It’s Taste Test Time!

There are certain brands that I always buy or order because I think that they are superior. But am I just being blindly loyal or do I really think they are the best? The only way to know is to compare them with their competitors in a blind taste test. So join Harry and me as we separate the best from the rest.

First up were pretzels. Which aren’t as good as chips. But they’re healthier – so there’s that, I guess.

Here is what we thought.

Michelle – Okay. Tastes like your standard pretzel.
Harry – Salty, good taste. Thin and crispy.

Glutino (gluten free. Remember when I was doing that? Yeah, that didn’t last long).
Michelle – Not bad for a fake pretzel. Will do in a pinch. Obviously Glutino.
Harry – EW! That should not be called a pretzel. Has a chlorine taste. EW!

Rold Gold
Michelle – Salty, very crunchy. Crispier and saltier than the others.
Harry – Tastes darker, more caramelized, maybe cooked longer. Okay.

Safeway Brand
Michelle – Good salt taste, good. Tastes a little burnt.
Harry – Thicker, more doughy. Like a soft pretzel. Salty.

So the winners were:

Michelle – Rold Gold

Harry – Safeway brand

And the loser was:
The little pretzel that couldn’t – Glutino.

Next up was peanut butter. The inspiration for the taste tests in the first place. I always get JIF because choosy moms choose JIF (so what if I’m not a mom). But am I just a slave to advertisers or do I actually like JIF? Hmm…

*I wanted to include Peter Pan, but like Schweddy Balls ice cream, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Michelle – The sweetest. Has a nice peanut finish. Reminds me of peanut butter cookies.
Harry – Mellow. Not a lot of taste.

Organic brand
Michelle – Sticky, not too sweet. Peanutty.
Harry – Has a nice peanut taste. A little over-roasted. Has a slight bitterness. Sticky. Reminds me of peanut shells.

Michelle – Starts sweet. Peanutty and creamy. Very thick and salty.
Harry – Mellow. Not a lot of taste. (Harry couldn’t tell the difference between JIF and Skippy).

Laura Scudders
Michelle – Super sticky. Has the most peanut taste. Kind of bland. All I can taste is the peanut oil. Has a bitter aftertaste. Needs something (salt and sugar).
Harry – Stronger peanut taste. More bitterness going on.

And the winners were:

Michelle – JIF! Yay! I’ve been buying the right peanut butter all along.

Harry – Organic brand

The loser was:
Laura Scudders. Also, it was very gloopy. It was one of those peanut butters that you had to mix, but stirring didn’t make it any less oily. Gross.

Last up was pasta. Penne pasta in particular.

*Usually we eat whole wheat pasta, but I was too lazy to drive all over looking for four brands.

Eh. We tried, but they all tasted exactly the same. A couple of them were thicker and more ridgey (that’s what she said).

So if you’re in the area, stop by for some bland pasta, peanut butter and pretzels. And make sure to join us in the test kitchen next time as we taste the letter C(h)!


22 thoughts on “It’s Taste Test Time!”

  1. Jif is the best peanut butter hands down! It kills me when people say they like one pasta shape over another, pasta is pasta. I like Rolled Gold Honey Wheat Pretzel Braids. They are like crack.

    Harry is the man. I love that he willingly goes along with the descent into madness or in this case, cocky and rudeness.

  2. I’m a Skippy Natural Super Chunk kinda man. I don’t make pasta very often, but if I do, it’s probably some ‘healthy’ whole wheat kinda pasta. When I buy pretzels, I usually buy the low-fat, no surface salt store brand pretzels. Mr. Sombrero tells me that I eat too much sodium (so I’m limiting my pretzel-salt intake and nothing else).

  3. 1) pretzels – too dry and salty
    2) PB – too gag inducing although I buy Kraft for the kid the once every quarter she eats it.
    3) pasta – all tastes the same to me too.

    I hope you do cherry pie next time. Too bd you couldn’t get one from Mamma Polt. She’d win hands down. Even my kid remarked the other day unprompted it was the best pie she ever had. Cherry anyway.

          1. To be honest I didn’t even notice it had French. I probably would have noticed if it didn’t. We are an officially bilingual nation, so even in the wilds of backwoods redneck Alberta, the French language lives on in grocery stores.

    1. 1) I agree. I do love soft pretzels, though. I have to travel to get one. The malls closest by don;t have them. And there are no more Mrs. Field’s either.

      I would LOVE to do cherry pie. But then I’d have 4-5 cherry pies hanging around and Adam would have to do another BCRL.

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