It’s The Cocky & Rude Match Game! (3.03)


31 thoughts on “It’s The Cocky & Rude Match Game! (3.03)”

  1. Those gifts certainly were ‘tweet’, Cooper hit that on the head! 🙂

    I love how Craiggers is wearing my glasses and hat…and looking disheveled. In my imagination, I know what he did to get them from me. 🙂

    Well Nathan, at least, you’ll always have your memories of your time on Match Game.


  2. I accept this representation and will begin compiling a counter-complaint seeking damages for libel and emotional distress. Also I’m looking into the possible hate-crime implications of such statements based upon Adam’s protected status as a fellow ginger.

    1. My court doesn’t recognize gingerality as a protected status.

      Is this what it feels like to be a corporation?

  3. Frankly, I’m just glad that is a carrot that Craig is trying to feed me….

    Adam, I have to say, these posts are f*cking GENIUS! LOVE them! Cooper as the prize announcer was probably my favorite part this round.

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