do an instrumental version of it on guitar the last time they were in town:

    And finally when I’m feeling all sorts of narcissistic and want to be ashamed of my drinking problems, I watch one of my many trainwreck Rock Band videos:

    I really hate myself after watching that.

  2. This one is not only chock full of hot, somewhat unclothed guys, but back when it first came out, it really helped me come to terms with myself and helped me realize I actually was gay, and not bisexual, or confused, or just hadn’t found the right girl yet, or only using guys cause I didn’t have a girlfriend, etc, etc, etc.


  3. Well, Tam picked mine – but I have other favorites. One is Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer”. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but I found this slightly blurry version. I love the goofy couple running on the beach,

    I also like Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” because she’s a mermaid.

  4. This is my favorite music video…for obvious reasons. Does it work? If you don’t like it, I’ll go fry up a dozen chickens or so. Oh…to be honest, I was going to do that anyway.

      1. Love the song, the security guard is cute, and overall pretty good. But cone on, everyone knows vampires can’t be seen on videotape! Sheesh! 🙂

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