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I have become a television curmudgeon. I acknowledge it and accept it fully. There have been many times when I’ve posted on facebook about hating what they did to Glee or responded to someone’s blog post about American Horror Story with my reasons for why it already went downhill. I’m sure all think I just need to up my meds or something, but the truth is that LOST has ruined all dramatic television programs for me (except for Doctor Who, which is really pretty comedic anyway). I recently started rewatching the series and now realize that it has changed my brain chemistry to the degree that I can only like shows that are at least as good as it was. Sure the final season had some major ups and downs and the finale was a big resounding “meh,” but the key to LOST’s success (in my esteemed opinion) is that it tells great stories about flawed characters and it does so consistently. Remember the first three seasons, when each episode was constructed as a “present day” and a “flashback” about one of the main characters? Normally that sort of constant flashbacking turns people off, but here it worked. What the writers and producers of LOST did so well with these shifts was to reveal small bits of information about the character like they are peeling away at the skin of an onion. It is that sort of smart writing that makes us fall in love with a torturer, a con man, a struggling heroin addict and the rest of LOST‘s motley crew. Moral of story? Write something good and you won’t ever let me down. Change your characters on a weekly basis to fulfill whatever idea you came up with that week and I will give you my wrath. TV, you have been warned.


27 thoughts on “LOST without it”

  1. I stopped watching Lost after season 1. I got maybe 2-3 episodes into the next season and stopped. And I’m a television pushover, I like almost everything if I invest more than a few hours of my time into watching it.

    Have you watched Game of Thrones, yet? George RR Martin credits Lost with making the show possible and was a huge fan.

  2. Hmmm. I never saw a single episode of lost. But what’s her name was Canadian!

    I rarely watch network television, or cable series either for that matter. I’m too impatient. Curmudgeons are hot. 😉

  3. While I mostly really enjoyed Lost while it originally aired, I have grown to be disappointed in the overall result of that show. It’s clear the writers had no idea what the final gameplan was and it shows.

    1. The problem — or at least one of the problems — with rewatching groundbreaking shows is they’ve been copied out of their groundbreaking-ness. C&R’s younger readers may not remember that shows like Thirtysomething and The Cosby Show were on the cutting edge in their day, but now seem quaint at best.

      BTW, I never got into Lost and have been making Mikey rewatch it by himself. With some notable exceptions, one-hour dramas are SO beyond my attention span!

      Seriously, though, most dramas aren’t allowed to use the “reset button” the way sitcoms can, which must make writing a consistent story much harder. Kudos to those (like Mad Men’s writers) who can do it!

    2. I agree. I enjoyed Lost but was disappointed in the last season. It appeared to me that they were making things up as they went along. I had the same feeling about Twin Peaks and Heroes. And I stopped watching Terra Nova because it felt like it was headed down the same path (plus I hated all the characters). I’m going to steer clear of Alcatraz for the same reason.

      This is why I loved American Horror Story. They actually wrapped things up. Hurray for beginnings, middles and ends.

  4. LOST started out so strong but by season three had some really boring episodes. The only shows that ran more than two seasons that were consistently good or actually got better were Buffy, Sex and the City, and Friends. Some shows faltered but then got back to being good, but those shows maintained a high quality throughout. I’m used to shows going downhill these days. Especially if Ryan Murphy is in charge!!

    1. I agree with you on Buffy and SATC, but Friends was never in my top ten. It was good background noise, but rarely that engaging to me. I miss buffy so much….so so much….

        1. YES V MARS!!! But that wasn’t AS consistently good as Buffy. I think the first season is the best. (Whereas Buffy’s first season is the worst–it only gets better!)

  5. Never saw a single episode of Lost. And even Doctor Who has been something of a disappointment to me as of late, which is sad, cause it used to be so awesome.


  6. Polt: That is BLASPHEMY! Doctor Who still awesome! I watched the first two seasons of Lost and love them, but then fell off the band wagon.

    I submit for your approval: Mad Men. I think it is one of the most consistently well written and well acted shows on television.

    1. The David Tennant ones were great. The New Doctor, I find the episodes too…cerebral. I mean, it’s all about having to deal with this or that in your mind, or your emotions, or how you’re feeling. And while that can be okay, it’s just too much. I just think they’re trying too hard.

      Still, it’s better than most of the crap I see on American TV. I just don’t think it’s up the standards I expect from Doctor Who.


  7. I’m really excited that Shameless is back.

    Also, I’d recommend that people check out Homeland if they can.

    1. In the last few weeks, I watched all of Homeland, The Killing, Dave’s Old Porn, Enlightened and Game of Thrones. (I was sick/bored/lazy) They were all great!! I love Shameless and am also glad it’s back! I didn’t think I knew anyone else that watched it! Yaaaaaaayyyyy

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