Those Were The Good Old Days…

Every day when I was young (and wasn’t at school) we’d eat lunch at 11am.

We’d watch The Price Is Right.

It was glorious!  But then at 12:30, my mother would force my brother and I to go outside and play!

We’d bitch and complain.  Sometimes we’d cry.  Being outside was awful!  There were no television outside!
No video games! But my mother would ignore us.  Cuz it was time for “her show” (Days of our Lives).

Once we were resigned to the fact that we’d be stuck outside until 2:00,
we would do a variety of things to pass the time.

Sometimes we’d hang out in my tree house.  Please note that my tree house was way crappier than this one.

Sometimes we’d play in the stream behind our house.

Sometimes we’d ride big wheels down hill in our backyard and try to avoid all the trees.

Sometimes we’d build forts in the woods.

Sometime we’d beat each other with sticks until one of us cried,
and then spend the rest of the time begging the crier not to tattle.

Sometimes we’d shoot arrows straight up into the air and run away
as fast as we could before it fell back to Earth and stabbed one of us to death.

But most of the time, we’d just get filthy and wet.  Then at 2:00, my mom would yell at us and make us
take baths before we resumed our indoor afternoon of television and video games.

Awww those were the good old days.  Then I got old and everything went to shit.

Tell me one of your childhood memories in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Those Were The Good Old Days…”

  1. When I was little and got to be home at noon on a weekday, my Grandparents always watched the local news but before it started there was always two cartoons, Quickdraw McGraw or Mr. Magoo. I grew up with only 2 or 3 TV channels, no Cartoon Network and Disney, so cartoons were a big thrill. Also every Saturday at 5:00 the whole family watched the Bugs Bunny hour.

    I should watch some Mr. Magoo on YouTube. It was so odd.

    1. We had basic cable, but not Disney because it cost extra. The Cartoon Network wasn’t even available back then… BUT Nickelodeon was where it was at!

  2. Remember the good old days when Craiggers actually posted on Puntabulous? 🙂

    Just for the record, when at work, I STILL eat lunch at 11 am.


  3. Like Tam, we didn’t have 24 hour cartoons. On Saturdays when FTroop came on we wanted to go out and play. I grew up living in an immense apartment complex, so there were lots of kids of all ages to play with. We would play elaborate games of capture the flag and stay out until our moms started screaming at us to come in for dinner (which was usually a Swanson chicken pot pie or salisbury steak tv dinner). Then more tv! – Carol Burnett, The Wonderful World of Disney, Little House on the Prairie, or for some reason, Lawrence Welk.

  4. I have a huge family, as you all know, and there were a few big families on my street, so there was always tons of kids around to play with. Summers I remember spending in the pool. I grew up near a private school that had a play ground. I spent a ton of time there and playing baseball. Yes, I actually played a sport.

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