Tam’s Twitter Adventures


39 thoughts on “Tam’s Twitter Adventures”

  1. I love the adventures of Twitter Tam! I’d also like to know what graphics program Adam uses for the drawings. I’m guessing it isn’t MS Paint. 😉 Adobe Illustrator?

  2. I live in fear of these posts. LOL That is some bruise I got there. It may get larger today. *resists urge to slit wrists*

    My cat is weird. I’m just not sure why gravy is coming out of my mouth.

    1. Oh and my cat is black, but that’s okay. He won’t mind being ginger. And the woman never did come for the coffee table. It went out in the trash last week. Sigh. It was ugly, really ugly.

      1. Will “Craig complains when someone points out a Bingo square event” fit in a square on the next version of the C&R Bingo Board?

      1. Well Im sure whatever you would have put up would have been much more exciting and fun than what actually happened. And concentrated much more on my ass as well. 🙂


  3. This made my day – I love Twitter Tam! That boiling over thing happened to me earlier this month with cranberry sauce. It was like trying to clean tar off the stovetop. And add scallops to that Top Chef drinking game and you’ll be sh*tfaced in no time. Tam’s headache/eye frowny faces are too funny.

    I wish this were a two-parter!

  4. MY FAVORITE C&R FEATURE (that Adam posts)!!! HURRAY! I love all these tweets… And every other tweet Tam puts on my Twitter timeline E>E>E>

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