It’s The Thursday Four!

My new haircut looks something like this.

Much like the ‘Friday Five’, the ‘Thursday Four’ is an exploration of great things.  …except there are four things instead of five.  …and it’s Thursday and not Friday.  …and it doesn’t really have the same ring as ‘Friday Five’.  OH WELL!  This week Michelle M. and I got together (figuratively, not literally) to present these four great things to you.  Read ’em and weep, suckers!

1. Grooming myself! (and having other people groom me.)  This week I trimmed my beard really short, AND got a haircut!  I look marvelous!  I’d post a photo, but I’ve gotten so fat that I hardly look like myself anymore.  (Hurray for BC&RL3!)  Either that or I’m just super lazy tonight.  ANYWAY — I love having a closely shorn head and face.  Is that weird? -Adam

Fuck you, Chris Christie!

2. Chris Christie vetoed gay marriage!  After I’ve finally gotten over the fact that he fired every teacher in NJ, I needed a new reason to hate that fat Republican fuck.  And he did not disappoint — last week he vetoed gay marriage!  Yay Chris Christie!  Now I have a reason hate you forever.  If I ever see you in person, I promise to spit on you.  People just don’t spit on each other enough these days.  Unless they need emergency lubrication — but that’s a whole ‘nother story. -Adam

3. Downton Abbey* – what a great show. Season two has just ended, but there will be a season three, and Shirley MacLaine will play Lady Cora’s mother. Yay! Here is a clip from Saturday Night Live if you haven’t been watching and would like a rundown on the show. – Michelle M.

They see me rollin', they hatin', patrollin' Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty.

4. And look! There are Downton Abbey paper dolls, in case you’re going through DA withdrawal like me. I love the faces for the Chicken Lady, er, Dowager Countess, O’Brien’s evil soap and Mr. Pamuk. – Michelle M.

Runners up: The Good Wife*, reusable shopping bags, complaining, spending other people’s money, liquid wart remover,lazy posts, pregnant ladies, selling crap on eBay, adorably tiny bottles of diet soda, eating like a pig before BC&RL3, and hardcore gay pornography.

That’s our Thursday Four … what’s yours?

*Why isn’t this show on Our T.V. Night??


39 thoughts on “It’s The Thursday Four!”

  1. 1) No more tooth pain (on the downside, frozen mouth and a filling)
    2) warm weather
    3) ……….

    I would appear to need a partner in crime to come up with my four. I got nuthin’.

    I’ve heard so much about Downton Abbey but I’m not even sure we get it up here or on what channel. My hair cut is Saturday, Hopefully a little different than Adam’s. Your Governor sucks Adam.

  2. I’ll offer two as well:

    1. Cats that just want to curl up in a ball on your lap and sleep for hours. Work? Surely you don’t intend to go to work!

    2. Crock-pot cooking. Saute some onions and pepper, toss with chicken and spices into the crock-pot, and go away for 8 hours until dinner is ready. Yay.

    One thing Chrstie did this week that I liked: he called out Santorum on his claim that Santorum’s batsh*t crazy remarks about Satan aren’t relevant to the campaign because they were made so long ago (2008).

    Is Dana Carvey a liberal? If Santorum is the GOP candidate, could the Dems get Carvey in his Church Lady role doing ads about Santorum? I think this would be a great way to spend some of Colbert’s SuperPAC money.

    1. Send me your crock pot recipes! Would love an easy chicken or beef dish. So far I’ve just made soup and chili in mine, but I want to make more traditional entrees, perhaps something to put over rice.

      1. Maybe you should start a blog for people to share their crock pot recipes. You could tap the ‘sad housewife’ demographic … might be more successful than Our T.V. Night?

          1. Don’t worry, I’ll gladly send some recipes to your email, I just have worries that a public forum for sharing copyright text might run afoul of some rule or other. Folk in Hollywood sure seem all fired up by this issue these days.

  3. Since it seems to be the thrend, I’ll throw two in:

    1) Moms who don’t mind doing stupid stuff so their sons can film them and use it on their blogs.
    (Shameless plug: Mama Polt Reads The Hits!, over at the Palace, right now)
    2) I’m still gonna go with last week’s Friday Five: Fresh warm bedsheets right from the dryer.


  4. 1. My new obsession with Florence + The Machine. Why am I just hearing about them? I hold Enrico responsible.
    2. Good news from the MD. My dad had a few procedures done last and this week and all revealed good news.
    3. Good grammar: “Much like the ‘Friday Five’, the ‘Thursday Four’ is am exploration of great things.” OK, so that isn’t a good example.
    4. That “settle” is catching on better than “fetch”.

    1. When I first read 4, I thought it said, “…catching on better than ‘felch’. ” , and I thought, FELCH? When has felch ever caught on?

      Re-reading it correrctly really diminished the shock and humor factor of the whole setence.


    1. Sorry, Michelle. I was busy making (non-crockpot) chili for National Chili Day.

      I *heart* Downton Abbey, but haven’t seen Season 2 yet (I just found out that full episodes are on, so maybe that’ll be my weekend* project)!

      *”Weekend? What’s a weekend?”

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