Not too long ago, Mikey linked me to an amusing chart that’s been circulating the net.
Behold, the Boy Scouts of America’s Urine Color Chart:

Normally I avoid all things BSA (because, well, I’m not “morally straight“) but this
was too good to pass up.  Of course, I had to make a few additions to the color chart.
I’m sure these will all be included in the next edition of the Boy Scout handbook.


18 thoughts on “Urinalysis”

  1. If your employer ever asks you to give a urine sample and you think it looks plaid or argyle, you should probably escape via the bathroom window and check into detox.

  2. This did make me laugh, although there’s one thing wrong with this chart: it’s not really possible to have TOO much sex with Asians with hairthings.


      1. I am! Except I don’t really drink martinis – I don’t know how I got that reputation. Maybe once in a great while, and then it’s a fruity one. I do drink zinfandel, though, so maybe mine should be a rosy pink, with swirls of cheezy orange and a soupçon of bird feces.

        1. The martini drinking reputation could possibly come from the photo you took in which you emulated your Favorite Blogger’s Sunday evening activity: ironing and drinking martinis.

    1. Rabbit urine is anywhere from dark yellow to orange or brown. It is very concentrated. Pellets aren’t passed through the urinary tract, but they often do both at the same time.

      And who’s pretending?

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