Yay! Boo!

*The idea for this post was inspired by vuboq. Thanks vuboq!

Yay! I was excited about the new Hershey’s Air Delight chocolate bar – I thought it
would be like the Choco’Lite bars of yore. Chocolatey, yet airy.

Boo! But it wasn’t. It just tasted like chocolate chalk.

Yay! And then I received my ugly purse prize in the mail and all was right
with the world (not shown – the 3 candy bars Harry and I immediately ate).

Yay! House is on tonight!

Boo! This is the last season of House.

Boo! I’m out of my favorite lipstick (Maybelline Moisture Whip* #370 – Toast) and they’ve discontinued it!

Yay! I found one that looks fairly similar (Maybelline Colorsensational #275 – Crazy for Coffee).

*Know who else uses Moisture Whip – that’s right, Wonder Woman!

Yay! I get to use more colors in my painting class

Boo! I still have to paint those ugly bottles (the yellow square is the area I’m painting).

Yay! BC&RL3 starts up this week.

Boo! I’ll have to trade in yummy potato chips for yucky rice cakes.

Yay! I will be able to fit into my jeans again.

Boo! I’ll have to trade in sitting on the couch for exercising.

Yay! I’ll feel and look better!

Boo! I’ll have to keep eating right and exercising for the rest of my days.

Yay! I have 3 more days to stuff myself with junk food!

I guess you can’t have the silver linings without the clouds.
What were the ups and downs of your week? Let me know in comments!


25 thoughts on “Yay! Boo!”

  1. I like the lipstick color very nice. I am on a road trip with my Sister this week to El, Paso, Texas. So it’s really been fun but, boo I miss my kids. Hope you have an awesome week.

  2. Yes…thank you for the reminder of how many days I can eat the junk foods…..cheese balls all the time from now until Thursday!!!!

  3. Boo, for reminding how many days I have to scarf down those brownies in the kitchen. That chocolate bar you have the pic of is like an Aero. I should send you some (sabotage anyone?). They have mint and milk and dark chocolate. Bubbles in the middle.

    Yay for …. Boo for more snow. Boo for more cold. Boo for a frickin’ cold sore on my lip. Boo for more laundry to finish tonight. Basically my life is one big ball of suck.

      1. No, Aero and Coffee Crisp are pretty much only available in Canada and maybe the UK. I’ll send you some. *looks to see if anyone notices sabotage*

  4. At first glance I thought the rainbow of paints were your new plans for lipstick….

    By Wednesday I hope to eat $1million in food, or at least $1M in the form of $100Grand bars. They may be a poor second to a Reggie bar, but they’re still far better than anything else currently being manufactured.

      1. You can buy a Reggie! bar on ebay, but there are two problems: they tend to sell for over $20 apiece, and they’re about 35 years old.

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