WTF Friday!

Oh my folks! The world is crazy. And I am not even talking about the current Republican candidates for President. That crap is batshit crazy, too. I am referring to the following three things: two movie trailers and a story out of the UK about a girl who has eaten little other than chicken nuggets since she was two years old.

Let’s start at conception. While working yesterday (read: online) I found ads for the movie What to Expect When You are Expecting. WTF!!!! Not only is this a movie based up on a self-help novel about the things a woman can expect to feel while with child, but the ad campaign is ridiculous. Can someone please give me a couple million dollars so I can show Hollywood that you can make a movie that doesn’t suck?

After you give birth to that load of crap, you must nurture it. One way to nurture your load of crap is to provide it with food. How can you screw that up? Allow them to eat nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years. I can’t be the only person who thinks this chick’s parents should be in jail. WTF!!!!

After you have turned your load of crap into a fully grown human being, you must teach it how to do something useful. One way not to do that is to make a movie about people fishing for salmon in the Yemen. That’s right….an entire movie about salmon and WTF Yemen. Clearly they must be joking.

That’s all I’ve got kids….WTF do you have that’s better?


14 thoughts on “WTF Friday!”

  1. Having been pregnant (and used that book as a guide and it was really quite good), I get really sick of movies that take everything to the extreme for laughs. Being pregnant is not really fodder for comedy, it just is. Lame.

    Those parents are slackers. The girl is 17 and a factory worker? WTF? Shouldn’t she be in school?

    I would go to the fish movie only to listen to Euan McGregor talk. Maybe I’ll rent it later and fast forward all the other parts.

      1. What to expect: the occasional overwhelming feeling of nausea and/or pain, leading to thoughts of “is it really worth enduring this?”

        Presumably the filmmaker wanted to *portray* actors experiencing these feelings, rather than *evoke* them in the audience.

  2. That movie looks awful. I bet the chicken nugget girl will outlive us all. The salmon movie looks cute (for a homework movie). I’ll def. put it on the queue.

    I don’t have anything better, but this cracked me up.

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