It’s Your Friday Five!

This week I decided to do something a little different with the Friday Five.  I invited four of the C&Rmy to contribute their favorites of the week, and with our powers combined … I present Your Friday Five!

1. Laura Dern (submitted by Craig) Laura Dern winning a Golden Globe for Enlightened was about the only win I could muster up the energy to get remotely excited about last Sunday. The Descendants? The Artist? The Help? Jeez, what is with all the stupid movie titles starting with The? Boring! I’ve loved Laura Dern since 1993 when she starred in my favorite movie ever, Jurassic Park, and her new show Enlightened is pretty much the best thing ever. And it doesn’t start with The.

2. Channeling Morpheus (submitted by Tam) This week at my other blog Brief Encounters, we had vamp week where we profiled a series of short vampire stories called Channeling Morpheus by Jordan Castillo Price. This is one of the best vampire series I’ve ever read.  It’s horror, it’s grungy dirty nasty sex (the best kind after hardcore gay porn), it’s vigilante justice, and Wild Bill (the vamp) describes Michael (his human love interest & anti-vampire vigilante) as his “homicidal eye-candy.” This is actually a 10 book series, but the first five have just been re-released. Jordan is an amazing writer, and these books are uber-creepy and hot and gruesome at the same time. (check out the reviews) Although we review “romance,” it’s not your traditional romance by a mile, and if anyone wants to try all five e-books (about 250 pages total), you can leave a comment on Jordan’s interview posts (Monday & Tuesday) before midnight today to win a set. I plan to reread the first five this weekend.

3. Billy on the Street (submitted by Michelle M.) Billy on the Street! It’s my new favorite show. Billy is hilarious. He is my new BFF (and Adam’s too).

4.Being a Technical Master of Washing Machines (Adam wrote this crap) This week my mother bought a new washing machine.  After the first load, we knew there was a problem.  The clothes were ending the washing cycle completely soaked — there was either an issue with the spin cycle or the washer was not draining properly.  What were we to do?  My mother called for service, but I had another idea.  10 bucks, a trip to Lowes, a bit of plastic tubing, some tools and my innate manliness resulted in a fixed appliance!  (The very tight drain tube wasn’t draining, and lengthening it a bit seems to have fixed the issue.)  Clearly I am a technical master!

5. Dogs & Wedding Proposals (submitted by Mikey) Who needs any of the other four on this list?  I sure as hell don’t. Why do you ask?  Well let’s see I came home from work on Tuesday to find a surprise waiting for me at home: an amazingly adorable English Bulldog named Roscoe.  His presence in my house was enough to make my heart soar.  But then I took a closer look at the heart shaped tag he was wearing.  It simply read “Will you marry me? Love, Ty”  If you haven’t heard yet, I said yes.  The result is me being unable to stop skipping on my way to work and breaking into song.  Be happy you don’t work in my office.

And seriously, how the hell can anyone top that?


This week’s Friday Five featured award winners, awesome television, Hollywood stars, manic game shows, vampires, hardcore gay porn, books, contests, dogs, washing machines, technical wizardry, innate manliness, marriage proposals, dog tags, and probably a whole bunch more crap that I’ve already forgotten.  What could be better than that?  Maybe your week?  Tell us your Friday Five in the comments!


21 thoughts on “It’s Your Friday Five!”

  1. You don’t need to ask an Asian to know that NO ONE IS CUTER THAN COOPER. Don’t make me fly out to New Jersey, Adam.

    Congratulations to Mikey, Ty and Roscoe (who is super cute, but not as cute as Cooper, sorry).

      1. Perhaps, but it has to be based on personality, too. Roscoe’s favorite thing is to give hugs. He puts his front paws on your shoulders and leans into you.


  2. Congratulations to Mikey and Ty! I’m pretty sure animated birds follow around Mikey wherever he goes now. They land on his finger and sing a happy song. They also help him make his bed in the morning. I hate happy people. ::CRIES::

  3. Seriously, #5 trumps everything else. Congrats to Ty and Mikey and their fur-baby Roscoe.

    I think I love Billy on the Street already.Laura Dern? Meh. A trip to Lowes? Yay. Manly men are hot.

  4. #1: She was in an awesome movie a few years back, Citizen Jane, I think, playing a strung out pregnant huffer. Believe it or not, it was a comedy. Still, great actress.
    #2: Hot gay vampires….now Tam, this may be something I end up checking out.
    #3: I’ll have to watch this at home, but if Michelle M. recommended it, you KNOW it’s good.
    #4: Adam, who knew you were so butch? Perhaps I should have had you come and fix our sewer problem. Woulda happened faster, I bet.
    #5: This is just so adorable. I showed it to a hardened crusty coworker of mine and even he said, “Awww.” And he’s been married for 16 years, so you know his romantic side has shriveled and died already, but this touched him.

    Seriously, MIkey, any man that does that is a keeper!


  5. Waitahotminnit…he proposed, with a puppy?!?! Oh Mikey, hold on tight and never let go. Congratulations guys!

    Who knew Adam was so butch?

    And Cupcake beat me to the Ryan Reynolds comment.

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