GUEST POST: Craig’s Friday Five!

Hey everybody! Craig from Puntabulous here! LOL, remember when I used to blog? Anyway, I’m here to bring an end to the week of awesomeness Craig that’s been going on here at Cocky & Rude this week. So I’m here to bring you my very own Friday Five!

1. My Birthday. Being thirty is awesome! Never mind the fact that I was supposed to be a published author, married, and with children by now! Look how much better than that I am! I stopped blogging, I can’t remember the last time I went on a real date, and I hate kids! Perfect! And when it’s your birthday, your friends write about you on their vastly superior updated blogs and people who put you into headlocks in junior high now wish you happy birthday cause you’re friends on Facebook now even though you still hate them! Yay!

2. Presents. Yeah, this should be rolled into the first item, but STFU. STOP. I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m still trying to get back in my groove. STOP. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m typing on. STOP. This one of those telegrams all the kids are talking about these days, right? STOP. Anyway, besides the requisite Tanqueray and Amazon gift cards, I also got this retro game emulator which is amazing! STOP. I don’t know how my parents knew I would love such a thing! STOP. Aren’t they awesome? STOP. (I ordered it for them with their credit card.) STOP. NO REALLY, STOP. THE STOP JOKE GOT LAME EIGHT STOPS AGO.

3. Television. What, you thought since I don’t blog about TV you don’t care about on my blog means I can’t blog about TV you don’t care about on other people’s blogs?! Think again! I’m still all about television. This years new shows of amazingness are Revenge and Once Upon a Time. Revenge is just so deliciously soapy and OMG there was gay sex last week, I love it! And Once Upon a Time is so sweet and cheesy it reminds me of Merlin starring Sam Neill which I love with all my heart. Ringer sucks, but I’m still watching it, and Glee is (mostly) good this season!

4. The Christmas Season is here! Fuck every single one of you who complains about seeing Christmas decorations in stores. This is the best part of the fucking year. First there is Halloween, then my birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! It’s like 3 months of complete awesomeness! So why not celebrate said awesomeness with an electric keyboard and clarinet version of All I Want for Christmas is You while strolling through your local mall, all decked out in fake snow?

5. Cocky & Rude. A whole week dedicated to yours truly?! Where the fuck else are you going to see such awesomeness? Brought to your face by the minds of Michelle M. and Adam! And let’s face it, even if you exclude this week of Craig, Cocky & Rude is prety damn fun every single frakking day. Also, Adam gives the best dating advice on the face of the planet. When I told him about the possibility of an upcoming date he gave these words of wisdom: “Make sure you fuck him!” and “Just get in there. You’re old now! The clock’s ticking! Fuck him on the first date!” Isn’t he romantic?

Runners Up: Peach cobbler, having my own mantle to put birthday cards on, Mikey and Ty’s public adoration of each other from continents away, & hardcore gay pornography.

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20 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Craig’s Friday Five!”

  1. 1. At least you’re not 40 and unpublished/unmarried/childless.
    2. Presents are awesome. Cards are awesomer. Belated cards are the awesomest (yours is in the mail).
    3. Yay! TV talk! I gave up on Once Upon A Time after the first episode. I’m still watching RInger, even though it’s super boring. Sorry, SMG, but I’m not sure how much longer I can last. American Horror Story, Revenge and Secret Circle are my favorites of the new season.
    4. NOOOOOOOO!!
    5. Adam should start a romantic advice column. On C&R.

    What’s in my 5? Craig posting again! Even if it isn’t on his own blog.

  2. I would NEVER say Bah Humbug if Craiggers were to be on my ass. Just sayin….

    I agree Craiggers, this time of year IS great with Halloween, then MY birthday day too, than Thanksgiving and then Christmas. BUT, I everything has it’s time and place. You dont want to celebrate your birthday ON Thanksgiving, right? You don’t want to have a huge turkey meal on halloween, right? SO why the HELL does anyone want to see Christmas ads on TV BEFORE VETERAN’S DAY??????? Around Thanksgiving and beyond, Christmas stuff anywhere of any kind is fine! (except for the endless repetition of the Hannakuh Song by Adam Sandler…hearing it six times a day on the radio would make ANYONE anti-Semetic!)

    Ah well whatever…it was a pretty awesome week: got my new iPhone! Whoo-Hoo!


    And BTW, I am SO NOT going to cry.

    1. I considered loading my Christmas playlist on to my iPod, but I think you are right. No Christmas music until the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  3. It was a pretty Craigilicious week. I think Adam’s advice is sound. Michelle’s right, he should do a dating advice column.

    I’ve yet to see a new TV show this season. Hmm. Probably too late now. Oh well, next year.

  4. I’m so glad that this week is over. I’m sick of National Craig Week!
    1. I agree! 30 is awesome!
    2. Snore. Send me some presents, then I’ll care!
    3. Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, GLEE, Happy Endings, Beavis & Butt-Head, YAY!
    5. I’m awesome. Yay!
    6. The graphics in this post are my favorite things about your post. Great job with those!!

  5. 1.30 was fantastic! I had WAY more fun in my thirties then I did in my twenties.
    2. Not mine, don’t care.
    3. Telewhat now?
    4. Meh, I’d prefer not to see it until after Thanksgiving, but whatever.
    5. C&R is pretty funny.

    Peach cobbler?!?! Seriously?!?! Fruit with fur is disgusting in any form!

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