Tam’s Twitter Adventures!


43 thoughts on “Tam’s Twitter Adventures!”

  1. My o-face guy was much cuter. And the damn dentist never did get me in. However I had Asian cutie Dr. Ngo at the urgent care clinic.

  2. Twitter Tam is totally one of my favorite features and Angry Tam is my favorite Tam.

    Tam threatening to tweet about the letters is genius! I’ll tell you what, I would be high tailing it to get a cookie if I was on the receiving end of that look. And, while O-face guy is kind of goofy, the porn guy is kind of scary.

                    1. Oh, okay, I follow Chris Porter too, he’s with Randy Blue. Seriously, how can you not love guys with two little wiener dogs named Bacon and Eggs?

                1. Don’t know him. If I don’t follow him, and once I start following them, I can’t watch them anymore because watching someone you know have sex is creepy weird.

            1. That’s the one I thought of first, but Mikey alluded to a Randy Blue Dawson and googling gay porn Dawson brings up someone else.

              From Corbin Fisher, I would take Logan over Dawson.

                    1. You guys amuse me. I never thought Twitter Tam would “stimulate” such conversation. *runs off to google Dawson and Logan*

                    2. It’s worth noting that Dawson has participated in threeways with another male and female. That may be up Tam’s alley. Especially the part where the female kinda just steps aside and lets the guys go at it. That’s my favorite part anyway…sigh….Dawson….

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