The Cocky Chronicles 1.08

Episode 1.01 | Episode 1.02 | Episode 1.03 | Episode 1.04 | Episode 1.05 | Episode 1.06 | Episode 1.07

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20 thoughts on “The Cocky Chronicles 1.08”

  1. I don’t know, I don’ t see the Kid as a snitch. But, then again, perhaps I underestimated the terrifying effect of pee pee pants.

  2. But….but…but…I ALREADY love Canadians (as many as I can, one vacation at a time) and while I’m not obsessed with m/m fiction, m/m action IS a favorite hobby of mine.

    So i suppose the Palace is safe from this take over, eh?


    1. You can be my side-kick now that the stool pigeon has flown the coop. You seem to have an innate ability to attract young hot guys, so I think you’ll come in handy.

  3. And ya know, I’m not really feeling that Tam and The Kid are actually Canadian in these posts. I mean, where’s the superfluous ‘u’s in every other word? Where’s all the sentences ending in ‘eh’…eh?


  4. And I will succeed. BWAHAHAHAHAHA Already I have Bieber and Buble lighting the damn tree at Rockefeller Centre. Celine Dion owns Vegas. Brian Adams will make a comeback and the Barenaked Lades are … well, they’re unattractive but that’s not the point. I will succeed, turning one reader after another to the dark side of literature.

    There is no stopping me … oh wait, is that hardcore gay porn? I’ll be … umm… back in a … woah … really? … he’s gonna get a cramp … ouch. It’s research damn it, research! (I wonder if I can write off porn site memberships on my taxes as a research expense. Must look into that.)

      1. I follow you all the way, Tam! As a loyal sidekick, it’s the least I can do. And well, the hardcore gay porn didn’t hurt the deal either ya know? And don’t worry, I know how to get a cramp out of THAT particular muscle! 🙂


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