It’s The Cocky & Rude Match Game! (Part 2)

[Previously on The Cocky & Rude Match Game]


19 thoughts on “It’s The Cocky & Rude Match Game! (Part 2)”

  1. I always feel special getting to be the first to read the posts because of my time zone advantage.

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t realize that a bottle of Tanqueray was a reasonably safe guess.

  2. Oh Polt and John know me so well. 😀

    I’m sad my baby is out though. How come John didn’t answer the penis question? It looks like he’s just staring at you going “Seriously?

  3. Tam, john didn’t answer the penis question cause he had already matched VUBOQ the round before. Haven’t you ever watched the show before? Or don’t they show that up in Canadialand? Silly Canadians.

    Anyways, A continued great job Adam! And I’d like to get me a version of the Cocky And Rude Match Game Home version. It’ll give me a new way to play with myself. 🙂


    1. Oops. I knew that. But I didn’t start watching really until a few years ago on Gameshow. We do however actually have a DVD homegame of the show.

    1. If you come near my cartoony chest hair with your cartoony rounded arm stump, cartoony Mr. Sombrero will beat the cartoony crap (Rainbow Poo) out of you!

  4. OMG! This round was even funnier than the last! Go Team VUBOQ! But I miss The Kid.

    And srsly, “spunk”….ewwwww. And thanks Mikey, Tam and Michelle for guessing I’m not a turtle or tortoise. However, I’m so not a shifter, zombie, vampire or a male model. I am sort of similar to a honey badger, because I don’t give a shit most of the time.

  5. well, I never watched the Match Game, Polt, so you you certainly cleared that up for me. I thought maybe the category was a little too low brow for our rabbitty friend.

    Love these posts!

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