This past week I have been sick, sick, sick. I haven’t been this sick since I taught preschool (where I got sick on a weekly basis). The sickness started with chills, fatigue and nausea and a fever. Then the coughing started. So I went to the store, got some cold medicine, came home and conked out. Being sick stinks. Sure, you get to stay home and laze around, but you can’t really enjoy it if you’re coughing up a lung. There are some things that make it bearable, though. Here are a few of mine:

Canada Dry Ginger ale with ice (or 7up in a pinch, but not Schweppes, that stuff is nasty)

Clean sheets

Orange Popsicles (the ones made with real juice)

Granny Smith apple slices

my hot water bottle

Saltine Crackers

Homemade chicken noodle soup

A stack of library books


Honey Lemon cough drops (cherry is disgusting)

I don’t have one of these, but it would certainly come in handy…

And a little TLC

Those are some of the things that make me feel better when I’m under the weather. What makes you feel better when you’re sick? Would you rather have someone take care of you, or do you like to be left alone? Let me know in comments!


23 thoughts on “SICK.”

  1. Sorry you’re sick! I never drink ginger ale unless I’m sick. but it is sooooo good. I don’t think I’d enjoy it if I weren’t sick though. It would probably remind me of being sick too much. And well played with the Mad Men ad.

  2. I agree with Mikey — C&R is making everyone sick! I’ve been sick with migraines, nausea, no appetite and burpy-gas for days and days. No fun! Clearly I need some TLC as well. FEEL BETTER MICHELLE!!!!! If I was there, I’d slip into a HAZMAT suit and give you a hug.

      1. Polt’s and therefore forgetful, delusional, sometimes he even talks about himself exclusively in the third person.


        1. Apparently when Polt is sick, he also forgets to include whole words in his replies, like above, where it SHOULD read “Polt’s old and…”


  3. I was sick for about six days two weeks ago. Yuck. Ain’t nothing in this world better when sick than Mama Polt’s Homemade Chicken Corn Soup! And it’s damn good when not sick too. I usually suffer through the sickness alone, but it still makes me feel better if mom puts the back of her hand on my forehead to check for a fever and then brings me a large glass of orange juice. She used to that all the time when i was sick as a kid.

    Feel better Michelle M.!


  4. Not a big fan of ginger ale, sick or not. The thing that makes me feel the best is to be left alone. I don’t need anything or want anything, I just want to be left alone. If I need something, I will get it myself.

  5. We drink gingerale all the time for any reason. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing.

    Sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better. I like to be alone in my cave with my books when I am sick. Although I haven’t been sick for quite some time. I have my jaw issues now, with lots of pain, but not sick in the “lay in bed and want to die” sense. I’m surprised I didn’t pick up something on the plane. *knock on wood*

  6. Feel better Michelle!

    I was sick for the first two weeks of my training. Nothing like heavy running in the cold early morning air with a post-nasal drip, and cough! I still have a small lingering cough, but I am mostly recovered.

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