Behold The Ugly! Vote Now! 100 GRAND* is at stake!

Last month I announced that one lucky C&R reader would win 100 GRAND*!  That’s right —
100 GRAND*
!  Woohoo!  To win, all you had to do was submit a photo of the
ugliest thing that you own.  Behold, the submissions (click to enlarge):

Art: A small art print that freaks the hell out of anyone that sees it as evidenced
by the continuous inquiries of “What the hell is that?”

Chair: This chair with green and gold eagles on white upholstery is
perfect example of mid ’70s interior decor!

Flower: This is a Calla lily that I bought for Thanksgiving.
Clearly you can tell that it is no longer in peak condition.

Light bulb: Neon-orange creepy-looking incandescent light bulb that screams
mid ’90s German-techno-punk-just-rolled-off-of-Bjork-music-video-set-sex-toy.

Puppy: 21″ tall ceramic white poodle with a plastic jewel encrusted collar.
It sits next to my front door, which it guards with its fluffy ferocity.

Purse: I was in the local drug store when the purse caught my eye.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was hideous. I had to buy it.

T-Shirt: That is a whoooole lot of ugly. Except Kari.

Now it’s up to you to decide who wins. The poll will remain open until Friday around noon. One vote per IP address. Winner will be announced Sunday, prize will be mailed within 3 months of announcement. Good luck / Thank you / Congratulations / Whatevah!

*100 Grand refers to a single, standard size 100 Grand candy bar.


7 thoughts on “Behold The Ugly! Vote Now! 100 GRAND* is at stake!”

  1. Art: Masterfully combining my fear of facepaint and animal cruelty.
    Chair: I’ve seen that pattern as wallpaper (thankfully not in my own home).
    Flower: Who would keep a rubber-chicken-on-a-stick sitting around their kitchen?
    Light bulb: Inspired by the Statue of Artemis in Herculaneum, no doubt.
    Puppy:Is that Barbie’s puppy? The waist-to-hip ratio matches.
    Purse: I hope it’s house broken.
    T-shirt: Completely out of its league in this competition.

  2. TwoPi: the purse comment is hiLARious!!! True, but hilarious nonetheless!

    And there’s nothing ugly about that T-shirt! Kari’s attractiveness totally makes up for any ugliness that may be on it.


  3. OK:
    Artwork: Disturbing
    Chair: Unfortunate is a really good word Michelle
    Flower: Aww
    Light blub: Trippy
    Puppy: Did you win that on the old Wheel of Fortune?
    Purse: WTF?!?!
    T-shirt: Needs more bunny.

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