A Cocky & Rude Christmas Carol 1.06

episode 1.01 | episode 1.02 | episode 1.03 | episode 1.04 | episode 1.05


10 thoughts on “A Cocky & Rude Christmas Carol 1.06”

  1. Now see, this is closer to real life rather than fiction cause I LOVE it when hot shirtless guys come up to me in the street and offer blowjobs. HUZAAH inDEED!

    And Mama Polt cameos are ALWAYS awesome!

    I’m still chuckling Adam.


  2. Awwww. What a sweet ending. Love Tiny Timsect blessing everyone with his crutch. Maybe Craig will be able to afford him little prosthetic centipede legs.

    And your best boy was cute. 🙂 Oh and you and Mikey look so different with your shirts off. Not that I’m complainin’. Nooooooo.

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