23 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrr!”

  1. My job. It bugs me because my customers are assholes and because I have to be there instead off doing pleasant things, like sleeping or gigging or traveling.

  2. Are the models trying to relieve the stress in their back and shoulders (after seven hours under the lights), or are they grabbing their imploding abdomens (after seven years of starvation)?

  3. I saw a funny post where a UF author tried to copy some of the poses on the cover of UF novels. Granted, he wasn’t a skinny model, but he said he pretty much needed to see a chiropractor after because normal humans bodies don’t move like that. It’s funny.

    I can not flip past Bitchin’ Kitchen fast enough when I see it on Food. Ugh. She is so obnoxious, I hate her.

    I agree with all your others, except the Beastie Boys thing because I have no clue, but I’m sure I’d hate it. I also hate the weird Jeopardy buzzer holders, or we criticize them for standing funny, making weird head movements everytime they answer a question, not sounding confident, actually we’re harsh bitches at our house.

    I’m always impatient with people who drive 10km below the speed limit in the morning when the highway is wide open. Sheesh. Some of us need to get to work already. MOVE IT!

  4. The pose thing is just the tip of the iceberg when it coems to the fashion industry. But yes, those poses are stupid.

    I have a rage against YouTube ads that borders on the psychotic!

    I run hot and cold with Nadia. The accent is a bit much and I don’t really care for the food she makes, but she is kinda sexy.

  5. I hate the preview and recap of TV shows before and after commercial breaks.

    Everything else on the list bugs me because I’m just trying to keep someone happy and they’re not making it easier for me.

    1. I’m curious how much of those programs are devoted to recaps and previews. It would only take two minutes to get about 10% of a half hour (~22 minute) show.

      1. I know that the one time I watched Cake Boss, I was appalled by the recaps. I think the actual 60-minute show is only about 5 minutes long.

  6. Ugh, people who try to get on the elevator while me and the other passengers are trying to exit. You can get in, but that thing ain’t going anywhere until we get out….

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