A Cocky & Rude Christmas Carol 1.03

episode 1.01 | episode 1.02


24 thoughts on “A Cocky & Rude Christmas Carol 1.03”

  1. More total fiction because I’d NEVER put my glasses on the floor at the foot of my bed, Michelle M. is a petite lil thing and Kris says I DO taste better than ice cream (but then, he IS lactose intolerant…), but this is still fun nonetheless! But really, if I’m superrich and own a gay porn studio, well…I’m not sure i’d complain about much of anything then.


    1. Polt, do you sit in a movie theater and scream “Tom Hanks would never do that!!!”? Much like a movie, everyone in C&R Christmas Carol is playing a role.

      1. No I usually don’t do that, but I might if I were in a theater attending a movie of my life. 🙂

        Hey I keep saying this is fun and I’m enjoying it, right? Quite complaining, and take the compliments. 🙂


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