Who Comments The Most?

WordPress.com recently added a feature that allows me to keep track of who is commenting the most at C&R (stats include comments made over the last 3 months).  Some of you really need to step up your game…


17 thoughts on “Who Comments The Most?”

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t break 100. It’s ever since our firewall at work blocked you it’s really hard to just gab away during the day because replying on my phone is a royal pain. It won’t even let me see what I’m typing. It’s just a black box, hence all the spelling errors because until I press send I have no idea what I’ve said. I’ll try harder.

  2. If only Michelle M commented this much on my blog … *sigh* …

    And, I’m pretty sure I’ve commented THOUSANDS of times on here. Why isn’t it registering?

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